Why there are sock on the Bathtub

It seems crazy to me, looking back on it now that May's gone. Two months after she died, I was walking towards the bathroom when I looked through the open door- and saw the red socks on that claw footed tub. It took me back to the day the tub became "un-naked."

Cinnamon, honey and lavender scents all drifted down from the bathroom- it was an unbelievable smell. It had to be May- nobody else made or used her that old batch of honey soap with the strong cinnamon. I walked past the open door, quietly trying not to make the old wood stairs creak.

Peeking in, I saw May, in an old pair of lopsided overalls, barefoot, scrubbing the bathtub. Now this in itself was not so odd- but what came after that was.

She was humming "Oh, Susanah!" to pass the time as the tub became spotless.

"Now then, it's almost ready. The tub is all shiny and clean, but something's always been missing. If this thing has feet, it's gonna have to have socks. There's no sense in having a tub with naked feet. It's just shameful."

This to me, seemed to be May's usual reasoning- a bit off kitler in the logic- and I decided to continue snooping.

May leaned down with her curved back to me, messing around with her overalls, while walking towards the tub.

Slowly, painstakingly, she lifted up one foot. Then the other foot, a third foot followed by a fourth foot.

All of the sudden- our bathtub's feet bore red fuzzy long length socks. It was too much.

May stared as I burst out into laughter- with tears in my eyes.

And all she did was look straight at me, and say, "Well August Boatwright, you were the one who let our poor bathtub go naked for so long. You ought to be ashamed of bathing in an unclothed tub. It's not decent."

May flounced away, shaking her overall clad behind in time with music she could only hear.

Oh, May, why did you have to leave is this way? Who else is going to clothe the naked tub now? Rosalie better know where I can get some socks, I suppose. It'd be shameful for me to let a decent bathtub go naked.