Hey… I'm Juliet.

You probably know me, beautiful, perky, wonderful Juliet. Or, at least, that's what you thought before I was incinerated. Yeah, that whole thing was a bummer.

I was a pretty Zen kind of girl until I met the Russo family. Honestly? I practically invented the whole, 'inner peace/enlightenment' thing.

Yeah, I'm that old.

See, I have been dragged across the world by my monstrous parents, (I'm not making a joke, they literally are, or rather were, monsters) and let me tell you, without a lot of inner peace, I would have gone insane.

I have seen dozens of wars, and to be truthful, a load of unbelievable horrors. Yet every generation is the same, thinking they're all going to die, but then the next generation comes, and they have the same problems.

I'm rambling aren't I? But, I tend to ramble, especially when it comes to him, Justin Russo. I have never met anyone like him; sweet, adorable, smart, and loyal. The entire Russo family seems to have the aura about them, something indefinable, and it isn't because they're wizards.

They are something far worse. More on that later.

In case you didn't hear, I'm dead now. Sorry to drop the bomb on you, but, c'mon, what else am I supposed to say? It's not like being dead is new to me.

I exploded in a ball of fire when Justin transported himself, his sister, and me outside in the middle of the day.

It was then that I knew. I knew that Mason hadn't killed my parents. The werewolf was dogmatic in his pursuits, but it wasn't in his nature to cross paths with my parents. Justin must have the one to kill them.

This leads me to an impossible question, one of many I have found since meeting the Russos, "How does a girl love her parents' killer?"

Not to be dramatic, but when a boy kills your mom and dad, even if it was part of his job, how do you look him in the eye?

How do I get up every night and smile every evening for the man who killed my mother? How do I kiss the lips, or hold the hands of the man who killed my father? How do I call him to protect me when he is the one who has hurt me the most? (Yes, I know about the women's movement, but, seriously, I'm thousands of years old, if I want a boyfriend to defend my honor, I'll get one. Arthur and Lancelot would go at it for hours, and it was very romantic of them)

The worst part is I don't even hate him. I am angry, unbelievably so. He was hunting my family like animals, and worse, his sister, who I thought was my friend, manipulated me.

Yeah, okay, so I got a little fang-y on them. I lost my head for a moment. Still, now I've found myself in the Dark Realm. Again.

Ah… now I have your attention. 'How did you get there Juliet?'

The story begins millennia ago when I got a soul. See, most vampires don't have souls, so I was a special case. Over time, the evil piled up. Oh, if you've read too much, 'Ancient Juliet' stuff you likely think I was some sort of typical girly Dracula who whored herself about killing humans.

Nope! I was a good girl, always have been. But evil just kept coming! You know how people defend themselves by saying, "My situation was bad!' Think about my situation; I lived with and loved two soulless monsters for centuries upon centuries with bloodlust in my veins. The slip-ups add up. Over time I racked up enough bad karma to send me to the Dark Realm.

It is now that you learn what happened after Transylvania. I wandered my way back to New York and spied on Justin. I don't care if it's wrong that I can see him, but he can't see me, because our whole situation is wrong.

Then I died of old age. Yep, the Grim Reaper caught up with me in a dark alley of New York. That was depressing to be sure, but there was something nice about dying a human death, something… noble.

I awoke in the Dark Realm. There were all these dark angels there, and, to pass the time, I told them about my wonderful boyfriend Justin. Apparently my stories went up the chain of command, and they used him to their own ends.

They later told me that they sent one of their own to seduce him away from the light. I felt horrible, but I knew something nobody else knew about the Russo siblings, something I should have remembered myself, 'never, ever, take on both Justin and Alex. Together, they can accomplish anything.'

I was surprised to hear Justin went dark, but entirely unsurprised that his sister showed up.

Alex, oh… if I ever feared anybody, I would fear her. She is terrifying. And Justin fought her, also unsurprising, and he returned to goodness out of love.

I could have told you what would pretty much happen the second I heard Justin was evil.

The one thing in this world that anyone should fear are people like Justin and Alex Russo. If you've read 'The Great Gatsby' you'll know these kinds of people. At first, you think one of them is the victim. (Alex, 'cause she can never live up to Justin, and Justin because he's a hopelessly unpopular nerd who loses to his charmed younger sister.) Or the antagonist (read what I just wrote.) I call them, 'whirl-wind people.'

The truth is simple; they are a force of nature, one you should never allow to start. They are unbelievably powerful, and destructive. Think about Max. He's actually got some ability, some real sense in him. Caught between the two has left his brain practically lobotomized. Whatever smarts he has are nothing compared to Justin or Alex.

As for those who cross their paths, is there a better example than myself or Mason? We survived for centuries. A year after meeting these two, and I'm dead and he's a dog.

Whirlwind people can't help themselves, something in their nature is just destructive. Like Joker from Batman. (My word, Justin has taught me comics dogmatically.) You can erase his memories, remove him from history, or use a ray gun to make him a good guy, but in the end, he's still the Joker. Two-Face in almost every alternate universe has had plastic surgery to repair his face over half a dozen times, yet he is still Two-Face.

I feel like that with these two. One balances the other. Justin is Batman, and Alex, well, is really evil.

But I had Justin. I thought I could get him away from her. That's the trick, you know? Whirlwind people need another whirlwind person to get them going. Alex is not that bad until Justin is involved. A bit naughty, sure, but mention Justin and she becomes downright nasty. And Justin is really sweet, but whenever Alex gets up to her schemes he absolutely must prove he is a better wizard.

Now, you probably feel a bit bad here. 'Poor Juliet, lost in the realm of evil for all time. Is your story over so sad, so soon?"

Well, maybe you can't count me out. I escaped this prison once before, now… I guess I'll have to do it again.

Now, if they'll just give me that one call…

"I don't care if it's wrong that I can see him, but he can't see me, because our whole situation is wrong." Is paraphrasing a line from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The whole thing about 'predicting what would happen' is kind of true for me. I mean, really, what other answer is there? Juliet got to voice me because, honestly? I could have predicted what would happen the second she showed off those black wings.

Whirl-wind people is a bit of philosophy on my part. It happens naturally. I know these people.

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