ME: Mojotheomegawolf PMed me a prank idea. To detract from the humor-free nature of my other stories involving Bridget, I wrote this out of boredom. And Bridgets mother is alive because I felt she needed some maternal figure and Mrs. Steele may be useful later.

"What're ya up to sis?"

"Nothing," Aleu replied as she almost closed her laptop quickly. Almost being that Kodi stopped her literally at the last second.

He pulled up the screen. "Emailing someone? A boy?" A snicker, followed by, "Aw, Daddy isn't gonna like his little girl growing up."

She growled at her older brother. "If you weren't family I'd kick you where it hurts Kodi. I have got to be the only girl in school other than Bridget Steele that is single."

This time he frowned. "Don't feed the trolls. Bullies want attention. Deny them that."

"Oh, irony is she's getting attention-and she wont like it."

Meanwhile in another house in Nome Bridget Steele snarled as she typed furiously. An idiot had the courage to put a woodpie cushion on the Mayors chair and the attached sticky note said, "From Nome-Beltz with love!" Since no one had admitted to the crime the principal had said this; if each student didn't turn in a fifty-page essay on the history of Nome-or the prankster turned him/herself in-the athletic teams would be forced to spend this year on the sidelines.

Conveniently the announcement was made just before the final bell rung this Friday. And the due date was Monday.

Her door opened, and Bridget wheeled around, ready to fight-and saw her parents.

Even though both were Alaskan Malamutes, they were distinct in every sense of the word. She easily resembled her father with jet black fur, standard white underbelly and face as well as ice-cold blue eyes. Her mother, on the other hand, was pure white and her bright, warm green eyes didn't help matters.

"Bridget!" Mother said as she yanked Bridget to her feet and hugged her. "How have you been?"

"F-fine," she stuttered. "How did you-." She stopped and enjoyed the hug. It had been awhile since the three canines had been in the same room, not something to be taken for granted.

"Your grandparents seemed to have kept quiet," her father commented. He glanced at her computer. "What are you working on?"

"Fifty-page paper on this towns history," she answered. "Some fuc-."

"Bridget!" her mother gasped. "Language!"

Her father chuckled darkly. "Heard about it from some kid at the airport. Doesn't matter, and I'm taking you out to do some-."

"NO!" yelled Mother, earning surprised glances from both her daughter and her husband. "James, Bridget's been overworked! We're going to have dinner in an hour, then after that honey you're brushing your teeth and going straight to bed! Tomorrow the only exercise you'll do is a walk-and beyond that nothing!"

Bridget was even more shocked that her father didn't object. "At least I can finish off that essay," she began, only for Mother to raise a paw.

"No Bridget. Saturday's off. You need to relax, rest at the least."

A annoying voice announced, "You've got mail!"

She noticed the senders address but didn't note it. "Don't know why, but I'm checking this out."

She clicked on the file, finding a Ford ad. "What the-."

A terrifying and screaming wolf suddenly replaced the truck, scaring her so bad Bridget fainted.

ME: Poor, poor Bridget. Should I continue? Was this good or bad?