Aneko: I must say, I haven't really read all of this one, and I probably never will (I Don't have patience for mangas with that many chapters). But I just went back to the moment in volume 18 when they kissed, and I thought it was really cute, so I wanted to write a little blurb about it.

I constantly try to spell curiosity with a u (curiousity). I hate this word.

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It wasn't 'love,' or anything like that. It wasn't even 'like.' He had stopped looking at girls that way years ago, after an exhausting list of traumatizing memories from childhood.

Besides, she was Sunako, Sunako who sat in the dark cuddling with a skeleton and watching horror movies like most girls would watch chick flicks. Sunako, who did whatever she pleased no matter what they thought. Sometimes he wasn't even really certain if she was actually a girl or not. Maybe she was secretly a ghost trying to get revenge on the living.

Not to mention she was constantly swearing to "kill the creatures of the light." Even if he didn't completely understand what she meant by that, the demonic glint in her eyes and twitching smile said enough.

The closest thing would be curiosity.

The forced dialogue that they went through that day was nothing more than some cheap crap pulled by the love-obsessed morons who called themselves his friends. It was at least worth going along with if he wanted the lobster back. The fate of his stomach depended on it, which was as much as saying that it was life or death. Going along with their little game was worth that. Since it was Sunako instead of some random girl, it wasn't a big deal.

Since it was Sunako.

That's right, maybe it was their fault after all, that he started to think in that direction.

It wasn't that he protected her out of any special "feelings," or anything like that. It was mere instinct. The fact that he needed to protect her from getting hurt.

So there really weren't any special thoughts in his head as she tried to clean his back up, her eyes dilated and twitching, nostrils flaring, and breath coming in puffs as she sweated buckets. He couldn't help voicing aloud the impossibility of their ever being together, since it was Sunako. And since it was Sunako, she didn't have a problem talking right back, listing all of his childishness and idiotic moments, and telling him how imperfect he was.

He used to always wonder if he'd ever find a woman he thought was beautiful.

She really wasn't ugly. Her eyelashes were long, and her hair shone black against the florescent lights. She wasn't overweight in any way, and her eyes, when she actually looked at people, were a deep shade he couldn't name. So he wondered.

He wondered what would happen.

Since it wasn't some random girl.

Since it was Sunako.

He was curious.

It wasn't long. Just a brief brushing of lips against lips in a quiet school infirmary as the sports clubs laughed and talked and practiced outside.

The results weren't really anything other than what he was expecting, and only confirmed what he had been thinking the whole time.

But as he cleaned the blood up that dripped off of the walls, he couldn't help but wonder, that curiosity whispering in the back of his mind, that maybe…

Since it was Sunako.

Aneko: Um…yeah. The ending is…stuff? I don't know, but that's one of the chapters, in the multitude of chapters, that I've read, remembered, and liked. :)

Maybe this is just my protest against the fact that there isn't enough romance in this manga that goes on forever. :O