I flew to the balcony. Justin and I spent hours out here, kissing. He would stroke my hair, and tell me he loves me. And it was the truth.

Alex was frozen in shock. At first I thought my invisibility had failed. Then I realized, "Oh yeah, you just tried to kill your boyfriend."

Her shaking fingers dialed the phone, "Justin... please, I need you!"

They always call on each other. Always.

He came, he always does. Being the big brother, he has to have a huff about how bothered he was to leave his date. Surprise, surprise(!) He left his girlfriend to help Alex!

My fists clench. I cannot interfere though. See, I could influence both of them to do evil. But Alex... she's a special kind of evil. I'll get around to explaining that. And Justin, well, he's almost too self-righteous. He needs to be reminded why he's a good guy, and with Rosie around, he will. Also, she may be able to tell a dark angel has been around him, so I keep my distance.

Alex runs to him. She's devestated. It's all her fault. She is to blame for everything, and she's dumb, and mean, and jealous of how he has a real relationship. He should cut her out. Justin should separate, and leave her to her doom, let her clean up her own mess and grow up.

Instead he throws his arms around her soothingly. He does this at least once a week. Even when he does not interfere in her life, he always calls to talk to her.

On some level, seeing this kind of companionship is really touching!
On another, I want to kill them both now and be done with it. But not yet. I have plans to set in motion. Right now, I need a wizard...

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