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Alternative Epilogue:

Time flew by over the years. Nick grew fast like they described hybrids did in my book and was hunting with his father and uncles before he was six months old. Nick was home taught until his growing slowed. We still held off until Melanie looked the same age to enter school.

There was one scary episode when Melanie had a toy he wanted when he was about two months old. Alice had them lined up for a picture when he tried to take the rattle from her, by biting her. Due to an experience by Emmett we knew Nicholas was venomous.

Luckily the venom didn't hurt her. In fact the wound healed almost immediately with no signs of damage. Carlisle and Edward were amazed by this more than anyone else. They wanted to run tests and I refused. My baby was not going to be a test subject.

Although disappointed, they respected my wishes. The first few years went by and Melanie never seemed to get even a bump or bruise if she fell. Which was surprising for a toddler. She never got sick either.

Edward and Carlisle approached me again when Melanie was five. Carlisle promised me that all he needed was a small vile of blood to examine and test. I agreed after some persuasions and after I looked into the future, they discover that even thought she appeared human she had the same number of chromosomes as her brother, so she did have some hybrid traits after all. Her blood repelled the venom. In fact, in absorbed it, but didn't change.

After I officially graduated high school, I enrolled at Husson University at Presque Isle. I decided to get my secondary education with a concentration in English. Edward was studying pharmacy, something different than normal.

I had aged all of us some; Carlisle got a kick out of his graying hair. He joked it was all due to Emmett.

Rose and Emmett opened up a garage in the area. Jasper got a job at the high school as a psychologist. Alice designed some of her own clothes and sold them on line with my magical help to produce them.

After our degrees, Edward and I didn't work right away. We wanted to spend time with our children. We traveled a bit to find other witches and see if they knew how to stay immortal or reverse Edward back to a human state. We had no luck. We met a few witches, but they had nothing to help us. As time went by I grew discouraged that we would find another way.

While we were in South America we met a few Hybirds. One was named Nahuel and there was instant attraction between him and our daughter Melanie. She was fourteen at the time. He shyly presented her with a flower and when she went to give him a kiss on the cheek, he turned his head at the last second and the kiss landed on his lips. I was astonished her mate had been chosen. Edward was unhappy, claiming that she was too young. I reminded him that I was four and he was five when our bond formed. Luckily with Nahuel being a hybrid and Melanie having healing ability we wouldn't have to worry about protecting them too closely. Nahuel found the Cullens' diet interesting and soon adapted to it. He followed us home to the states.

By the time the twins were ready to enter high school we decided to move again. No one complained because seventeen years in one place was the longest they had spent in one place for a long time. Due to my magic our options were more open. We decided on Bigfork, Montana, a slightly bigger town than the Cullens were use to.

The living situation was a bit different as well. Rose and Emmett owned part of a duplex and opened a new garage. Nahuel lived with them as their adopted son. Jasper and Alice owned the other half of the duplex. Jasper was still seen as Rose's brother and Alice was his wife and Emmett's sister. Jasper worked as a History teacher this time at the high school and Alice opened a boutique

The rest of us lived a couple miles away in a secluded old farm house. All though they had their separate living quarters, they mainly were at Esme and Carlisle's. Edward and I enrolled in the high school with the twins and Nahuel. The twins and Nahuel were freshmen. Edward and I were juniors. Edward and the twins were considered to be Esme's cousins. She lost her uncle in a tragic accident and they had no where else to go. I was the baby sister of Carlisle's college roommate and lost my family in a fire.
Two years went by and it was the twins' sixteenth birthday. I never hid the fact from my daughter that she would be a witch one day. She and her brother were well aware of me and the rest of the family early on. I even explained to her the night after her first kiss about her mating connection to Nahuel. I was careful not to leave anything out.

When she turned fifteen, Edward and I decided to let her have access to the Book of Shadows. That way if she had any questions I could answer them the best I could. I didn't want to hide any information from her. Unlike me, when Melanie started to get her powers she had a longer time to get them in full since she was born in May and the Blood Moon was in October.


It was now August and it was only two months before I would loose my powers. I was still unsure of my own future. I looked to see if Edward would change me, but it would come out dark and hazy. I wasn't sure what that meant. I was nervous of bringing it up to Edward due to his reactions before. However, time was short now and we couldn't put it off too much longer.

I went down stairs from our bedroom in search of Edward. I found him downstairs at the piano. However he wasn't playing, he glaring at Nahuel and Melanie who were cuddled up on the couch. I slid next to him and elbowed him. He glanced at me and I raised my eyebrows at him. He shook his and gave the couple a worried glance.

"Come with me to our meadow." I insisted. He shook his head giving them another glance. "Please. We aren't going to be able to do this much longer." I pleaded. He looked back down at me and I pouted slightly. He eventually sighed and nodded. I grinned and kissed his cheek before jumping us.

We arrived in the meadow and it was covered in flowers. We sat quietly together for few minutes.

"Are you going to tell me why you were glaring at them?" I asked resting my head on his shoulder.

"Melanie and the boy are closer than I like." He mumbled. I rolled my eyes and fought my laughter.

"His name is Nahuel. How close are we talking?" I asked amusingly as Edward frowned more.

"She is my baby girl; she is not ready for an intimate relationship." He scowled.

"They are mates. It's bound to happen sometime." I answered.

"She is only fifteen. They aren't married yet. Although he has been thinking about it. They are too young for this." I started to laugh at his words. He narrowed his eyes not amused.

"We weren't married our first time and I was fifteen when you proposed to me." I reminded him. He sighed heavily.

"I don't see why you're so unhappy. They are bound to be with one another. We should be happy for them. Besides, it's not like he is going to leave her or can knock her up." I told him. We weren't sure why, but one thing that didn't develop was Melanie's cycle. Carlisle believed it had to due to her being part vampire.

We assumed that it meant that once she got her powers that she would always be a witch since she will not be able to pass on her powers.

"I know. I guess it's just harder than I thought to see your kids all grown up." Edward gave me a soft smile.

I shifted slightly so I was sitting in front of him on the grass. I took his hands and ran my thumb over his wedding ring.

"We have to talk and come to a decision on something." I told him. He met my eyes looking curious. I took a deep breath before speaking. "We put this off long enough. I lose my powers in two months and I need to know if you're going to change me. We looked for other ways and we haven't found anything. I don't want to start to age again and one day lose all of you." I watched as his eyes filled with some emotion and he glanced away and I started to get nervous about his response.

Before looking back at me he pulled one hand away to run his fingers through his hair nervously. It was in that simple gesture that I knew I wasn't going to like what was coming next. I pulled my other hand from him and sighed heavily. He turned sharply back to me and reached for my hand but I kept it at my side.

"There maybe an alternative that we have not tried yet. I have been talking to Carlisle and he agrees with me that it could possibly work. However, it may end badly. We are unsure until we experiment." Edward started to explain.

"What are you talking about and why am I just hearing about it?" I asked unhappily.

"Well, I didn't think it would go over well since you were so adamant about us not testing Melanie's blood years ago. So we haven't brought it up, especially since we thought waiting for her powers to come in would be our best option." Edward explained looking apologetic.

"What does Melanie's blood have to do with anything?" I grew suspicious.

"When we tested our venom with her blood it had an interesting reaction. Instead of the venom affecting the blood the opposite seemed to occur. The blood seemed to affect the venom. Carlisle and myself think it might be possible that her blood could change us back in to humans." Edward gave me a hopeful smile.

I however frowned. "So what, you're not only going to experiment on Melanie, but yourselves as well. This could end very badly. What if her blood kills you instead?" I hissed.

"Well, we can't be sure until we run some experiments, but I think it's the best chance we have." Edward insisted.

"However, we know that changing me would be almost risk free. We know the end result. I could lose you or we could lose Melanie if you take too much blood." I shook my head.

"I doubt we would lose Melanie, that is why we are waiting until she's a full witch so she is immortal. We don't plan on taking much blood. Just a small amount to inject into our bodies with a syringe that has enough venom on the tip to pierce our skin." Edward explained reaching for my hand again. I closed my eyes to search the future and couldn't see the results.

"I don't like this. I can't see what would happen." I reopened my eyes. "Have you asked Alice if she can see?" I asked.

"Well, no, but I don't think we should write it off just yet. Think about it, if I was human we could age normally, maybe have more babies." Edward suggested with hopeful eyes.

"In the process we would have to give up our family and what about the Volturi?" I brought up.

"Well, either before you lose the power to, or Melanie can pay them a visit, and erase any trace of the Cullens." Edward just shrugged. "As for the family, I think most of them would want to become human again if they had the chance." We sat in silence as I thought about his idea.

"Look, would you feel better if we talked to Alice to see if she sees anything different?" Edward gave me a pleading look.

"I guess we could try." I sighed, but remained doubtful since Alice still had a difficult time seeing anything involving the twins.


We traveled back to the house where the others were waiting for us.

"I can't see either," Alice spoke before we could say anything.

"See, what?" Emmett questioned as the others looked just as curious.

"I think it might be a possibility that Melanie's blood could reverse our vampire state back to human." Edward explained. I watched as different emotions appear on others faces. Like myself, Jasper and Alice looked apprehensive. Rose on the other hand looked excited.

"Well we should test it out." She looked eager.

"Hold on. If Alice and I can't see the results it could end badly." I spoke up. "Plus, Melanie should have a say."

"I will do it. If it helps you all, of course, I will." Melanie smiled coming up to her father and me.

"We will test it out first. We already know that the venom disappears in the blood. If it has to do with her magic then once she is a full witch it might just work." Edward argued.

"Do you think it would work?" Esme looked at Carlisle.

"I do think Edward is on to something. But we will have to do some tests first and we have to test it on one of us too. That may be the only way to know if it would work." Carlisle answered sounding a bit skeptical.

"So who is going to be the guinea pig?" Emmett asked. I bit my lip when I watched Edward go to answer.

"I will do it." Rose spoke up first.

"Are you sure? I'm willing to do it." Edward frowned.

"No one wants to be human as much as I do. If there is any chance, I want to take it." Rose glanced at Emmett. I could see the hesitancy in his eyes but I knew he would not deny her anything she wished. He nodded with a grim smile on his face.

"Then I guess you and I should take a trip to see the Volturi sooner than later." I sighed.

"You're going to delete us from their minds then?" Carlisle spoke up.

"Yes, or we could be in danger because of our knowledge about vampires if this does work. Better me than Melanie since they already met me. Plus Edward should be there just to make sure I got everyone and everything. If we wait and this does work, Edward will not be able to read minds anymore," I announced decisively, Edward nodded in agreement.


A week after Melanie got her full powers we were set to try our experiment. We were all feeling optimistic about it since after she got her full powers she could see it working.

I was still adjusting to life without my powers. It felt odd. Carlisle and Edward were also excited that they had received positive results in another experiment.

Today Rose was set to be experimented on. They took about a pint of blood from Melanie and were going to inject it into Rose in several areas using a syringe whose tip had venom on it to pierce her skin.

About five minutes after her injections her body started to convulse and she blacked out, sending Emmett into a panic. Edward and Jasper had to restrain him as Melanie promised him it would work out.

Twenty-four hours after the start, Rose woke up with sparkling blue eyes and heart beating. We waited a month to see if there would be any side affects. By then Carlisle and Edward were satisfied that it worked. Alice and Melanie at this point could see the results staying positive.

Emmett was changed next, mainly because he was having a hard time remembering his strength and would hurt Rose if he wasn't careful. Edward was changed two weeks after him.


By the spring all the Cullens were changed back into humans. Rose was expecting her first baby, a boy, to be born later that summer. Esme was expecting a girl in the fall. It took time for everyone to adjust to their new lives. Edward and Alice had difficulty adjusting without their powers, Alice more so than Edward. She got feelings and visions in her sleep every once in while, but noting like before. She could no longer look for them. Edward was still intuitive to some people's thoughts, his family mostly, but got headaches if he tried too hard. At the same time it gave him a peace of mind too.

Jasper was probably the most relieved, never suffering from bloodlust anymore. He also enjoyed the fact he wasn't so sensitive to everyone's emotions anymore.

A big change was seen in Rose as well. I never saw her happier as she was when pregnant. Her lack of ice queen persona was noticed all around. Emmett was happy since Rose was happy.

Our son fell in love with a girl at school named Courtney. Apparently he had a crush on her before, but didn't pursue her since he was part vampire. Now that he was human, he eagerly started dating her.


Two years later Edward and I got remarried. We were in college yet again. Edward was going for music education and I was taking a literature class. I was thinking of writing fantasy stories, possible paranormal romance with Edward's encouragement. I definitely had experience in the area.

For the past week I had been really sick. It was the first time in years that I was sick like this and it worried Edward. He wanted me to see Carlisle and I promised him if I didn't feel better by the end of the week I would.

There was a knock on the door and I headed to answer it. Melanie bounced through the door.

"Melanie, aren't you suppose to be in class?" I asked her.

"Skipping every once in awhile never hurts. Just ask Daddy." She shrugged.

"That is because he has been in school numerous times. He didn't skip his first time through." I informed her and she rolled her eyes.

"I brought you something to make you feel better." She thrust a bag at me. I took it from her and looked in. I stared in it for a moment, shocked, then calculated in my head. I looked back up at my grinning daughter.

"Are you going to tell me the results?" I asked her. She shook her head.

"Where is the fun in that?" she shrugged and pushed me to the bathroom.

"You have spent too much time with Alice." I closed the door and removed the box from the bag and read the instructions twice. Needless to say I was shocked. It has been nearly eighteen years since the last time and obviously I missed key signs.

As I waited I heard the door open and close.

"Melanie, what are you doing here?" Edward asked.

"I came to bring Mom something. She is in the bathroom." She sounded chipper. "I got to run, I'm late meeting Nahuel. We are going baby shopping. See ya!" I heard the slam of the door.

"Bella, love, are you feeling okay?" I heard Edward right outside the door.

"I'm fine. I will be out in a minute or two." I told him not taking my eyes off the test.

"Wait…did she say baby shopping?" Edward sounded panicked. "I'm too young to be a grandfather. I thought we didn't think she could have children." Edward started to go in to his overboard mode. I opened the door and handed him the test.

"So are you too old to be a father again? Because technically you could be a great great great great great grandfather by now." I smirked as his face registered the words on the test.

"You're pregnant?" he looked at it blankly and I started to worry after his last reaction.

"I know it's unexpected and we weren't trying. I haven't even given it a second thought but…" I started to ramble before he placed a finger to my lips.

"Bella, this is great news." He pulled me into a kiss. When he pulled back, he grinned more. "By the way, I think I look rather good for one hundred and thirty-seven." He teased. I rolled my eyes and laughed

"I never said you didn't." I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"And you look absolutely beautiful for your age. You look closer to eighteen not…" he chuckled as I glared at him.

"So you're happy this time?" I asked remembering all too well his freak out over the twins.

"Yes, love, I never have been happier. I have you and my family and we are all healthy. I couldn't ask for more." He smiled down at me.

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