Salome slammed her phone down on her desk with a small, "Damn it," under her breath. She had wanted humans uninvolved with this as much as possible, and clearly, Eric Northman was now dragging his ex-girlfriend into the mess. Not that she wasn't uninvolved previously. Salome grinned remembering the way Eric had turned into a silly schoolgirl the moment she mentioned Sookie Stackhouse.

Salome knelt naked on her bed, then slipped down so she reclined on her side to put her figure at its best advantage. Eric made no move at first, nor did she hear the click of his fangs descending. True, she had had many men attempt to resist, but Eric seemed simply impassive. Unresisting, but also unmoved.

"Is there a problem," she asked, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed so they were spread wide before him.

Eric chuckled, "you expect a man you have tortured with silver to jump at the opportunity to fuck you the moment you turn the machines off."

She smiled, "The men usually do."

Eric leaned back in his chair and returned her smile, "I'm sure they do. Whether or not they want to is another question."

"Is this about Sookie Stackhouse?"

Eric's smile froze for a moment and then faded. His voice was its usual cool even tone when he spoke, however, "Sookie Stackhouse was a pleasurable companion, while she lasted."

"I never would have thought that a mouth-breather would turn Eric Northman into a monogamist," Salome responded after a moment.

Eric laughed. "It is easy to satisfy a woman's desire for monogamy when you are only with her for the duration of your attention span."

"Well clearly your attention span is longer than mine," she replied, slipping back into her silk robe.

"Leave it," Eric ordered, and stood. He stalked towards the bed, his eye half-lidded in desire. He had almost forgotten Sookie and her rejection, and now after Salome's reminder he eagerly jumped at the chance for revenge. As he sauntered towards her, he saw mirrored in her eyes his goal of vengeance. He also saw the combination of fear and lust he usually inspired in women, and was glad to know Sookie had not cost him his predatory edge. When he stood directly in front of her he undid his pants.

"On your knees," he breathed. She complied and took him in her mouth. He exhaled in what felt almost like relief. The relief quickly faded as sense memories of Sookie flooded in. Salome was the far superior blow. She knew every nuanced move. He could tell as soon as she began that she knew precisely what she was doing, that she was a woman who enjoyed this power she had over men, and loved executing it, timing their release, holding their pleasure in her hands. Sookie had been inexperienced but so unbelievably passionate. As Salome sucked in him deeper, he idly thought that had things lasted with Sookie, there were several tricks he would love to have taught her. Except that whenever he was in Sookie's mouth his mind shut off and he no longer had any thoughts. He could not think of the last time that he had experienced it in his thousand year life but he found himself addicted. He had felt more uninhibited than he ever had with strangers, dancers, prostitutes, even Pam. Sookie's mouth had made him feel safe and warm in a way that was foreign to him but he now could not imagine living without. And now, with a two thousand year old vampire sucking him off, all he could think about was the way Sookie had been unabashedly vulnerable and purely made love to him with her mouth.

He slowly pulled Salome back and drew her to her feet. She looked at him with questioning eyes. She didn't dare make any snide comments now; she saw the danger in his eyes. With exaggerated care he turned her and leaned her onto the bed and angled into her from behind. With a groan of pleasure he closed his eyes. After a couple measured thrusts, Sookie once again invaded his charade. Sookie's butt had been so full and firm up against him, the perfect cushion. She would always reach back trying to touch any part of him she could reach. She didn't like positions where so little of their bodies were touching. He opened his eyes and saw the pale, thin woman beneath him and stilled inside her.

"Eric," Salome's voice brought him back. "Eric, you can let go."

The ultimate insult. He prided himself on few things in his long life: being Godric's child, being Pam's maker, his ingenuity, his coldness, and his sexuality. He had lost two of those three in the last two years, and now apparently, a third was in jeopardy. All thanks to Sookie fucking Stackhouse.

He turned Salome onto her back and kissed her, trying to read her the way he could read any woman in a kiss. This wasn't Sookie, and pretending was turning into an epic failure. Ah, so she was angry too. He had seen it in her eyes and he had not been mistaken. He was sure Roman used her frequently as a lie detector, and probably not all suspects were as much to her liking as he was. So he understood her, what she wanted. He eased himself into her and then grinded against her.

"Did Roman tell you to do this?" He whispered against the skin of her collarbone.


He smiled and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and bit. Her breath shuddered in her throat.

"Try again," he whispered.

"This is part of my…job description, yes," her voice was shaking and Eric grinned wider. So he hadn't lost his touch. He reached down between their bodies and lightly flicked her clit and then pulled back.

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Usually," she replied, stretching her arms over her head, obviously luxuriating in the honesty.

"Let's make that a more emphatic answer," he murmured, before going down on her.