Aneko: I've been watching Inuyasha and I just got to episode 48 where Kagome realizes how much she loves Inuyasha. It'z zzoooo deprezzing! –blows nose- But so wonderful at the same time. This one is inspired from that episode.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.


It's the stuff of fairy tales. Demons and magic, sacred jewels, good and evil.

Once upon a time, long, long ago…

He's gotten used to the roundness of beads at the hollow of his throat as he rests on his side by the fire. If they never come off, she'll always be there…right?

They berate him to go, to see her, to bring her back, but he doesn't. Because seeing her will mean the he has to tell her what he's decided (what he has to, needs to, promised to) do.

Maturity is walking past the well (no-matter-how-much-you-want-to-you-want-to-so-much) because you know you have no right to look her in the face after what she just saw, soft eyes pained in a way you never thought you'd cause (Or maybe it's just guilt).

She sits in front of the sacred tree, and his name is the whisper in her throat and the burning tears on her cheeks as wind ripples the shade over her head.

Falling in love is realizing that his heart isn't yours, and bravery is wanting to stay with him anyways.

She wishes that she could fit that place in his heart, but it's Kikyo-shaped, and she's Kagome-shaped, so it will never work.

Her love is living, and his love is dying, and they don't really match, but still—still—

And her heart is in her mouth as she tells herself not to cry, because even if she tells him everything he could still push her away, into the bone-dry well and separate them forever.

She astounds him (she always has, though he won't ever say such a thing). She says the things that he would have to drag out of himself with a hook.

The realization that she wants to stay with him makes his nails cut his palms and his knees to fail. Even though—even though he

There are things between them that hang in the air, that should be said but haven't been. That are tentative, but very real. That may never happen, but still exist. And while she thinks he may not have room for her, and he thinks he may not deserve her, for now, it's okay not to say the things they want to. Because for now, they don't have to say what they thought they'd have to.

Goodbyes are the most painful, so what if we don't say it at all?

Aneko: I like it. Do you? Not tooting my own horn or anything, but it's simple and I think rather clear cut.

Yes, it's very short. But is there really anything else to say?