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The human race was always something of a mystery. For it seemed they had never really risen up from being animals. Their civilizations would grow and thrive, but would always collapse in the end. They were considered ignorant, continuously believing that life was present in the universe, yet when life tried to make itself known, they would ignore it. They were considered barbarians, for war spread across the planet like a plague. They were seen in many ways, in the vast region of our universe.

And some distance away, another planet resided, the planet of Threshold. This one was quite a lot like the earth, despite being twice as big and having established life almost 2,000 years earlier. The people of Threshold were also quite similar to humans. Their anatomy was almost identical, save for a few…interesting differences. This world was so like Earth in almost every way, except for one: they had made it their personal plight to rise above beasts and create a world of peace for all.

And a world of peace it was.

Threshold grew and thrived; cities sprouted from deserts and from villages in the forests. Rivers ran clean and pure, technology and nature seemed to be in harmony, and peace ruled.

And the most beautiful place on this planet was the capital, a city called Tsukiyuri, or Moon Lily. Here, no one was left out and alone. Every language you could imagine was considered "typical." Unhappiness was almost unheard of.

But…that happiness could not last forever.

(Opening: Tourniquet by Evanescence)

I tried to kill the pain,

But only brought more,

So much more.

I lay, dying,

And I'm pouring,

Crimson regret,

And betrayal

I'm dying,



And screaming.

Am I too lost?

To be saved?

Am I too lost…?

My God, my tourniquet,

Return to me salvation…

My God, my tourniquet,

Return to me salvation…

My wounds cry for the grave…

My soul cries for deliverance.

Will I be denied?



My suicide.

(Return to me…salvation.)

Return to me…salvation.)

The small cars and city buses zoomed by on the cobblestone streets. Already many people were up and about and ready to start the day, leisurely walking to work or busily hurrying to get everything prepared for whatever their superiors expected of them.

On a small, green painted bench on the sidewalk, 11 year old Rosa Taiji sat, twirling one of her long black braids and adjusting her glasses as she pried further into the novel that was so intriguing her.

In the distance, there came the loud slapping of converse shoes against the pavement as two more girls ran up to the bench beside her.

One of the girls had long white hair and soft magenta eyes, while the others hair was a dark red and her eyes a deep, dark blue.

Rosa looked up in surprise. "Sing, Anya. You guys are later than I'd expect. What took so long?"

"I went to pick her up, but she apparently wasn't ready!" the red haired girl, Anya, said, pointing at the other girl.

Sing scowled and stuck out her tongue. "Bùshì wŏ de cuò! ("It's not my fault!") Ram was in the shower!"

"So I was waiting for, like, 20 minutes for her." Anya continued, without acknowledging Sing's protests.

Rosa smiled and shook her head. "Ustedes dos no van a resolver nada así." ("You two will never solve anything like that.")

"Eh? Ach tá sí ar cheann an locht!" Anya protested. ("But she's the one to blame here!")

Sing scowled. "Wǒ bù!" ("Am not!")

"Atá ró!" ("Are too!")

"Parle ustedes dos!" ("Stop it, you two") Rosa cut in. "Fighting over something this stupid won't get you anywhere."

The two looked at each other, then to her, and smiled.

"Okay." Sing said. "We'll cut it out."

The three continued their trek down the busy sidewalk to their school.

"So my Mom wants me to take Irish lessons." Anya said with disgust.

Sing cocked an eyebrow. "Why? I mean, you're already fluent, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but apparently I 'grasp the words but not the meaning.' Whatever that means."

"Did you tell her you already speak Irish with us?" Rosa cut in. It was an inside joke of theirs, speaking in their second languages when they were all together.

"Yeah," Anya replied, "and that's the only reason I'm not in that stupid class right now. But I am gonna have to pass some test she's gonna spring on me." She ran a hand through her hair. "Tá sé cac tarbh."

"See? You just spoke Irish right there!" Sing pointed out.

"Doesn't count if she's not here to hear it." Anya replied.

The three laughed and continued on their way.

390 years later:

The forest was quiet.

Almost too quiet.

A large teal deer cautiously strode up to a berry bush, sniffing around for any disturbances. It's ears pricked as he thought he heard a rustling, but it turned out to be nothing more than a bird flying from tree to tree. He bent down to take his first bite -


The deer fell to the ground with a wooden arrow shot clean through its eye. It hadn't even had a chance to react.

There was a rustling from up in the trees, and a young man with orange hair and purple eyes dropped from the tree next to his kill. He looked about sixteen, and was carrying a long wooden bow and quiver of arrows.

He looked down at his kill before smiling and picking it up, then continuing on his way.

"Hey, Isaac!" he called. "You'll never believe what I caught!"

Another figure dropped out of the trees a little farther away. Another sixteen year old boy, but this one, while he had purple eyes too, had shoulder-length purple hair tied in a ponytail.

The boy jogged over and caught sight of the deer. He smiled. "Wow! Is that a teal deer? By the ancestors, I haven't seen one of those in a year!"

"I know, right?" the first boy agreed. "How much you think its worth?"

Isaac shook his head. "Ryu, you're the village leader's son! Nothing's too expensive for you."

"Not true!" Ryu countered. He hung his head. "And besides… I may not be for much longer…"

Isaac looked at his friend with sympathy. "He's really sick, isn't he?"

Ryu nodded. "He…he has cancer. I don't even know how he got it!" There were tears in his eyes now. "Aunt Lilia says we should take him to the capital… to Kurokiri… and they can find a cure there… but he won't leave the village…"

"H-Hey, it's okay, he'll…he'll be fine! You'll see!" Isaac said, putting a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Don't start crying now, okay? He's not dead yet. Save your tears for when they matter." He smirked slyly. "Like for when I steal your teal deer right off your shoulder!"

Ryu stopped crying and pulled away. "Eh?! No way! Get your own!"

"Fine, I will!" Isaac unsheathed an arrow, loaded it into his bow, and shot a bird right out of the sky. It fell to the ground with a sorry "plop."

Ryu looked to his friend. "Nice one."

Isaac smiled at his friend, walked over and picked up the bird, and once again, the two started on their way.

390 years earlier:

"You sure you'll be fine?" Sing asked Rosa worriedly.

Rosa gave a confident smile to hide her fear. "Of course! They're my parents, they can't hate me."

Sing began to protest, but decided against it. "Okay."

"Tell Ram I said hi!" She called as Sing walked away.

"I will!" her friend replied, and then disappeared.

Rosa sighed to calm her shaking nerves. "She's only like this because of the baby," Rosa assured herself. "It has nothing to do with me." She opened the door…

"ROSA!" She barely even cracked the door when she heard a voice from inside. And an angry one, at that. She squeezed her eyes shut. "Yes, Mother?"

Her mother was a tall woman. Lovely and fair skinned, with flowing blonde hair and gold eyes. However, her once shapely figure was now burdened with the promise of another child.

The woman sat on the couch, tapping her fingers impatiently as Rosa stepped inside. Her once soft, beautiful face that Rosa had adored was twisted with rage. "Get over here!"

"It's because of the baby." Rosa said to herself. "Because of the baby, because of the baby, because of the baby, because of-"

A cruel, harsh slap met her face as soon as she came within arm's reach. Her mother withdrew her hand, painted nails raking across her daughter's skin. "And just WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!" The woman demanded.

"I-I was walking home…With Sing and Anya…we stopped…to get lemonade…"

Her mother's face twisted into what might have been a mockery of a smile. "So, you were with friends." She asked.

Rosa immediately felt fear wash over her like a cold wave.


"Mother, stop!" Rosa cried, trying to shield her face. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm really, really, sorry!"

"Oh, you're 'sorry' are you?" Her mother's voice dripped with fake sweetness. "NOT AS SORRY AS YOU WILL BE WHEN I THROW YOU OUT ON THE STREET, YOU LITTLE WRETCH!"

"NO!" Rosa cried. "Please, don't! I'm really sorry! Please don't be mad at me!"

"Reina, stop!"

Suddenly the torture stopped. Rosa looked up to see her father, a tall man with dark hair and glasses, trying to calm her mother down.

He looked at her with coldness. "Rosa, go to your room. You're upsetting your mother."

"But father-"

"NOW, Rosa!"

Ignoring the pain of her injuries, Rosa picked herself up off the floor and dragged herself to her bedroom on the second floor.

Once the door was closed, however, she dropped to her knees and burst into tears. She lay on the floor, pain enveloping her like a blanket of needles, its cold arms encircling her in an agonizing hug.

"Por que?" She whimpered. "Por que? Por que? Por que?" She dissolved into tears.

"I never did anything wrong…"

"Mom, Dad, I'm home!" Sing called as she opened the door to her family's mansion.

Immediately, an older, albino man with grey-purple eyes and a hint of stubble tackled her in a bear hug.

"Hey, hey, there's my little girl!" He said. "Where've you been all day?"

Sing laughed with him. "I was with Rosa and Anya. We went and got some lemonade."

"Ah, that's good, that's good. Lemonade on a hot day like this is always good." The man replied.

"Dad, it's only, like, 67 degrees outside." Sing countered.

"Well, I know, but lemonade is still good."

Sing smiled. "Where's Mom?"

"She's having lunch with some friends." He replied. "Ram's upstairs."

"Mr. Love, you have a phone call," the maid called from the other room.

Her father pinched the bridge of his nose. "I guess the bureaucrats never take a day off." He said. He smiled and pecked Sing on the forehead. "Well, I gotta take this one. Why don't you go say hi to Ram? She's been waiting for you all day."

"I was just about to," Sing said. "See you, Dad!"

He waved to her, stepping into the other room. Sing just briefly heard him say "Governor Tàiyáng Love speaking…"

Sing cracked the door to the bedroom slightly. "Ram?" She whispered. "You awake?"

"I'm in here, Nee-san!" a voice almost identical to hers called back.

Sing opened the door fully to find her twin sister, Ram, sitting on the bed reading a book. Her long, white hair was held in place with a gold headband, and her eyes sparkled magenta like her sister's.

"Hey, Nee-san." Ram said again.

"Hi, Ram." Sing replied, sitting on the bed. "So what went on here while I was gone?"

"Nothing, as usual. I'm getting bored of these dumb romance novels! I want something with adventure!" Ram replied, dropping the book she was holding and spreading her arms wide.

Sing laughed. "Okay, I'll ask at the library tomorrow," she replied.

Her sister smiled. "That's all I ask."

"Okay," Sing added. "Now, let me brush your hair; it's all tangled up."

Ram nodded and knelt down on the ground, Sing kneeling behind her with the hairbrush. "I can do yours after this, right?"

"Sure, sure."

"Yay." Ram smiled as Sing ran the bristles through her hair.

Although a few minutes later, Ram broke the silence, saying "Nee-san, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. What are you talking about?" Sing replied.

Ram looked at her skeptically. "Don't do that, Nee-san. I know you. You're worried about something, aren't you?"

Sing didn't answer.

"Nee-san, it's not going to get any better if you keep silent."

Still no answer.



Ram sighed. "I'll guess then. Is it…your grades?"


"No, of course not. You have perfect grades. Is it…a guy?"


"No. Okay then, is it Rosa?"

The brushing stopped.

Ram smiled. "So it IS Rosa!"

Sing gritted her teeth. She'd been found out.

"You're worried about her, aren't you?"


"I'll take that as a yes." Ram's tone softened. "Nee-san, if it's bugging you, tell me. I'm your twin sister, after all. It's my job to listen."

Sing sighed. Her twin sister may have technically been younger than her, but that didn't mean she wasn't smarter.

"…She came to school today…she had…bruises."



"What was her excuse?"

"She said she tripped and fell."

"Hmm…a typical play. I expected her to be more original."

"This isn't a joke, Sis!" Sing almost yelled, throwing down the brush.

Ram turned around. "I know. It's not. This is a serious thing." She placed a hand on Sing's shoulder. "Did she seem scared? Was she reluctant to go home?"

Sing nodded. "When I said goodbye she looked…afraid. And she was the one who suggested getting lemonade after school."

"Mmm." Ram acknowledged. "You're worried about her."

Sing nodded again, keeping her head down.

Sensing her distress, Ram embraced her in a hug.

"It'll be okay, Nee-san. You'll see."

Sadly, that was a promise Ram was unable to keep.

391 years later:

Ryu cried as he knelt at his father's bedside. The man was not very old; he looked fifty at the most (The operative word here being looked). His hair was once orange like his sons, but now dull with illness and stained with grey locks. However, the black, lightning-bolt shaped streak had remained untouched, as if even the grey hair knew that the mark was something far too sacred to mar.

Using a tanned, weathered, wrinkled hand, Isamu Mokuteki, proud distinguished leader of the small village of Javelin, reached up and touched his 17 year old son's face for, possibly, the last time.

"…Papa…" The young boy choked out, gripping his father's hand.

"My…son…" The man choked out.

"Papa!" Ryu cried. "Just…Just hold on…okay? They…they'll get you medicine! You'll get better! Don't leave!" More tears slipped from the boy's eyes. "Don't die. Not like Mama did!"

Isamu smiled weakly at his son. "I'm…so sorry…Ryu. I…don't think…I have a say…in the matter." He broke into a fit of coughing.

"Papa!" Ryu cried again.

The man looked up, blood dribbling down his chin. "You're… ready… to lead, Ryu… You're… strong. I'm sorry… I should have spent… more time with you… more time with your mother… but I was a fool. If you can… find it in your heart to forgive me… please…" He took his son's hand, opened it, and placed a necklace in his open palm. "This belonged to my Grandfather's Grandfather, the founder of this village. It… has been… passed down through our line… please, take it."

Ryu starred at the amulet in his hand. It was a metal stone carved into the shape of a dark green cicada surrounded by lily petals; the symbol for their village.

He looked up, teary-eyed. "No… Papa, you need this!"

Isamu shook his head. He never got a chance to say anything else, because he broke into another coughing fit, worse this time. Blood slid down his chin, and as Ryu cried for help, Isamu Mokuteki finally lay still.

"Papa…?" Ryu shook as he realized what had happened. "PAPAAAAAAAAAAA!"

391 years earlier:

"This is so much fun!" Ram cried. She looked at Anya. "Thanks for letting me sleep over, too! You're sure it's okay?"

"Are you kidding? You're my friend! It's no trouble," Anya insisted.

Rosa smiled. "Well, thanks from me, too. It's really nice to get out of my house."

"Did you sneak out, again?" Sing asked Rosa teasingly.

Rosa giggled. "Yeah, right out the window, like in the movies!" She laughed. "I'll be in for one hell of a shouting match when I get home."

"Then just don't go home!" Anya joked.

The other girl's face suddenly got dark. "Not go home…heh, maybe…"

"Whoa, hey, I-I was only kidding!" Anya insisted waving her hands in an "I didn't mean it" fashion.

"Oh! No, it's okay! I…I wouldn't do something like that!" Rosa replied, trying to soothe her friend.

"Good! Because look what I stole from downstairs…" Anya pulled a large container out from under her bed, and pulled off the cover to reveal…

"WOW!" The three girls cried.

"Banana cream cheesecake?!" Sing cried with delight.

Anya nodded with a sly smile. "I stole it from the fridge."

"Eres muy malo!" Rosa said to her friend. ("You are really bad!")

Anya smiled and made a backwards peace sign. "Fáilte go dtí an taobh dorcha." ("Welcome to the dark side.")

Sing and Ram looked at each other. "Jiǎohuá." They agreed in unison. ("Sly.")

They all began to laugh.

If only that night could have lasted a bit longer…

391 years later:

Ryu sat motionless outside of his family's house. He could hardly breathe with the weight of trying to accept what had happened.

He was an orphan.

He heard someone sit next to him, and knew it had to be Isaac. His purple haired friend looked at him with sad eyes, and put one hand to his shoulder.

"I'm sorry…" He told Ryu. "If there's anything I can do…"

Ryu stopped him. 'No." He said. "You don't have to do anything." He stood up. "I can't sit around here and be sad for myself. I have to keep going, even if I'm alone…that's what he'd want for me."

"But you're not alone." Isaac insisted, standing up beside him. "You have me. You have the village. You have your Aunt..." He smiled at him. "You're not alone."

Ryu starred at his friend and smiled. "Thanks, Isaac."

"Don't mention it." He replied.

391 years earlier:

Rosa and her father sat in silence as they drove down the busy street.

"So…is she okay?" Rosa asked to break the silence.

"Yes." Her father answered simply.

"…Was she hurt at all?"


"…Is it a boy or a girl?"


"So I have a sister?"


She stopped there and just starred out the window.

They finally arrived at the hospital, and the nurse escorted them into a small, white room.

Her mother sat in a white hospital bed, holding a tiny bundle and smiling. Rosa felt her heart rise. It had been so long since her mother had smiled…

Then she saw her and her face dropped back into a scowl.

"You know, you shouldn't expect your father to drive you everywhere, Rosa! You're old enough now to get around by yourself!"

Rosa didn't point out that the hospital was across the highway from her school.

But then her father walked over to her mother, and she seemed to be completely forgotten.

"Santiago, look, she has your purple eyes!" Her mother smiled again. "Oh, she looks just like you!"

"Your beauty shows in her, mi amor." Her father replied.

"They said that her Fate Number was 89%! Can you believe it?" Her mother added.

Rosa cringed. The fate number. The thing that Sorcerers used to determine the chance of one's success in life.

Hers was only 17%. But she had never thought much of it until now.

Her parents seemed too absorbed in her sister to notice her, so she quietly slipped out.

But as she closed the door, she heard her mother say "Her name is Naomi."

Rosa waited in the lobby.

And waited…

And waited…

And waited more…

Until a nurse came out and sat next to her. "Are you the little Taiji girl?"

Rosa looked up and nodded.

The nurse smiled. She was quite pretty. "Your little sister is in the nursery, you want to see her?"

Rosa hesitated, and then nodded, standing up and walking down the hall.

The nurse led her into a small, dark room. There were many clear plastic cribs lining the wall, but only one was occupied.

That one was her sister.

The nurse picked up the baby, cradled her for a few seconds, and put her back. She turned to Rosa. "I'll let you take your time." Then she left, leaving Rosa and Naomi alone in the dimly lit room.

Rosa took one step, then two, and then three. She could see the infant sleeping in her plastic cradle…

Was that what she had looked like?

Had her parents celebrated her birth?

Or was she always rejected like this?

Rosa's fists clenched. She didn't deserve this. She didn't deserve rejection. So her fate number was low. So what? She tried so hard in school! Her grades were excellent! She was marked as a "high achiever" by her teachers! It wasn't fair!

It wasn't fair at all.

She did not deserve this.

She was close enough now to stare down at Naomi. She was so small, so fragile. How could something like that pose a threat to her? To anyone? Rosa was torn between cradling her little sister and strangling her…

If she did strangle her, she would have her parents back…she would have her life back…it would be like nothing ever happened.

She reached one hand down towards the baby's neck…

So close…

But then she stopped.

Slowly, Naomi opened her eyes and starred up at Rosa. Her huge, purple orbs sparkled with the light from the open door behind them. Her black hair was actually, Rosa noted, a very dark violet color…

And then Naomi smiled at her.

She giggled.

She made a few cooing noises…

Rosa felt the familiar stinging in her nose and eyes as hot tears pored over and tracked down her cheeks. She withdrew her hand…

"Lo siento…" She murmured before crying out "LO SIENTO!" She dropped to her knees, her face covered by her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. "Por que?" She murmured. "I did nothing wrong! I never did anything wrong! I don't deserve to be hated by them like this! I…" She felt despair turn to rage. "I hate them! I did nothing wrong! They just hate me!" She knew she was screaming, now "I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM!"

She stopped crying and looked up at where her sister slept again. Standing up, she peered over at the infant.

Naomi looked at her with wide, round eyes, smiling and giggling when she saw that her sister was okay.

Rosa smiled for the first time that night. It was a tear-filled smile, but a smile none the less. Carefully, she reached down and picked Naomi out of her crib, holding her carefully in the crook of her arm.

"I may hate them…" Rosa said again "But I cannot bring myself to hate you." She tickled the baby's chin with her finger. "We'll always be together, I promise."

If only she could have kept that promise…

392 years later:

Ryu pulled his leather backpack over his shoulder as he bridled his horse. Isaac was adjusting the stirrups on his saddle and Ryu's aunt, Lilia, stood behind them, watching them worriedly.

"Are you sure, Ryu?" She asked again. "It's only been a year since your father's passing. Do you really want to go to the capital?"

Ryu turned and smiled at her. "Don't worry, I'll be fine." He replied. "It's just for a bit, and Isaac will be with me. We'll be okay."

Lilia only nodded.

As they mounted their horses, Isaac said to Ryu, "So you won't say why we're really going?"

Ryu shook his head. "My father's death wasn't just because of cancer. Something killed him…" His face grew dark "Or someone."

"You really think you'll find answers in the capital?"

"I don't know, but there's more of a chance there than there is here." He stared at the ground. "You know my family story, right?"

"Of course." Isaac replied. "Everyone knows it." He cleared his throat and spoke as if he were a spokesman addressing his audience. "'Hundreds of years ago, your…uh…really really great grandfather was separated from his family. He was lost, and it was raining so hard that he couldn't see two inches in front of him.'"

"'Then, a bolt of lightning struck the tree he was next to,'" Ryu continued "'And sent him flying. But the tree didn't burn. In its place, stood a beautiful maiden, with long silver hair. She asked him who he was, and what he wanted, and he replied "I want only to get out of this storm." When she asked him why, he said that he wanted to see his family one last time. Nothing else mattered, just that.'"

"'Then the woman waved her hand, and the lightning disappeared and the rain ceased. His family appeared before him, and they were reunited.'" Isaac paused and looked at his friend. "'Then the maiden said to him "My name is Tormenta, I am a Sorceress of Album Mysticos." And he fell in love with her.'" Isaac smiled. "And she's your-"

"Really, really great grandmother." Ryu finished with a laugh. "It's true. My family…My blood, has always been lined with mystics. That's how he…I…we all got this:" He brushed the black lightning-bolt shaped streak in his orange hair. "It's funny, really…" He looked up at the orange sky "Ever since the "Dai gyakusatsu" Sorcerers have been such rarities. Even we stand out, in our own village…don't we?" he asked, looking at Isaac.

Isaac nodded.

"My point is…" Ryu continued, "That something really bad happened in the capital. So bad, they had to move it to another city. If I were 'whoever,' that's were I'd strike next. I hope to…" he took a deep breath. "I want answers."

"Then let's go get some," Isaac replied, and the two started off down the long, dusty road.

(Ending 1: Priere by Touhou project. Translation by JumpsuitAnime.)

This room I'm in is so cold.

It's freezing my poor lips.

And in the faintly lit room,

A spider's threads shimmer softly.

The silence hanging in the air,

And sound of rain in evening light,

Are both drowned out by the cries,

Of a sad voice on this dark night.

Within these gloomy corridors, unnoticed, a silhouette,

Appears behind a glass.

Watching the water droplets scatter on the window,

They fall like its own tears!

I pray on this dark night!

To the blood red evening moon!

As these crimson wings of mine,

Dance across the sky!

So "as winter does in spring,

Let solitude melt away!"

I will then devote myself,

To my only true Priere.

As winter does in spring, the solitude will melt. As spring does in summer, the solitude will burn. But in the crisp air of autumn, they shall fall like the leaves on the trees, and the ground is quite a long way away. It is the question of when they shall hit, and how badly will they break. Maybe one will be caught, but another is doomed to fall faster than they can catch themselves. Lightning flashes, and the bloody, black rose bursts into flame…

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