Dante and Vergil both raced after the demon biker gang leaving the four to fend for themselves. They knew they could handle themselves while they went and took care of business.

The bikers raced through the city as Dante and Vergil kept up with them tailing them proficiently. Dante raced up to the first one in the back with his brother coming up on the other side. The skeletal demon was smaller than the rest but produced a huge sized revolver. Dante as well produced one of his handguns and the two began shooting at each other as they raced. The skinny, small demon forgetting about the blue-coated devil hunter on the other side. Vergil sliced Yamato right through the demon's neck cutting its head off and turning its entire body and bike into ash on the road behind them.

Two demon bikers broke off from the gang down an alley way as Vergil raced after them yelling back at Dante, "I'll get these two. You stay with the rest."

Dante reluctantly kept up with the gang as they were making their way to a long, well constructed bridge.

Vergil meanwhile sped through alleyway after alleyway as the two bikers zigzagged through the narrow corridors. The two fiery bikes crisscrossing trying to lose Vergil. It didn't work.

Catching up to one, Vergil grabbed him by the neck collar and threw him off the bike sending its demon form into some trash cans. The demon collided with the cans denting most of them and getting covered in garbage. Vergil was focused on the other as the trashed one got up to his feet. From his hand came a long, fiery chain it whipped out for Vergil.

The chain wrapped around Vergil's back tire as the demon yanked the chain sending the demon hunter straight to him. He was going to wrap Vergil in the chain but the son of Sparda hit the brakes sending the bike upward with the front tire pointed towards the heavens. The blue bike Vergil was on spun down the alleyway vertically like a metal tornado as Vergil used the force of the vehicle to drive his sword right through the face of the demon, sending his blade through the eye socket and out the back of its skull. It evaporated into ash as Vergil kicked the flaming chain from his bike with both tires landing on the pavement. Revving the bike, Vergil went after the nearly escaped other demon biker.

The two bikes raced out onto the street making two cars collide into each other with the two racers exploding from the alleyways. They flew down the street with the demon biker dodging a semi truck while Vergil slid right underneath it. Vergil in hot pursuit watching closely as the demon ahead of him pulled an SMG of some sort. It fired at Vergil but Dante's brother was too quick with his evasions.

The skeletal rider accidentally sent half a clip into a nearby parked car turning it into a flaming wreckage of flying fire and metal. Vergil had to twist out-of-the-way to dodge the flaming, metal meteorite as it landed on the street upside down, halting traffic and clearing the road for Vergil to race down. The flaming metal carcass of the car making the perfect roadblock.

Two more twists and turns down a few streets and the demon biker about went headlong into Dante's bike. Quick to react, Dante pulled up on his bike letting the biker pass him by as he sent five shots right for the bike hitting the fuel tank. The bike exploded into a huge mushroom cloud of fire sending the biker and the bike back to hell.

Vergil too about careened into his brother but being the driver that he was, he spun his bike behind Dante's and landed near his brother the both of them heading in the same direction the last four biker were going. Onto the bridge.

The two brothers sped onto the bridge after the demon gang as they were shot at by the bikers. A few cars were on the bridge but they had stopped to take phone pictures of the action. They were well out of harms way by the time the sons of Sparda passed them by.

Shots rang out as the two dodged the demon shot with Dante returning fire. He sped up and caught up to two of the bikers. Dante hopped onto the seat of his red bike with both of his guns pointed in each direction. He blasted away the two demons on both sides of him as the two bikes crashed into the railing on the bridge turning into black ash.

Catching up, Vergil said to his brother, "Show off."

"Oh and you're not?!"

"Can we just get these last two?!"

"After you, bro."

Vergil revved the bike and pulled past Dante racing towards the last remaining demons. Swinging Yamato like a whip, the last demon tried everything it knew to evade Vergil but Vergil sliced off its head and blew past the black ash it evaporated into. Dante came up right behind his brother as they chased down the last demon together.

This one was leader on a flaming chopper and his skill was way above all the others. The demon hiked up his bike and jumped it right off a small platform on the bridge landing on the side struts of the bridge. It rode right up the metal cables of the bridge leaving behind a trail of fire.

Dante and Vergil both came to a sliding halt and watched the bike fly upwards up the bridge with Vergil saying to himself and his brother, "Impressive."

Revving the engine of his bike, Dante took off for the opposite side of the bridge jumping onto the opposite strut riding upwards. Vergil folded his arms on his bike watching his brother ride up the bridge. He revved the throttle on his own bike and took off down the bridge waiting for one of the two to fall off the bridge.

Dante looked over at the demon and he back at him. Both of them pulling guns shooting at each other. Bullets from both flew overhead as Vergil kept up with both of them as he raced down the bridge waiting for opportunity to interlude.

Twisting the handle bars hard, Dante sped across the interlocking metal at the top of the bridge chasing down the demon chopper. The demon shot at him as Dante scored two direct shots into the back tire of the speeding demon. The flaming chopper fish-tailed a bit but the demon kept it under control as it jumped off the cables and back onto the street on the bridge where Vergil was waiting for him.

Vergil flung Yamato like a Chinese star making the sword spin through the air heading right for the demon. It evaded Vergil's sword having Yamato plant itself right into the street, blade first. Racing towards the demon, Vergil sped up as he grabbed his sword out of the ground revving the bike after the flaming menace.

Flying off the top cable of the bridge, Dante landed with a hard bounce onto the street of the bridge as he caught up with the two racing bikes. He rode up right next to Vergil with his guns put away and Rebellion thirsting for demon blood. Yamato was out also looking for the demon as both of the master swordsmen came up on both side of the demon.

Spinning both swords the two brothers plunged their weapons into the bike damaging it and sending the flaming vehicle along with its monster rider high into the air and crash landing on the road nearly fifty yard away.

The two came to a sliding halt facing each other as they looked at the wreckage beyond. The fire was large and bellowing up into the sky with smoke. They both got off their bikes together sheathing their swords. They walked together down the road nearly to the end of the bridge that connected one part of the city to another. The two trench-coated sentinels walking like warriors barely challenged by any of these hellish, bike riding abominations.

Reaching the wreckage first, Dante knelt close to the crashed bike and grabbed the demon leader by the collar-bone with it being trapped under its own destroyed bike. "Who sent you?" Dante asked.

Standing beside him was Vergil who was tapping his fingers on Yamato's hilt. Wanting to use his sword on the demon, wanting to send it right back to Hell.

The demon showed it fangs with a hiss and began to fade off into black ash like all the others along with his bike. Dante watched in disgust as it faded away without an answer. He stood up with vigor saying, "Fine, die then! Didn't want to talk to you anyway."

Vergil watched Dante walk off when he noticed that the ash pile hadn't fade off completely. "Dante."

Dante stopped and turned around and saw the ash pile forming itself into a shape, a symbol. "Can you get a picture of that with your phone?"

Kneeling down, Vergil flipped open his phone and took a picture of it sending it off to Morrison. "Let's see if Morrison can identify it."

The two brothers walked back to their bikes when Vergil heard he had a text. He looked at it and had a surprised look on his face. He showed it to Dante.



Vergil flipped his phone closed and said, "Argosax? Maybe we should…"

Dante was already off down the bride racing the bike as fast as it would go.

Making a loud exhale, Vergil got back on his bike and followed his brother all the way back to the Devil May Cry shop.

The two charged into the shop with Dante rushing to Trish's side. He looked at her and ran his hand over her head. Lady stepped up and asked, "Dante, she'll be okay, won't she?"

Looking at the wound, Dante let out a sigh of relieve, "She'll be alright she just needs rest." He gave Trish another pet clutching her blonde hair. "Who did this?!" Dante asked with hate in his voice. A surge of red energy went through him as he asked. Wanting the name of the individual who would do this to Trish.

Morrison spoke up, "He was a servant of Balscoth. Wore a black trench coat with two swords on his back."

"Where is he?!"

Nero decided to answer, "He bailed a little while ago. I tried to - I tried to…"

"It's not your fault, kid. When I find this - this…"

Morrison said, "Vegdax."

"When I find him, I am going to send him to a hell worse than the one he came from!"

Dante went to leave the shop when Morrison spoke up, "Dante!"

He had to struggle to stop but he did and listened intensely.

"Not only does he serve Balscoth, he has the blood of Sparda."

Vergil and Dante both looked at Morrison in disbelieve. Vergil clenched his fist at Morrison, "How is that possible?!"

"I don't know."

Dante took in a long inhale of the city's air. "Well you'd better find out Morrison. Because we have Mundus trying to bring himself back into the human world, this Balscoth making it pretty clear that he wants all of us out of the picture, and now Argosax is throwing his hat back into the ring. We're going to have step up our game and show them that even devil's can cry."