Lin touched her stomach through her police uniform, smiling. Tenzin had called her to Air Temple Island because he had something important to tell her, however she had her fair share of important news to disclose.

Being a mother can't be that bad, can it? she thought as she got off the ferry on the island. She smiled again. Tenzin's child. It's Tenzin's child.

Tenzin saw Lin walking up the stairs from the docks, a rare smile playing about her lips. He sighed to himself, knowing that he would be the one to wipe that beautiful smile off of her face.

I'm sorry, Lin… he thought, leaving his room to go meet her outside.

Lin ran up to him and gave him a tight hug as soon as he stepped outside; something she had never done in all their years of dating.

"I know you have something important to tell me, Tez," she said, using his old nickname. "But I have something to tell you first, okay?"

He smiled weakly. "Go ahead, Lin."

"The doctors were wrong. I'm pregnant," she whispered, taking his hands into her own.

"L-Lin…" he stammered, looking at her stomach. "Are you…positive?" His eyes lit up, as he looked intently upon her face.

She nodded, blushing for the first time in Tenzin's memory. "It's about a month old… Tenzin. It's our child. Can you believe it?"

Tenzin felt faint. No. No I can't. I don't deserve this, Lin. I've been horrible to you. Absolutely horrible. But I will change all of that. I promise.

Tenzin pulled her into a tight hug, running his fingers through her soft hair. "This is perfect. You're perfect. Our child…" He knelt down onto the ground and kissed her stomach. "Our child is perfect, Lin."

"We're going to be a family, Tez. Us, and this little one."

Tenzin smiled, standing up to kiss her on her smiling lips. He felt the ground under them rumble as Lin used her earthbending to create a step under herself, so she was on the same level as Tenzin.

"So what was it that you had to tell me?" she murmured much later, when the two were cuddling under Tenzin's blankets.

"Uhh… Umm… You know Pema? That air acolyte's daughter that helps out on the island?" he began, trying to figure out how to continue his story.

"Mmm, yeah. I know Pema. What about her?" she asked.

"Turns out she had a crush on me. Crazy, huh? I mean…who'd like someone like me? Besides you of course. I thought you'd get a laugh out of it… Hehe…" Tenzin flushed at his horrible lying. She sees right through me, I know it.

Lin laughed softly. "I'm not surprised. I always saw her staring at you anyways. Now get some sleep, yeah?" Lin had felt him lying, of course, but she didn't press on. It didn't matter anyways.

Tenzin felt Lin's steady breathing on his bare chest as he tried to fall asleep. I hope you can forgive me for this someday, Lin. I promise to be faithful to you forever.