I just dropped Mason on his face... again! (lol)

Yeah, you heard me, I am laughing out loud. C'mon! It's funny! And just because I'm a couple millenia older than you doesn't mean I don't know text-speak. Well... if memory serves, I was on my way to torture Alex.

Mason lay on the ground unmoving. Maybe that would keep him off my back for awhile. By Dracula's fangs that boy always gets in the way.

So, I spread my wings and flew around for awhile. Why not, right? The open air had always been my friend, and now... sunlight was too. Oh... I was free at last! For a whole second there, I forgot my anger, forgot that I practically killed my ex.

I forgot my vengeance.

My body went limp. The wind rushed by uncontrollably. I fell three stories through a window.

Groaning, my mouth tried to work its way back into use, "By my fangs," (old vampire swears seem to be sticking with me today) "What was that?!"

For about an hour, my strength was just gone.

My anger built up. Here I was, trying to get the revenge I so richly deserve to dish out, and my body decides to crap out on me!

The angrier and angrier I became, the easier it was to drag myself in a semi-respectable position. Some old guy came up the steps, and saw me.

"What are you?!"

It took him long enough to get to see what was going on. My temper flared uncontrollably, "I'm an angel." My hand flew to his forhead, knocking him straight-dead.


...Cool. Didn't know I could do that!

Well, then, no-touchie for Justin. I want him alive and well when he realizes that I am here to make him pay... He he he heee... he he ha HA AHA HA HAAAAA!

A.N. The plot thickens! By the way, how many of you want me to write a lemon for Juliet or Justin or something? I don't know how good I would be at it...