I'm A Koala Today

"So then I was like- oh. Um, hello who just glomped me from behind." Logan said, looking down at the tan arms that had themselves wrapped around his middle.

"Hi." a voice whispered back in content.

"Carlos?" Logan asked, and Camille, who he was preiously talking to, nodded. Then a head rested itself in the arch in the smart boy's back.

"Mmm, yes." Carlos pressed himself closer to his friend with a smile. The Latino boy had just been walking around in the lobby with nothing to do until he saw Logan, his best friend. He had the sudden urge to come over to where the brunette was talking to their friend Camille and give him a hug. The boy didn't question it, he just did it.

"Um, Carlos?"

"Hmm?" the shorter boy hummed.

"What are you doing?" it's not like Logan had a problem being hugged by Carlos, it was just random.

"I'm a koala today." Carlos nuzzled his noze into Logan's warm back while Logan grinned and Camille busted out into a fit of giggles.

"What? Why?" Logan questioned, a smile in his voice.

"No reason." the Latino replied, still having his arms locked tightly around his friend's middle.

Well then. That was a good enough reason to Logan, even though it was ridiculous. More like ridiculously cute since it came from Carlos. The smart boy shook his head and continued to talk with Camille while Carlos was stuck to him like glue, or as Carlos would say a koala.

Because that's what he was today. And Logan was fine with that.

A/N So, this little one shot was inspired by a tumblr post about Harry Styles and Louis whatever his last name is. It was a cute drawing of the two and Louis was hugging Harry from behind. ^.^ I totally pictured Carlos doing this to Logan so vuala. XD Also, even though I'm not fan crazy over 1D, I think they're pretty cute. Nothing close to Big Time Rush, but still cute. It's funny though. I ship Ziam (Zayne/Liam) like no other. XD lol. NIALL IS MY FAVORITE BY THE WAY.

Okay, I'm done. Please review.

P.S How could you not like Niall? Like seriously. I'm not saying this because he's really nice to my babies, I'm saying it because it's super true. He's the cutest ever. I'm in love with his Irish accent. Very much so. Wait a minute. He's Irish, right? XD Not a 1D fan, so I'm not quite sure about these things lol.