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Blood Moon


I sat on a rock on the beach of Portage Lake looking out as the water lapped the shore. He didn't really want me, but he was bonded to me because he had no choice. He would just want to leave again. I stiffened when I heard him calling my name from behind me.

Ch 1: A face from the past!


A monotonous purgatory. That is what my life is. I thought I used to live in purgatory before, but that was before she entered my life. Now my life was darker and even emptier.

She gave meaning to my existence. She was the bright shining light in my life. Now that she is gone, my life has become a dark void. I know that I'm the one that left her and I shouldn't be the one to sulk. However, there are days that the pain becomes too much and I just wanted to curl myself into a ball.

That is how my family found me ten years later. They wanted me to come back to the family, however, it was more difficult than before to be surrounded by happy couples. They didn't seem to understand that it made me more miserable than before, since I knew what I was missing. I had many arguments with them about leaving again. Every time that I tried Alice caused an intervention. I knew I was driving Jasper nuts but it wasn't like it was something I could turn off or forget about. In a way, I think it has made him stronger. He learned how to eventually block me.

The first few years back, I couldn't bring myself to go back to school with the others. Since Carlisle was teaching, I worked as his TA and ran his labs.

Over time I wondered where she was. I hoped that she happy. I was sure she had moved on. Perhaps with Mike, or maybe even Austin, he hadn't seemed that bad. I wondered where she went for college and what she majored in. What was she doing for a living? Who she had married? I imagined that she got married. A boy would have to be a fool not to realize how special she was. He better be taking care of her. I imagined her children. Hair and eyes like their mother. I couldn't imagine them looking like their father without wanting to break something. So much I have missed in her life after nearly sixteen years.

"How long are we going to stay out here?" Emmett whined from his seat. We had just moved to a new town Castle Hill in Maine.

"Edward, we need to go in. It would look bad being late the first day." Alice spoke up from the back.

"So go in," I answered. I wasn't ready for this.

Would you stop thinking about yourself. You're going to make us look bad. Rose huffed from the back irritated. Apparently she was the only one allowed to think about herself. She was horrible to my Bella. She had never given her a chance, then gloated once she was gone. The only reason her head was still attached is that I would never put Emmett through the pain I have been through. He doesn't deserve that. He treated Bella like family and that meant a lot to me.

I pushed open the door of my newest car, black just like my mood. I could never look at another silver or red car again. One advance in cars over the years is that this version had the hover option. Unfortunately, we couldn't use it too often around here, since most cars didn't. However, when we were in secluded areas we could test it out. The others got out too and we stood in a lose group before heading to the office. Not many students were hanging out in the parking lot since it was raining.

The office was brightly lit with stark white walls. There was a small waiting area with a few benches. Near the center of the room was a tall counter running the length of the room made of dark Maple.

A late middle aged woman with dark red hair sat at a desk absorbed in reading some type of smutty story on the computer that took characters from a story and amateur writers made different stories with those characters. I cleared my throat loudly. She looked up annoyed, but her eyes widened on us. She instantly compared myself and my brothers. I tried not to cringe at her thoughts when she placed us in some type of threesome.

"May I help you?" She asked looking directly at me. Why is it always me? It would be nice for once if it was Emmett or Jasper.

"Yes, we are new." Alice spoke up for us. You're welcome.

"Oh right, Dr. Cullen's kids. I'm Ms. Henderson." She stood up looking flustered. Now where did I put those packets? She started moving things around, causing an avalanche of papers on her desk to fall to the floor. Do you think one of us should help her? Alice's thoughts were nicer than Rose's, whose was swearing at the moment. I heard the door open behind us and the secretary looked up again.

"Oh good, Marie, you're here. Where did you put those packets I had you assemble yesterday?" She asked while on her knees trying to pick up the papers. Marie was her student worker in the mornings.

The voice I heard made me freeze.

"I put them on the empty desk in the corner." A sweet voice answered.

"Be a dear and get them and hand them out. I made a mess over here." She asked bending down to pick up the papers.

"Yes, Ms. Henderson." She answered moving past us through the small swinging door. Her scent hit me like a wrecking ball as I watched the girl with long mahogany hair walk to the back of the room. It couldn't be. I watched her long milky white legs, that disappeared into her short tan skirt. I felt drawn to her and I hadn't even seen her face. The girl grabbed the packets off the desk dropping her bag in their place and headed back towards us. My breath caught in my throat when I saw her. The same heart face, same nose, same brown eyes, same mouth. Above all I couldn't read her mind. It was her. My eyes dragged down to the ID around her neck that nestled between the swells of her breasts that were covered with a tight fitting blue sweater. Marie McCarty.


It can't be?

What is she doing here? We can't go through this again, Edward. Why the hell is she using Emmett's last name?

"Hello, I'm Marie. I'm a fellow student in the junior class. Welcome to Castle Hill High school. I have packets for all of you containing maps, handbook and schedules." She said shyly as she rested the packets in front of her. "The one on top is for Alice Whitlock?" She looked between Rose and Alice. Alice smiled and held out her hand for the packet.

"Thank you," she answered smiling big.

"I'm assuming you're Rosalie?" Bella, or I guess Marie, held out the packet to her. Rose snatched it from her roughly. Of course, dimwit, you already knew that.

"Bitch is lucky she didn't give me a paper cut." Marie whispered under her breath. Emmett held in his laughter by faking a cough while Rose narrowed her eyes.

"I'm going to guess again. Are you Jasper?" She looked at Jasper who seemed nearly as stunned as me. He recovered quickly.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said politely. Interesting. She looks and smells just like her, but she doesn't seem to know us. She is not a vampire, but she hasn't aged, very interesting.

"I'm Emmett," Emmett announced with a big smile. Marie smiled at him and handed him the packet.

"I guess that makes you Edward," she held out my packet. I caught her eyes hoping to see some connection or some type or recognition. Her eyes dazed and a blush appeared on her cheeks. I got lost for a minute thinking about kissing her. Edward, take the packet. Don't kiss her. Alice scolded me and stepped on my foot. I took it from her, our hands brushed and sparks ran across my hand and up my arm. It had to be her.

"Thank you," I told her. She bit her lip and nodded shyly before blushing again. She took her eyes away from me and focused in front of her.

"The school has a fairly simple layout. Third floor East wing is Math and the West wing is Science. Second floor West wing is Languages and technology in the East.

First Floor is History and Government in the West Wing and English in the East. The Basement is the art and music. The Gym is out the first floor West wing side door, follow the path to the back to the gym. The cafeteria is off of the first floor between the wings toward the back of the buildings. Locker information is in your packets. Seniors' lockers are on third and Juniors are on Second. There is a slip in your packets for your teachers to sign and a form for you to sign agreeing to the student agreement to be turned in at the end of the day here. They will expect you to get your pictures for your IDs today at the Tech. lab. Do any of you have any questions?" She asked.

We all shook our heads, we have done this multiple times before.

"Okay, if you need anything, please feel free to ask me." Marie smiled at us.

"Nice to meet you, Marie," Alice chirped.

We left the office and paused in the hallway outside.

"Am I going crazy or is that Bella?" Emmett asked as soon as we were in the hall at a level that we could only hear.

"I don't know. She showed no signs of recognizing us at all. Bella should be in her mid thirties by now and the girl is around our age and she is not a vampire." Jasper looked hesitant. She seemed very curious about us, especially you.

"It's her. I know that it's her. Her mind is blank to me. Her scent is the same. Her features are the same." I was bewildered.

"We aren't doing this again. You're not getting involved with a human again." Rose hissed at me.

"Who are you to say what I do?" I hissed right back.

"So you're going to enter another human's life, have her fall for you, just to leave and start this whole 'woe as me' act again. You're not putting us through the risk of exposure like last time." Rose growled. She was right. Getting involved with a human was risky. If by chance it was Bella, she was still better off without me.

"Enough, Rose. If that is Bella maybe someone is giving Edward a second chance to make it right…to have his happiness." Alice fought back. I wished that she was right, but I wasn't sure if I deserved a second chance.

"I disagree." Rose was getting mad. Jasper spread calm waves at us all.

"Calm down, we need to get to class before we call more attention than being the new students. We shouldn't leave Esme or Carlisle out of the discussion." Jasper spoke up as the voice of reason. He didn't seem against Bella like last time.

"Fine. But if we have to move again so soon because of you…" she started to threaten.

"Rose, enough already," Emmett spoke in a firm voice that he rarely used with her. Rose clamped her mouth down and walked off. Emmett sighed and walked off after her. For the record, if that is some how Bella, I agree with Alice, just don't tell Rose.

I started walking off to my first class as Jasper fell in step with me. I felt your hopefulness that it was her. I know you think it's. I don't want to get your hopes up. I just don't see how it's possible.

"I don't either, but I know that it's her. I can feel the connection to her already." I told him. He grew thoughtful. It's worth investigating. But before we do, be sure of it. In a way, both Alice and Rose are right. You might have been given a second chance, but if you go for it, you have to make sure you're ready to stay this time. I nodded in agreement.

I walked into my new English class stopping by the teacher's desk for her to sign my slip. She handed me my syllabus and I took a seat near the back. With a quick glance at the sheet I noticed the first book and scoffed with irony. It was one of her favorites Wuthering Heights. I pulled out my laptop and got ready to take notes.

Bored already, I searched the minds of the school looking for her. I found her in a pre-calculus class. She was concentrating on taking notes. The boy who's head I was in was focused on her legs. I fought a growl as his thoughts became inappropriate. I felt smug when he thought how Marie had turned him down each week since moving here mid-year last year. He thought she was starting to weaken. Apparently skirts were also not common for her. She usually dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. Alice will be disappointed. Alice.

Something occurred to me that I was too wrapped up to notice earlier. Alice was blocking me. I was so distracted by Marie that I didn't realize it. Was Alice hiding something or was I just not paying attention. I went to search for her mind. But she was focused on her class and a new closet arrangement.

As classes went on I was disappointed to find out that she was not in any of my classes. As lunch approached I met my siblings outside the cafeteria. We entered together and looked around for an empty table.

"This way," Alice announced. She led us to a back corner of the cafeteria. Marie was sitting alone eating an apple and reading a book.

"May we join you?" Alice asked. I can't believe you fools. Rose hissed. Marie looked up in surprise but smiled warmly.

"Sure," she moved a bag off the chair next to her.

"Thanks, Bella, it's not easy being the new kids." Emmett put his tray down. She looked up with looking both confused and amused.

"My name is Marie." She smirked slightly.

"Oh sorry, I must have confused you for someone else." Emmett grinned sheepishly. I was trying to slip her up.

"This is a small school. I'm fairly certain there is no Bella here since I help with the attendance," Marie questioned she seemed suspicious.

"You look a lot like someone I know. Do you know a Bella Swan? She is from Forks?" Emmett asked boldly. My siblings stiffened waiting for her answer.

"Sorry, no. Where is Forks?" She shook her head before asking. She is telling the truth. Jasper informed me.

"Forks is in Washington." I answered softly. Marie's eyes met mine and she blushed under my stare. I was still convinced it was her.

"I moved here last January. Before that I grew up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee." Marie answered. Emmett's brow furrowed. That is where I'm from and she shares the same last name. Is it possible that she is related to me? I did have several brothers.

Rose was growing furious. "Who does she thinks she is?" she hissed too low for Marie to hear.

"She could be a descendent from one of my brothers, making her my great-great-great-great-great niece." Emmett answered. Was that too many greats? Rose opened her mouth then shut it when she saw his hopeful look. I don't know who this bitch is, but she's messing with my family.

"Didn't your family move from somewhere in Canada?" Marie asked skeptically. We are only making her more curious.

"We did, but we spent a few summers in Forks," Alice answered quickly. I focused on Alice's mind. She was thinking of new winter wardrobe. I was sure she was hiding something from me. Jasper looked between us and sent me a warning look.

The bell rang and we started to get up.

"What is your next class, Marie," Alice asked.

"Biology," she answered. Alice beamed before looking at me with a sly grin.

"Edward has that too. You two should walk together." Alice nearly bounced in place. I shot her a look that Marie caught. She frowned, misinterpreting that it was for her, instead of Alice.

"Well, Marie, lead the way," I gave her a smile and saw her look happy as she nodded. I followed her to throw out our waste a half step behind, pushing off the urge to hold her hand or touch her hair. Right after we exited the cafeteria she tripped and I caught her arm to steady her.

"Thank you, I'm a bit of a klutz," she blushed. I know angel…I know. From the very depths of me I knew that this was somehow my Bella, but there were many missing pieces to fill in.


So is she Bella? Edward thinks so. It will be a bit of a mystery at first of who Marie is and if she has a connection to Bella. It's probably not what you think. Though you may guess. Maybe Carlisle has an idea he has been around a long time. Is Alice hiding something? Does the Marie have a connection to Emmett?

There is a Castle Hill, ME. I had approached some technology advances for the future. I don't think it far off that most students will be required laptops or other computer devices one day en lieu of textbooks. They have a flying car though expensive. So why not a car that can hover off the ground instead of tires. If they exist you could be sure Edward would have it.

I will be happy to hear thoughts.



Preview Alert!


"What did you find," I asked.

"Nothing," he gave me a confused shrug.

"What do you mean nothing? Couldn't you find a graduation list for Forks in 2006?" I demanded.

"Oh I did, but she wasn't on it there is not record of her ever being there. She wasn't on the list for Jacksonville either. I checked to see if went to her mom's still nothing." Jasper explained.