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Enjoy the second episode of Black Rock Shooter: Mariposa Priere.


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So, the journey has begun for young Ryu and Isaac, and the many trials await little Rosa. Everyone knows the saying "there is always a light at the end of the tunnel," but sometimes it is too hard to see. It can be guaranteed that one of them shall find what they seek, but the other, however, shall be lost to the Slayer of Dragons.

I tried to kill the pain…

But only brought more,

So much more

I lay, dying.

And I'm pouring,

Crimson regret

And betrayal.

I'm dying,



And screaming!

Am I too lost,

To be saved?

Am I to lost?

My God, my tourniquet,

Return to me salvation...

My God, my tourniquet,

Return to me salvation…

My wounds cry for the grave…

My soul cries for deliverance.

Will I be denied?



My suicide.

(Return to me…salvation)

(Return to me…salvation)

Ryu pulled on the horses reins. "Whoa." He said gently, and looked over at Isaac. "Is this it?"

"Yeah, this is the place." Isaac replied.

Ryu looked back up at the city looming before him. "I didn't know there were still places like this!" He exclaimed. "It's so huge!"

"It's beautiful." Isaac agreed with him, then he smirked. "Hey, if the city is this fancy, think of the girls here!"

Ryu punched him in the arm and laughed. "Quit your sexual fantasies and help me find a place to tie up the horses."

They continued down the narrow, dusty road through the trees, eventually hearing the scraping of hooves against dirt change into the clip-clop of horse shoes against a cobblestone street. It was strange to the, how different their village was from the city.

"I thought it would be like home, only larger." Ryu commented. "But this isn't what I thought I'd see at all!"

Isaac nodded in agreement.

The city was, indeed, very large. The buildings were taller, most of them two stories whereas, in the village, the only double level house was for the village leader. People bustled around, in horses and carts and on occasion, a motor scooter. A large fountain sat in the center of the town square, and people, sat on the edge, with family or friends or lover.

"You know this place isn't half bad!" Isaac said, looking around at all the shops and things. "Hey if you want to later, we could-" He broke off when he looked to his right and saw that his friend had begun to lag behind.

Ryu had stopped his horse and was starring at a young man with red hair and eyes, passing out flyers to people in the square. He didn't look very old, maybe about their age, and his hair drooped over the right side of his face, covering his right eye.

"H-HEY! What are you doing?" Isaac asked Ryu as his friend dismounted and began walking up to the other man. Isaac saw the two talk for a bit, and the man handed Ryu a flyer, smiling and saying something else.

"Who was that?" Isaac asked as Ryu returned and re-mounted his horse.

Ryu handed Isaac a flyer. "He invited us to a performance tonight. Apparently, he and his group are putting on a show."

"Huh…" Isaac Said aloud. "Are we gonna go?"

"I'm not sure…It might be risky…"

"Come ON! What have we got to loose?"

"Our reputation, our accountability, our sanity, our lives…"

Isaac held up a hand to stop him. "Right, but if we don't go, think of all we'll be missing!"

Ryu smiled at his friend. "Isaac, it's just a stage show."

"Which means we have nothing to loose!"

Ryu sighed. "It's impossible to win a debate against you, you know that?"

"Yes, and I'm very proud of it." Isaac replied.

"Is there anything else I can get for you, sir?" The waiter asked.

Ryu shook his head. "Just a couple of drinks are fine."

The waiter bowed and walked away.

Isaac starred at Ryu with a smirk on his face.

Ryu sighed. "Alright, the service here isn't that bad, but I'm still not letting my guard down."

"Well, the stage is nice. It's outside, so we can have fresh air." Isaac pointed out. "Just you wait. You'll have fun, trust me."

Ryu grumbled and leaned against his fist as the lights began to dim.

"Show's starting." He heard someone whisper.

To candles were lit on the stage, revealing two young women on the side, one with long black hair and pink eyes, and another with pink eyes and hair in pigtails. Through an archway that was covered in growing vines and flowers, Ryu saw the silhouette of another woman step through…

And in that instant, his breath was taken away.

She stepped into the light, and smiled to the crowed. Her long, white hair cascaded down her back like a silver waterfall, her skin was a toasty almond color, and…

Her eyes…

They were like two, pure emeralds, sparking in the light.

"Wow…" Ryu whispered.

"I know." Isaac agreed. "Now are you glad you came?"

But Ryu was to busy starring.

Two more candles lit in the background, and the woman opened her mouth to sing.

"Sous... speidi...
Sous speidi...

Isaac gasped. "No way…is that…?"

"It is!" Ryu exclaimed. "It's our language! The language used in Javelin!"

The woman clasped her hands together and began to sway, side to side. She then lifted her hands above her head:

Dostaa la la
Sve atmadja
Seguii muya..."

She twisted her hands into an upside-down heart, and tilted her head from one side, then to the other. The then lowered her hands and knelt on the stage, before a circle of earth, making waving, twisting motions with her hands, simulating a bird, then a jellyfish, then a dolphin swimming, all the while muttering something no one could hear.

When she finally placed her hands to the ground, the two dancers twirled onto the stage and began to move in spinning circular patterns around her, singing with her:

Dostaa la la
Sve atmadja
Seguii muya...

Svi i..."

"Hoc vita ad nascuntur!" The woman cried, and magically, a large, strong tree sprouted up from the earth, unfurling its green leaves and sprouting purple blossoms, its braches stretching across the hole of the stage.

"Florescat pro me, crescere me!" She cried again.

This time the two dancers sang on their own:

Dostaa la la
Sve atmadja
Seguii muya norae...!"

Then it all stopped in an instant. The dancers stopped twirling and stood where the were as if frozen, and the woman sat still with her hands clasped over her heart.

No one moved, no one even breathed, as not to disturb the scene.

That is, until Ryu heard the ominous chanting in the background.







The two dancers looked at the audience and whispered "Incantation."

Suddenly, the red haired man from before popped up from behind the girl, his arms raised over his head in an O shape, and his fists clenched and pressed together.

Slowly, the woman stood up off the ground, and the man lowered his arms and let her fall into them, spinning her around before she went limp again, and knelt on the ground, her head in her hands.

The man continued to dance alone, twirling around the newly grown tree, moving a bit like a snake, curling and winding around the dancers and the tree, and then his movements changed. He began to dart around like a cat, twirling and skipping, before halting.

The girl stood up and clasped her hands in prayer.

"Tomar lumière zu erhöhen." They heard her say.

"Take this light and increase it…" Ryu murmured in translation.

"Kommen a mi, mon fils."

"Come to me, my brother."

She just stood in front of the tree, remaining perfectly still.

Then she raised her arms.

The candles began to burn brighter and brighter, the flames twisting and dancing like he had been, and soon they were licking the ceiling, until she cried:

"KOMMEN A MI!" The flames sprang from the candles like birds, curling around the other three, but not harming them, not even touching them.

The man began to chant again:







The flames touched the tree, and the three girls became live again, twirling smoothly around the burning tree, lifting their hands like birds, and the man joined their dance, rushing around with them. He took hold of the white haired woman's hand and began to dance with her, spinning her around, catching her, twirling her and spinning her again as the excitement grew, until he finally caught her and dipped her down backward. One of her legs was up by his waist, arms spread out, like birds, and both breathing heavy.

By then the fire died down, and the tree was left a blackened husk, branches burnt and twisted, flowers charred, and leaves a pile of ashes.

Finally, he let go of her, and she stood on her own, moving slowly over to the tree. As soon as she placed her hand on the burnt trunk, pieces of ash came off in her hands, covering her white dress and hair.

The other three moved around the tree, each resting their hands on the charred wood. Pieces fell off and tinkled onto the ground, but they seemed not to notice.

"Ryu…" Ryu heard Isaac whisper. "You're forgetting to breathe."

Ryu started, and sucked in a lungful of oxygen. "There. Better now."

Isaac smirked. "Got eyes for that one girl, huh? I don't blame you, but personally, I think I'll go for that one with black hair."

Ryu scowled playfully at his friend. "Come on, can you stop thinking about getting laid for, like, two minutes? They're dancing again."

The four jolted away from the tree and ran around it in circles, jumping and twirling and spinning around as if they were lighter than air. They slowed and dragged one hand each over the tree's carcass, and began to sing again:

Dostaa la la
Sve atmadja
Seguii muya norae, ah!"

The fire from the candles began to twirl around the tree again, but this time they had a green twinge to them. They engulfed the tree fully, now in an oval shape that seemed to be hardening, until an orange and green crystal had formed around the burnt wood.

The two dancers then retreated to the sides, standing still again.

The man and woman walked around to the front of the newly formed and brightly glowing crystal, and slowly she began to sing:

"Your world is yours, not mine, Quidam.
Your dreams are yours.
You may have touched the stars
but they weren't moved.
And if you reach for me,
I may not choose to hold your hand.
I might smile or I might turn away."

The man stepped forward and took hold of both her hands.

"There's nothing left.
There's nothing right.
There's nothing wrong.
I'm one. I'm two.
I'm all yet none of you.
The truth, the lie,
the tears, the laughter,
the hand and the empty touch.
Here I am alone
waiting for the curtain call.

"An ordinary man, Quidam.
I'm everyman…"

"…T'es l'inconnu…"

"I'm anyman…"

"…T'es l'étranger…"

And with that, the two began do dance and sing in unison:

"Quidam, Quidam
la nuit recule.
D'un rêve à l'autre tu valses.
Du creux de toi
c'est bien le mal
qui dresse tes silences."

The woman kept dancing with him, but the man sang on his own now:

"Bailo en este lienzo de dolor.
Funàmbulo sin mapa ni brùjula.
La dulce locura mi sòlo refugio.
Nazco en la sombra del payaso."

Then, in a finale, the two dancers joined them in dance and song:

"Quidam, Quidam
la nuit recule.
D'un rêve à l'autre tu valses.
Du creux de toi
c'est bien le mal
qui dresse tes silences."

The crystal around the tree began to glow brighter and brighter as the song went on…

"Quidam, Quidam
aux rives du rêve.
Au seuil de l'ombre, tu valses."

Small cracks began to form, growing larger…

"Autour de toi
c'est bien le mal
qui dresses tes silences."

With the last note, the crystal shattered outward in a burst of green light, revealing the tree underneath to be completely restored again, flowers blooming and leaves growing.

Everything was silent for just a moment, and then everyone in the audience stood up and cheered. The dancers smiled and bowed before exiting the stage.

Ryu looked back at Isaac. "I have an idea, follow me."

Isaac started. "What kind of idea?"

"You'll see."

Isaac smirked. "I see I'm starting to rub off on you. Alright, let's go."

And the two snuck off, no one even noticing they were gone.

392 years earlier:

The door creaked open, and Rosa slowly stepped inside, careful not to make noise. Shaking, she glanced at her watch…


God, it was late. She knew that if she didn't get up to her room quickly enough, she could expect another shouting match with her mother.


Speak of the devil…

Her mother stomped up to her and cornered her by the door.

"Yes, mother?" Rosa replied.

"I got a call from your teacher, today…" Her mother continued. "Apparently, she saw you limping through the halls and wanted to know if you got hurt."

Rosa cringed. She'd twisted her ankle when her mother pushed her down the stairs for forgetting to clean the bathroom, but she'd tried her best to hide it, even while running the mile at school.

Suddenly, her mother grabbed her by her hair and slammed her against the door. "YOU LITTLE DUMB-ASS! YOU SNITCHED ON ME, DIDN'T YOU? SPIT IT OUT; WHO DID YOU TELL?"

"Mother, stop!" Rosa pleaded. 'I-I didn't tell anyone! I swear!"

"Lair!" Her mother yelled. Her fist connected with Rosa's stomach, making her double over in pain.

She left her alone after another hour of scratching and kicking, and Rosa slowly began to crawl up the stairs. Every muscle in her body screamed in pain, and she just wanted to collapse on her bed and sleep forever.

On the way, she just happened to pass Naomi's room. No one was in there, so she got to her feet slowly and limped inside.

The baby was sleeping soundly in her crib, laying on her side and covered with a blanket decorated with panda bears. Her dark purple hair had gotten longer since birth, and now fell softly around her shoulders.

She looked like a little princess.

As soon as Rosa moved close enough, Naomi opened her eyes and looked up at her, smiling and giggling.

Rosa smiled, too. "Hello there, mi vida." She said in a cooing voice.

Naomi giggled and reached her arms out, indicating for Rosa to pick her up.

Rosa reached down and lifted her little sister out of her crib, cradling her in the crook of her arm. "You want me to read you a story, vida?"

She sat down in a worn, grey rocking chair with a book, "Stella Luna", and holding Naomi on her knee. "This is Sing-neechan's favorite book, you know." She whispered to the baby. "Sing-neechan loves this book. She still reads it, now!"

Naomi smacked the cover.

"Ah, yes!" Rosa cried. "Now, for the first page…" She cleared her throat and began to read:

"In a warm and sultry forest, there once lived a mother fruit bat and her new baby. Oh, how Mother Bat loved her soft, tiny baby. 'I'll name you Stella Luna.' She crooned. Each night, Mother Bat would carry Stella Luna clutched to her breast as she flew out to search for food.

"One night, as Mother Bat followed the heavy scent of ripe fruit, an owl spied her. On silent wings, the powerful bird swooped down upon the bats. Dodging and shrieking, Mother Bat tried to escape, but the owl struck again and again, knocking Stella Luna into the air. Her baby wings were as useless as wet paper. Down, down, she went, faster and faster; into the forest below."

Naomi pointed to the picture of Stella Luna falling. "Bat." She squeaked.

Rosa gasped. "Hey…that's your first word! I taught you your first word!"

"Bat." Naomi said again.

"That's right, Naomi; it is a bat."

Rosa continued reading. "The dark, leafy tangle of branches caught Stella Luna as she fell. One twig was small enough for Stella Luna's tiny feet. Wrapping her wings about her, she clutched the tiny branch, trembling with cold and fear. 'Mother?' She squeaked 'Where are you-'"


Rosa jumped out of her seat at her mother's voice. Naomi immediately started to cry as her mother stormed in and grabbed the book away.

"I was just-" Rosa began.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" Her mother screamed again. She grabbed Naomi away from her and put her back in her crib, then grabbing Rosa by the hair and throwing her to the ground... She picked her up by the arms and dragged her to her own room, throwing her in so she hit the wall and slamming the door behind her.

Rosa lay there, clutching her arms and slumped against the wall in the corner, sobbing so hard her glasses fogged up.

"B-But t-then…" She whispered. "B-By daybreak…the baby bat…could hold on no longer…" She opened her eyes, a shadow casting itself over her face "And down, down again she dropped."

The sweet tinkling of piano keys created a beautiful hymn that echoed through the Governor's mansion. Sing sat on one end of the piano bench, playing softly, while Ram sat on the other, singing along with her sister.

"Such a blue…and yet cloudy sky."

"As we walk…down the road and we cry."

"But even as the tears fall, we were laughing still." They finished together.

Sing started again, and, like always; they alternated every line save the last.

"Now that place…is so far away."

"And I wish…we could see it again."

"No matter what, I just wish it would come back to us."

Ram then stopped and let Sing take over for a while:

"Like a bird inside a dream, I heard your crying out.

I kept flying round until you heard me and you let me out.

But now that you've gone away,

I feel that a part of me left with you that day."

Then just Ram:

"Those words made the sky just disappear,"

Then together:

"I can still see your face but can no longer hear…"

"Please just chase that dream,"

"Just you chase that dream."

"Chase the heartbeat of,"

"Our once undivided love."

"The sound of your heart, I can't hear it now. It's so far away."

"And live on with me,"

"In your memory."

"When we chased butterflies all night in our dreams."

"You had made my life complete, so thank you."

After the last note was sung, Ram broke into a fit of violent coughing. Sing leaned over and supported her sister's shoulder as the other girl leaned to the side.

"Ram!" Her sister exclaimed. "Ni hái hao ma?" Sing asked her sister ("Are you alright?")

Ram looked up and smiled at her. "Bùyòng dānxīn, Nee-san. Wo méishi" ("Don't worry, Nee-san. I'm fine.")

Sing touched Ram's forehead. "You're burning up. It was probably because you were out in the cold, today." She stood up. "Let's get you back to bed."

She led Ram up the large, winding staircase and to her room, tucking her into her bed.

Sing stood up. "I'll go get your medicine."

Suddenly Ram gripped her sleeve. "Please stay, Nee-san." She said. She buried her face in the cloth. "I'm…alone all the time. None of the maidservants play with me or sing with me like you do." She squeezed her eyes shut. "When you leave, I'm all alone…if you ever went somewhere…without me…I'd be so lonely…but…I'm always holding you back…because I'm so weak and sick all the time."

Sing sat down on the bed and encircled Ram in her arms. "No…Ram, don't say that."

"But it's true." Ram said. "You're the one who will become Governor one day. And I'll always be in your way while I'm here."

"Ram, stop talking like that." Sing said. "You make me nervous when you do that."

Ram smiled. "Sorry…Nee-san…"

"Sing, Ram, is everything okay?"

Sing sat up and looked at her mother standing in the doorway. "Mother, Ram has a fever. Could you get an ice pack?" She looked away. "I'd get it myself, but…"

Their mother saw Ram clinging to Sing's dress, and smiled with understanding.

"Alright." She said, and closed the door behind them.

Sing smiled at where her mother had been standing, and turned to the window.

"Ram…" She said "Look outside. The cherry blossoms are falling off the trees…Ram?"

Sing looked down to see that her sister had dozed off in her arms.

"That's okay, sister." She said, laying her down on the bed. "You sleep, you get better." Sing sighed and went back to watching the flowers fall.

"I stole from you." She whispered. "While we were sleeping inside mother, I stole all your strength. I took it all out of you, and that's why you were born so weak and with so many illnesses." She stroked Ram's hair. "Mother and Father treat us equal, but that's wrong. They should give all of their love to you…"

A tear slipped down her cheek.

"Because I was the one who stole from you."

392 years later:

A mop of orange hair appeared from behind a corner, and Ryu emerged from his hiding place.

"Why are you being so shy? Jut walk right in; like you own the place." Isaac teased him as he walked out casually.

"…If we get caught back here, we'll be thrown out…" Ryu replied.

Isaac scoffed. "Please. I'll just work a little of my…'magic' on the guards." He replied with a wink and a seductive smile.

"What if the guard is a boy?"

"Why should that make a difference?'

Ryu sighed. "Alright, fine."

Isaac smiled and pointed forward. "Look, there's your future wife right now."

Ryu looked up. Indeed, she was there, some people congratulating her on a great performance. She was smiling and laughing with them, her actions as smooth as her movements on stage.

Ryu blushed and stood stock still.

Isaac rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'll help you this one time." He said. He placed his hands on Ryu's back and shoved him forward.

"Buenos tardes, Konichiwa!" Isaac called out as he approached the group with a huge smile on his face. "My friend here and I saw your show and absolutely LOVED IT!"

"Really?" The white-haired woman said with a smile. "I'm glad to hear that."

Isaac smiled back at her. "I'm Isaac Murasaki and this here," He gestured to Ryu "Is Ryu Mokuteki, crowned prince of Javelin."

"Um…" Ryu said unsurely.

Isaac sighed. "Pick up her hand and kiss it."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." The woman said, extending her hand to him. "My names Flora Primavera. It's an honor to meet Javelin's prince. It's been so long since I've been there."

Ryu smiled. "Please, miss, the pleasures all mine." He kissed her hand like Isaac directed.

Suddenly the red-haired man he'd seen from earlier came up. "Hey, Flora, I got…who's this?" He asked, looking ad Ryu and Isaac.

"Oh, Makoto, this is Isaac and Ryu. They saw our show tonight."

Makoto turned towards the two. "Hey, I remember you! Makoto Kasaito's the name. Glad you came to see us." He leaned in a bit. "I didn't scare you guys too much, did I?"

"Believe me, we don't scare easy." Isaac replied.

"So, you know Spanish?" Ryu asked, changing the subject.

"Nope." Makoto replied.

"Huh? But the song at the end was…"

Makoto shrugged. "I usually don't have any idea what I'm singing during that part." He said. "So if I was saying something suggestive, please tell me."

"Nah, you're good." Ryu replied.

Flora looked up at Makoto. "Where are Mei and Kai? I haven't seen them since the show."

"We're over here."

The two dancers from before emerged, having changed from their costumes into plain black dresses.

"Ah, you're here. Mei, Kai, I'd like you to meet Ryu Mokuteki and Isaac Murasaki. They came to watch our show." Flora said.

"And that makes them different from the hundreds of other people why?" The black haired one; Mei, said, raising an eyebrow.

The pink haired one, Kai, gave Mei a stern look. "The Mokuteki family has been the leaders of Javelin since before we were born. That man is of royal blood."

Mei scoffed. "Whatever."

Kai sighed and offered her hand to Ryu. "My name's Kai Ling. And the girl over there," She shot a look in Mei's direction "Is my twin sister Mei."

"Sometimes we call them Maid Gunner and Maid Vulcan, though." Flora added.

Isaac smirked and kissed Kai's hand. "Quite a pleasure, my lady. So, Maid Vulcan? How could such a strange, ominous nickname ever suit a couple of beautiful, innocent young girls like you?"

Kai giggled while Mei scowled. "We come from a long line of snipers and bounty hunters, so for the recorded you idiot, we're not young or innocent."

"Oh, really?" Isaac said, approaching the peeved girl and cornering her by the wall. "I could never imagine that one as beautiful and delicate as you could ever be subjected to the horrors of blood. A fragile beauty like you must be preserved and protected. Why, you're like a glass statue, carved by Michelangelo himself of the love goddess Aphrodite. And how old are you, truly? Surely you can barely be out of adolescence-"

He was cut off by a hard punch in the stomach.

Mei withdrew her hand and stepped over him. "Kai, c'mon. We're leaving."

"But Mei-chan…" Kai began to protest.

"No buts. Now come ON!" Mei grabbed her sister's hand and began pulling her out of the room.

"It was nice meeting you!" Kai called over her shoulder.

"You too!" Ryu replied as the door closed.

"Uh, hey! Dude, are you okay?" Makoto asked a crying Isaac worriedly. "Is anything broken? Do you feel any bleeding?"

"Don't mind him. He's just used to being able to woo any girl he sees." Ryu said.

"Are you sure? Mei has an insanely hard punch. Her fists are like frozen turkeys!"

"Makoto!" Flora scolded.

"Oops. Sorry, baby. I know it's mean to talk about people behind their back."

Flora smiled again. "That's alright."

Then Makoto put his arm around her waist and kissed her, and Ryu felt his heart break.

"Hey, if I don't wake up in the morning, rush me to a hospital. I think I may have internal bleeding." Isaac said, sitting on the bed and rubbing his bandaged side.

Their hotel room was fairly large, with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, balcony, and bedroom with two separate beds.

Ryu starred over the balcony at the ocean and said nothing.

Isaac looked at him and sighed. "Ryu, come on. It's not the end. Just 'cause she already has a boyfriend…She could take intrest in you. I've seen it happen before."

"But…she loves him." Ryu replied.

"Ah, so what? People can say they love someone, but they really just want something. She could fall for you easy-"

"You don't get it, do you?!" Ryu shouted, turning to look at Isaac. "She LOVES him Isaac! She doesn't even KNOW me! Why should she give up her entire life for some guy who came to her show?! She doesn't love me, she loves HIM! But you don't know jackcrap about love, do you? Because you're all wrapped up in all your little studs who you'll be tired of in a week!"

He stopped when he saw the hurt look in Isaac's eyes.

"Oh my god…Isaac, I'm so sorry."

"…I-It's okay, man." Isaac replied, looking away.

"No, it's not okay." Ryu protested. "I've never snapped at you like that before. And that was a horrible thing to say. I'm sorry."

Isaac got up and walked over to Ryu, smiling and putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"It's really okay, Ryu." He said. "People say things in the heat of a broken heart. I know how you feel, and I know you didn't mean what you said. Your just sad and confused." He lightly punched him in the arm. "Girls come and go, but friendship is forever, am I right?"

Ryu smiled. "Yeah, you're right." He replied, giving his friend a hug.

"Now," Isaac said. "I'm hungry. I want pizza. What about you?"

Ryu shrugged. "Pizza sounds good."

"Cool!" Isaac said, and ran out to the living room.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Hey, that was fast." Ryu said.

Isaac looked confused. "I haven't even dialed the number yet."

"Well, maybe it's housekeeping." Ryu replied as he opened the door.

"Hello, Ryu." Flora said.

Ryu just stood there in shock. "Flora? But, you…how…why…?"

"I came here to see you." She replied. "The manager told me you were on this floor." She gestured to the hallway. "Do you mind if we step outside for a bit? I'd like to talk to you alone."

Ryu looked at Isaac, who smiled and made a little "shoo, shoo" motion with his hand.

He looked back at Flora and smiled. "I'd love to."

They went downstairs and sat by the pool on a couple of beach chairs, starring up at the moon.

"I was exited when I found you were Javelin's prince." Flora said. "I haven't been there in so long."

"What do you mean?" Ryu asked.

Flora brushed a strand of white hair behind her ear. "I was born and raised in Javelin, but when it came time for elementary school I moved." She said. "My mother and father got jobs in Kurokiri, so we came here. I really miss Javelin, though. It was beautiful there." She smiled at Ryu. "That's why my friends and I started 'Incantation.' I wanted to stay in touch with my roots from nature…and as a Sorceress."

"I noticed you mixing your languages while performing." He commented. "I knew right away there was something special about you."

Flora smiled and picked up a dead flower. "When I was little, my mother told me to hide my abilities." She said. "She told me she didn't want me to get hurt or something…but the truth is...I realized that if I just used my powers for performances, I could make so many people happy. I could convince them that…no matter how bleak the world seems…" She closed her eyes, and the blossom opened up again, it's leaves green and it's petals pretty pink. "There's always going to be hope."

"That's a nice thing to think about." Ryu said, looking away. "When I was seventeen…my father died."

"I'm so sorry." Flora said.

'Don't be. It wasn't your fault." Ryu replied. "It's just…At times like those; it's kind of hard to focus of the good things in life."

Flora reached down and touched his hand. "Well…I think…even though your father has left this world, his love for you hasn't. It's just being reborn…in the form of new love."

Ryu smiled. "Yeah…" He said. "New love." He looked up to the sky. "I'll search for it, then. Until I find that new love."

He looked over at Flora, starring up at the moon. (("And I think I may already have."))

392 years earlier:

Anya walked down the lonely street, kicking an empty water bottle ahead of her. It was dark, and she knew she wasn't supposed to be out so late, but at the time, she didn't really care.

She took in a deep breath, inhaling the sweet fall air, and breathing back out through her mouth. The cherry blossoms scattered around her, making her feel calm…


"Anya Geshumaru." She said to herself. "My name. Who I am. Who I was. Who I always will be."

She stopped when she heard desperate, uneven footsteps from behind her, and someone hugged her from behind.

"Anya!" Rosa cried. "Anya, Anya, Anya!"

"R-Rosa!" She turned around in time to catch Rosa before she fell, only to crash to the ground with her.

Her friend just continued sobbing relentlessly.

"Rosa, what happened?" She took hold of the other girl's hands. "What's wrong?"

Tearfully, Rosa sobbed out the story of what happened when she'd tried to read to Naomi, and her mother caught them.

"E-Even though I love her so much…" Rosa cried "Even though I want to protect her, and hold her, and care for her…Mother hates me. She thinks I'll taint her. She thinks I'm poisoned."

Anya sighed. She would have told Rosa that no, her mother did not think that, and in fact probably loved her very much…but she knew what the truth was.

She instead just placed one hand on Rosa's cheek.

"It's alright." She comforted. "You still have me. You have Sing. We're here for you."

She encircled Rosa closely in her arms.

"Rosa Taiji." She whispered. "Your name. Who you are. Who you were. Who you always will be."

4 years later:

"A shadow has a reflection,

And you can see it in her glassy eyes.

The gloomy, destructive path,

Has been lost in the memory of time.

But it is only a dream…Ummm…"

"No matter how real it seems." Rosa finished.

Naomi looked up at Rosa and smiled. "Hehe! Yeah, it goes like that!"

Rosa smiled back, gently grasping her sister's hand as they walked down the road, bundled in their winter clothing.

"Your so good at singing, Nee-san." Naomi said, looking up at her sixteen year old sister.

Rosa placed one hand on the little girl's head. "So are you, Mi vida."

Suddenly Naomi pointed upward. "N-Nee-san, look!"

Rosa looked up and saw three small butterflies sitting on the leaved of the tree above them.

"Yes, Naomi." Rosa said. "The butterflies are resting. On the green leaves.'

Quietly, the two began to sing again…

"A shadow has a reflection,

And you can see it in her glassy eyes…"

1 year later:

Rosa slammed the door to her bedroom behind her and slumped to the ground. Lately, the abuse from her mother had been getting worse, and Rosa had started to defend herself, even hitting and scratching her when she needed to.


Rosa looked up at Naomi. Her little sister often hid in her room when she and her mother fought.

The five year old little girl toddled over to her sister and touched her arm.

"Blood." She whimpered. "Bad. Nee-san's hurt. Hurt is bad."

"Oh, this?" Rosa said; looking at the spot her mother had cut her with her nail clippers. "It's nothing I'm fine."

Naomi nodded, but didn't look convinced.

Rosa didn't blame her. There was so much blood, and it really hurt…

"Naomi's fault Nee-san got hurt." Her little sister murmured.

Rosa looked up. "No…no, no, no. Naomi…it's not your fault that I got hurt. It's not remotely your fault." She got on her knees and pulled her baby sister into a hug.

"Te amo, mi vida." She said, rocking her side to side. "Mother's sins are mother's, my sins are mine, and none of them are yours. Promise me you won't think like that again."

"Naomi promises." She replied.

Rosa smiled through tears. "Te amo, mi vida."

"Te amo, Nee-san."

1 year later:


"You heard me." Rosa's mother said. "All the paperwork has been filled out. We disown you, Rosa."

"I'm 18 years old! You can't do this! I'm still a child!" Rosa cried out, standing up from the kitchen table.

"Your 18! That makes you a legal adult! You have 48 hours to have all of your stuff out of our house, or we'll call the police." Her mother replied.

"You can't be serious!" Rosa cried. "Father, are you okay with this?! Please, you can't be!"

But her father said nothing.

"HOW COULD YOU?!" Rosa screamed. "I'M YOUR DAUGHTER!"

"I do not have to answer to the likes of you!" Her mother replied sternly.

"To the likes of me? YOU CREATED ME!"




"HOW DARE I? HOW DARE YOU!" Rosa screamed. "How far would you have gone, 'mother,' hmm? How far just to have a daughter with a higher fate number than me?! I bet you would have eventually taken to the street like all those other prostitutes!"



Rosa stood up and stomped over to the door. "In 48 hours, there won't be a trace of me here!" Then she walked out and slammed the door shut.

Two days later:

Naomi stood crying on the porch, in the pouring rain, watching her sister load up Anya's car with her things.

"Nee-san! Nee-san, don't go!" Naomi cried, running out into the rain and grabbing onto her sister's skirt. "Who will read to Naomi? Who will play with Naomi? Who will sing Naomi to sleep? Don't go, Nee-san!"

Rosa felt the stinging in her eyes as the tears began to pool. She knelt down and encircled her baby sister in a hug.

"It's alright, mi vida." She said. "I'll come visit often, so don't worry."

"But Mama said-"

Rosa held up her hand. "Mama doesn't understand. When a love between two people is real…it finds a way." She said. "Naomi, do you remember the store on the corner?"

Naomi sniffed and nodded.

Rosa smiled. "Let's meet there. Every Sunday. Mama and papa won't be home, they have those ceremonies they go to, for adults only, so you can sneak out."

Naomi smiled through her tears. "Okay."

Rosa smiled and kissed her baby sister's forehead.

"Oh, mi vida." She said, pulling her close again. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Nee-san."

When the door finally slammed shut, and Anya began to pull out of the driveway and drive down the road, Rosa could still see Naomi standing on the porch, with her short purple hair sticking to her face, and a handkerchief clutched in her hands, and tears in her eyes, but the bravest smile a little girl could have plastered across her face.

This room I'm in is so cold.

It's freezing my poor lips.

And in the faintly lit room,

A spider's threads shimmer softly.

The silence hanging in the air,

And sound of rain in evening light,

Are both drowned out by the cries,

Of a sad voice on this dark night

Within these gloomy corridors, unnoticed, a silhouette,

Appears behind a glass.

Watching the water droplets scatter on the window,

They fall like its own tears!

I pray on this dark night!

To the blood red evening moon!

As these crimson wings of mine,

Dance across the sky!

So "as winter does in spring,

Let solitude melt away!"

I will then devote myself,

To my only true Priere.

The solitude has melted, but will it be enough? Broken hearted and hopeful, the two brave souls venture on, through the calm and storm, but there is only so much one can do, and only so far on can go before they break. They say love warms the soul…but it burns it sometimes, too.



Opening theme: Tournoqet by Evenessance.

Ending theme: Priere by Touhou project. English lyrics by JumpsuitAnime on Youtube.

Other songs:

Atmadja by Cirque du Soleil

Incantation by Cirque du Soleil

Quidam by Cirque du Soleil

Thank you for being born by 07th Expansion

Leer Lied by Kukui

Translations by The OmegaMega1

Hello again. I hope you all enjoyed the second episode. I did use quite a few more songs than I planned on, but it all worked out.

It has also come to my attention that at least one of the readers of this story has decuced athat my story is somehowconnected to my good friend Kurisaki-sampai's story Black Rock Shooter: Stars through the Darkness. While I admit the idea is facinating, this is not so. For one thing, Kurisaki states at one point that Stars through the Darkness is a crossover of every Black Rock Shooter universe save for Puchitto Rock Shooter. Mraiposa Priere focuses solely on the game with aspects of the manga. Also, several concepts used in Stars through the Darkness will not be used in Mariposa Priere, including some character roles. Like I said before; there is no "otherworld" and there are no "otherselves," just an alien planet with alien people.

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