"Amelia! Where did she get off to now…?"

Delbert was walking around the house outside, through the yard. Amelia had been MIA for a few hours, and Delbert was beginning to get worried. She and Delbert had dropped Rachel, Sky, Hannah and Daniel off at preschool about 2 hours ago, after a long talk with them about their behavior during snack time. Apparently, they had been arguing with each other about snack sizes. After the kids were off, Amelia had said something about needing to go visit someone, but when Delbert asked who, she merely changed the subject. Delbert had decided to trust her, and let her hop out of the carriage and walk off. She had come home already, but she hadn't said anything about her visit. She just gave him a small kiss and walked up to the attic. Delbert thought nothing of it and let her go. He sighed. He had checked the attic, four times already. He had searched the entire house, and saw absolutely nothing. The kids were going to be ready to come home in about an hour, so he was running out of time. They would be very worried if Mommy wasn't with Daddy when they got picked up. It was time to call someone. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed the phone, dialing a familiar number.

"Sarah? It's me."

15 minutes later…

"And I've looked everywhere! She isn't here!"

"Well, Delbert. What can I do to help?"

Delbert clutched the phone to his ear.

"I was wondering if you could pick up the kids for me? I need more time to look for her."

"Of course I can. I'll just tell them that you two had some business to take care of."

Delbert let out a relieved sigh.

"Thank you, Sarah. I promise I'll repay you."

"No, you don't need to. I enjoy watching little Danny and his sisters. Jim will help. And if you need me to, I'll make them dinner and put them to bed. You can come get them whenever you find Amelia."

"Are you sure?"


"Ok. Thank you again Sarah, I owe you."

Delbert hung up, and sighed.

"Where could she be?"


"I'm glad you could come visit me today, Amelia…"

Amelia rolled her eyes and drank some of her tea.

"Well, you didn't give me much of a choice, Mother." She mumbled, setting her teacup down.

"Anyway, darling, I asked you to come because I need you to answer a question for me."

"Make it quick. I have to get home soon, and I don't wanna be stuck in your bloody house all evening."

Amelia's mother, Katherine, set her teacup down next to Amelia's and gave her a weak smile.

"Amelia…Is everything alright?"

Amelia rolled her eyes.

"Mother, I told you. I'm perfectly fine."

"You are behaving strangely."

"Only because of the mere fact that you asked me to visit you, right after dropping off my children, which was a most inconvenient time. I am upset because you have me sitting in your parlor drinking tea when my husband is probably worried sick about me. In my opinion, I have every right to act strangely."

Katherine looked at her quietly and drank some of her tea, before clearing her throat.

"Darling, I have a question for you."

Amelia sighed.

"What is it, Mother?"

"Are you feeling ok? Is everything alright at home?"

"Mother, I'm fine. Merely frustrated. Delbert and I are doing wonderfully and I love him very much, and the kids are doing well. Mr. Hawkins and his mother seem to be visiting less, which could be good or bad. They are always willing to watch the children when needed, so there are no problems actually."

Katherine looked a little concerned, but shrugged.

"It seems as if my assumptions about your life were wrong."

Amelia blinked.


Katherine nodded calmly, and smoothed the fabric of the couch.

"Yes. When you informed me and your father of your engagement to Dr. Doppler, I assumed that you two would be fighting very often. Especially since he is a Canid. I also assumed that you would have problems getting along with your children, seeing as you've never been able to relate to them before. But, as I said, I was wrong. Your children love you and your husband adores you."

Amelia smiled a small amount.

"Mother, I already knew all this. Did you truly ask me over to tell me things I already know?"

Katherine laughed and patted Amelia's knee.

"No, no. I asked you to come over so I could tell you something I should have told you years ago."

Amelia searched her mother's face, which was something she hadn't done in a long time. When her parents told her that they didn't necessarily approve of her decision to join to Royal Navy, she found it hard to look her mother in the eyes, because she was afraid she'd see the disappointment again. But now, all she saw in her mother's eyes was acceptance.

"What did you need to say?" she asked.

"I'm proud of you Amelia. Very very proud."

Amelia blinked, then smiled. She hugged her mother tightly, silently wishing that her father was home so she could hug him also. But he was off on business, so she would wait. After the hug was over, they talked about everything. Mainly things they had never got to say, and things they never got to tell each other, like things that happened while she was off at the Academy. They talked about funny events, and tragic moments. Everything a mother and a daughter should talk about, that they never got to say.



"Sky? Hannah? Rachel? Daniel? Mommy's home! Delbert? Where….hm…"

Amelia hung up her coat, a bit confused as to why none of her little ones had come running like they usually did. She stepped over some toys, books and other little kid items, before making her way to the phone. There was only one place Delbert and her children could be.

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