Spyro awakens in the night to a disturbing noise. "Sparx, did you hear that?" Spyro asked in a groggy voice. "Sparx? SPARX?" There was no answer. Spyro started to worry then remembers that there was a candle somewhere near him, but where?

He tries to carefully move around, because there were a lot of stalagmites. Stepping on one of the ones in his cave would give you a heck of a lot of pain. He suddenly feels something long and waxy. He then realizes that that is the candle that he was looking for. "I must carefully use my flame breath,so that I do not burn this place down." He whispers to himself.

There was no luck. Unfortunately, without Sparx, Spyro has no special abilities, like different types of breath. The only way to find his way out is by feeling his way out, similar to looking for the candle.

It looks like nobody is awake because there are no lights on. He thinks to himself.

He suddenly sees Orion up ahead, which is a good sign, but he still has to be careful. He thinks that he is going in the right direction until he trips over a stalagmite and goes head first into a wall of the cave. His right horn gets stuck in the wall. I had better not be stuck like this until 9:00 a.m.

Spyro hears a noise from the distance. Not the one from before, but it still caught his attention. "Hunter is that you?" Spyro yells as loud as he could for whatever it was to hear him. "If so, could you help me? I am literally stuck." There was no response.

"Who's there?" A ghostly like voice asked.

"Spyro, the, dragon." Spyro stuttered, nervously. Wait a second. "Who are you?"

"None of your beeswax." The creature replied.

"Well, 'none of your beeswax' could you help me? I am literally stuck."

"No can do."

"Fine I will help myself, even if it means losing a horn."

"You do that, while I go get count sheep."

"THANKS FOR YOUR HELP." Spyro screamed, sarcastically.

"Don't mention it." The ghostly voice said, sleepily.

"Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it?" Sheesh.

About five minutes later, a rabbit like creature appeared. "Bianca? Is that you?" Syyro asked the rabbit like creature.

"Yes. I have heard a lot of commotion over here." Bianca said.

"I have one of my horns stuck in the wall over here. Could, you, by any chance, help?"

"Of course." She walks over to Spyro. Spyro looks at her with astonishment. "I have very good night vision. What has been going on?"

"Sparx has gone missing. I have no idea when or where he went, but all that I know is that he is gone." Spyro replies.

"The first thing that we need to worry about is getting your horn loose from the wall."

Bianca carefully attempts to pull Spyro's right horn out of the wall. After two minutes of trying, nothing happened. His horn was still stuck. "I will go get some grease." She says as she started to leave the cave.

"Grease? What for?" Spyro asked her.

"Grease is good for a situation like this. I will be right back."

After about five minutes she returns. "This should do the trick." After pouring some grease on the horn, Bianca carefully pulls on the horn again. This time she was able to get it out. "So you are going to find sparks, huh?" She asked.

"Yes, but this probably will not be any walk in the park. There are riptocs everywhere." Spyro said, discouraged. "There is also the fact that I will be exploring and searching at night time. Think of the combination of the two."

Bianca thinks for a few seconds before answering. "Good point." She finally said. "I would advise you to sleep and leave once the sun comes up."

"Good idea." Spyro then goes back to bed so that he can get some rest for his adventure.