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Time to move on….

Saturday, May 4, 2002

Harry and Daphne had spent a couple of days visiting with her family before leaving for their extended honeymoon. The opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves without the stress of chasing down exotic and dangerous creatures or planning a surprise wedding was one that neither of the newlyweds wanted to pass up. They had already met with the goblins at Gringotts and had been reviewing Harry's various holdings around the world, and they were preparing to travel for two months or more to see various sights and check out his various homes. However, before leaving they knew they would need to pay a visit to Hogwarts, to see the headmistress who was a favourite teacher for both of them.

Saturday morning was a warm day. The weather was gorgeous and most of the students were enjoying a day at Hogsmeade. Harry was grateful for that as he really did not want to deal with making a scene by showing up at the school and being spotted by the ever present fangirls and groupies he had attracted throughout his life. They had already received permission to floo directly into her office and so at ten that morning they stepped out to greet the headmistress. Or more accurately, Daphne stepped out gracefully and Harry fell forward, catching himself from falling on his face by grabbing onto a nearby armchair.

"Always finding some way to make a grand entrance, aren't we Mr. Potter," commented Minerva McGonagall, her expression as severe as ever.

Harry stood up and gave her a questioning look, which quickly dissolved into a smile. "Always coming out fine in the end, no matter if I make the process seem a little dramatic on the way is more like it, professor."

Her own visage softened to a smile as she stepped out from behind her desk. "Drop the formalities, Harry. Call me Minerva, or Minnie. And it is so good to be able to visit with you," she said as she hugged him, and then turned to his wife, "and with you also Daphne." She stepped away from Harry and embraced Daphne with a hug as well. "My sincerest apologies for missing the festivities last weekend, I had no idea just how important your get together was going to be. I hear from my assistant herbology professor that it was a magnificent occasion, and the bride of course looked fabulous."

Stepping back she indicated with her hand to a love seat across from the arm chair Harry had used to stop his fall, "Please, take a seat, and do tell me all about your adventures of the past year. Lord Longbottom has been telling fanciful stories about your trip last summer, and the students only partially believe him because he was with the 'Boy-Who-Lived.' I would think that the word of a teacher at this school should be sufficient evidence enough for the veracity of any tale."

Harry and Daphne laughed at her comments, and then they proceeded to fill her in on the details of their travels since Harry started to work on freeing himself from his obligations to the goblins. Upon completing the tale with the story of the dragon who was working as a guard for Gringotts Bank coming to their reception to fly them away, Minerva let out a long sigh. "Always one for dramatics, Harry. Ever since your first year. Facing down a troll in the fall and then facing down Professor Quirrel and the Dark Lord all by yourself. What am I going to do when your children come to school here?"

Daphne turned her eyes away from the headmistress and looked at the interesting patterns in the hard wood floor. Harry looked briefly at his wife and then he looked back at his former head of house. "I am not sure if our children will ever attend here," he added apologetically. "My life here was grand in so many ways, learning about magic, getting away from my relatives who never really wanted me, and meeting some very special people." Harry paused as he let his words sink in for a moment. "But as you pointed out, even in my first year here things were quite extraordinary. I spent way too much time under Madame Pomfrey's care. Students should not be facing trolls or dark wizards. They shouldn't be fighting basilisks for their lives, or be chased down by a hundred dementors. They definitely should never be allowed to participate in a deadly tournament against their will, or suffer torture at the hands of a professor. My experience here may have been a little unique, but it makes me pause before I willingly send my children here for school in the future."

A tear was forming in the former transfiguration professor's eye as she listened to Harry recount the major events from his first five years at school. "Did we all fail you so horribly, Harry?" she asked, hoping that the answer would not be a simple yes.

Harry smiled back at her, "Failed me? No, but I think I could have benefited from a little more support from the faculty. But then again, look where we are now. I'm married to the most beautiful and intelligent witch to come through this school, I am now a lord, and I am not aware of any dark lords presently out to end my life and take over the magical world. I have so much to be thankful for. And we have so much to look forward to together, Daphne and I, as we start our life together without any threats against us or debts owed to others."

"Well, Mr. Potter, I'm sorry, Harry," Minerva replied with a touch of sadness in her voice, "perhaps when the time comes we can reassure both you and Daphne of the benefits and advantages for your children to receive their formal magical education at the same school where their parents and grandparents attended."

Daphne interrupted the pleasantries, "Professor, Minerva, please understand that we have only the highest respect for you, and the current staff, but we will gladly come back to look at where Hogwarts is from an academic standpoint when the time comes for any of our future children to be enrolling in school. Besides, it will not be easy on any of them being the son or daughter of the 'man-who-conquered' and attending the same school where Harry went. That is still many years away."

"How right you are Daphne," Minerva replied with a smile returning to her face. "Would you two like to join me, and the rest of the faculty, for lunch in the Great Hall? It would be an honour to have you with us today."

Harry and Daphne readily agreed, and soon found themselves sitting at the table with the faculty at the head of hall. Neville greeted his friends warmly with a big hug. Professor Flitwick stood up to greet them as well. There were few students present for lunch as most of them were enjoying the warm weather and the time to explore the nearby village.

As the conversations were finishing with the end of the meal, a commotion began at the far end of the faculty table. Sybil Trelawney's head had flopped to one side, and her eyes rolled back. She appeared to be having some sort of fit as she began to speak incoherently. Her eyes then gazed blankly straight ahead as she began to speak. Several faculty remembered that she had given two prophesies in the past and people feared what she might have to say at this time.

Harry stood up quickly and cast a silencing charm at the afflicted professor who's first prophesy had affected his life from before he was even born. The seer spoke for over about two minutes, her eyes rolling and her hands flailing, and then finally she collapsed into silence.

Professor Slughorn looked at his dazed colleague and then turned to his former student. "Harry, my boy, why ever would you do that? Now no one will ever no what was in that prophesy she just told!"

Harry was unapologetic. "Too much of my life was predicated on a single prophesy that could have been interpreted in many different ways. As a result of a single prophesy, I grew up as an orphan, and ended up having to face the most dangerous dark lord in a generation. From the age of one, until I was nearly 18 I had to face him on six separate occasions. I don't ever want to hear any prophesy again. I don't want my family living with the fear of a prophesy hanging over their heads. I'd rather no one knows of a prophesy than to have to live their life feeling that they have no control over anything."

Neville stood up and started clapping his thanks to Harry for preventing any prophecy from being made that day. Soon, several others in the room joined him, and then Daphne stood up and gave him a gentle hug.

Harry and Daphne were making their preparations to leave after concluding their visit to Hogwarts. Minerva McGonagall pulled the young couple aside for one last chat.

"Thank you, Harry, but I really did not want to have to deal with another one of her prophecies," she said as she took them into the side room, the same room that Harry first visited the night his name was called out from the Goblet of Fire.

Harry and Daphne sat down for a final talk with the headmistress.

"May I ask where you will be heading first," she asked.

"Well, I do have several homes throughout Europe," replied Harry, "and there are some other properties in various places around the world."

"I'm looking forward to checking out the beach house in the Bahamas," added Daphne with a smile.

"I understand that you have been living at Potter Manor," continued Minerva, "but have you been to Pottermore yet?" she asked.

"Well, I have heard of it," he answered, "it is one of the ancient homes of my family. Apparently it is an old castle, and unplottable. The goblins have assured me that it is hospitable, and quite comfortable. Apparently there is some strong family magic that has been keeping it in pristine condition. We were thinking of eventually heading there when we finish our trip. Why do you ask?"

Minerva frowned for a moment before answering. "Your father had mentioned it once in speaking with your mother. They considered going there to hide from Voldemort, but Albus, as you know, persuaded them to stay at Godric's Hollow under the fidelious charm. I recall him saying that it had been many generations since anyone had been there, and how he was looking forward to going there. However, only the Lord Potter can find it, from what I recall your father saying. I've always wondered what he would have found there. To satisfy the curiosity of an old woman, perhaps you could come by and tell me what you find after you have visited the sight."

"I'm sure that can be arranged," agreed Harry. Then he and Daphne gave her a final hug before heading out of the castle and leisurely walking to the gates to get beyond the wards and then apparate back home. As they were nearing the gates, Neville Longbottom came running up from behind them, calling out to Harry and Daphne. The two stopped to let their friend catch up to them.

"Hey Nev, what's up?" asked Harry as his friend arrived out of breath.

Neville panted briefly as he tried to slow down his breathing, and then he began to tell Harry why he had run after him. "I know you two said you will be leaving soon on your honeymoon, and by the way, the wedding was an amazing surprise and the reception was fantastic and your exit was just brilliant."

"You ran after us just to tell us that?" wondered Daphne aloud.

"Well, that, and I hadn't had a chance to talk to Harry since your sister's wedding to Draco," replied Neville who was now more rested. He then turned to Harry, "I was meaning to ask you, what was up with your just giving away one of your titles like that. That was completely unexpected, and almost unheard of."

Harry raised an eyebrow as he studied Neville's face. "First, why don't we have a seat at the Three Broomsticks, enjoy a butter beer, and I'll tell you there."

Daphne looked surprised at Harry's comments. "Harry, we've been avoiding the students pretty well so far today. Maybe the Three Broomsticks is not the best idea right now."

"You've got a good point, my love," agreed Harry. "The Hogs Head Inn would be much less crowded, and we can get there easily from here." The trio walked slowly to the inn, which allowed Neville to manage to catch his breath. Harry remembered thought back to the last time he was in the Hogs Head, meeting up with Neville and sneaking into the castle to prepare for the Battle of Hogwarts. When they grabbed a table, Harry quickly cast a silent privacy charm, as he really had no desire for anyone in that establishment to overhear anything he talked about.

Harry then began to explain, "After I met with the goblins and discussed the issues with them I had an idea that it might be a big deal. But the way I saw it, I didn't really have much of a choice."

"But couldn't you have just separated the titles between your sons," asked Neville, "that is assuming you and Daphne were to have at least two sons."

Daphne stepped closer to Harry and gently hugged him with one arm as Harry seemed to become a little emotional as he was preparing to answer his friend. "You are the Lord Longbottom, so you are familiar with some of the familial rules. One thing I learned from the goblins had to do with multiple family lines. My first son is to be the heir to Potter line and title. My first daughter, or my second son, would be the heir to the family title for the line Greengrass. If I did not have a third son, or third child, then the Ministry of Magic could lay claim to the title and the family fortune as a family that has died out. The Ministry had used an archaic law to confiscate anything that remained in the Malfoy family line, and Draco's father had destroyed what ever good reputation the family had left. Draco is actually closer to the line of Lord Black than I am, although my grandmother was a Black. After reviewing the family lines and fortunes with the goblins, my biggest concern was that the Ministry not be able to confiscate either the Black or the Greengrass fortunes at some time in the future."

Neville shifted on his feet, worrying that he maybe shouldn't have brought this issue up with his friend.

Harry noticed his friend's discomfort. Then he continued with his explanation. "If you're wondering why I chose Draco to receive the title and the fortune, it was also in part to repay a debt. There was a potential life debt that I owed to him after he came to America after my run in with the thunderbird last year. The giving of the title and the fortune satisfied any potential debt. What is more important is that my former nemesis did come over and help me. While he did not actually put himself at risk, which is why the goblins explained that it was only a potential life debt, he did help me out. And then you and he both came with me to Greece last summer. Taking on the chimera was something I will always feel indebted to not only the both of you, but to the ladies as well."

Neville nodded his understanding. Then Harry continued with his explanation, "And the Black fortune? That was really not that much compared to what I have from the Potter family. Add to that what the Potter Estate Holdings has managed to do under the current investment strategy, my family will probably never notice the loss of the Black family funds. In the long run, it's simpler for me. It still keeps it all in the family. Draco is my cousin by blood. My friend and my brother through what we have gone through together. And he is my brother-in-law. The money counters in the ministry are angry that they don't have a legitimate claim to steal the Black family fortune, which makes it even the more worthwhile."

Neville was clearly considering what Harry had been telling him about the situation, then he finally acknowledged that Harry seemed to have made some difficult but wise choices. As they were finishing their butter beers, Harry looked closely at Neville and then he began to speak to him more directly about his own suspicions about Neville's reasons for questioning him. "You know Neville, I am quite sure that asking me why I gave Draco the Black Lordship was not really that important to you. So now that we've already covered that topic, why don't you just come out and tell me the real reason why you tracked me down as I was about to leave."

Neville gulped.

Daphne smiled at her husband as she realised that sometimes he was pretty good at reading people's motives, and he really did have some Slytherin cunning inside him after all.

Neville looked at the bottom of his empty bottle of butter beer as though he was trying to will there to be more of the delicious libation to consume. The bottle stubbornly remained empty. So Neville took a deep breath and looked up at Harry.

"Well, I knew you were going to be heading away for a while, I just wanted to make sure that you would be back by mid July." Neville then looked away from Harry and back at the empty bottle.

Daphne smiled broadly at Harry, who in turn was initially confused and then a look of understanding crossed his eyes. "Well, I'm not sure, Nev, I suppose I can be around. Well, if there's an important reason to return by then. I'm not sure how long we'll need to check out all of my properties."

"Well," stammered Neville as he once again tried to gain the courage to speak to Harry, "I was just hoping that you would be my best man."

Harry beamed with pride in being asked. "Of course I would," exclaimed Harry. "I'd be honoured to be your best man. A Potter will always stand by a Longbottom. Just one question," Harry continued with a sly grin. "Who is the lucky witch?"

Neville's face froze in shock. "What? Who else would it be? Hannah of course!"

Harry and Daphne burst out laughing. "Of course we knew it was Hannah! Congratulations Neville!"

Daphne leaned over and gave Neville a hug. "That's just wonderful news," she added. "Reassure Hannah that we will be there, no matter what. If you have the specific date, we'll make all of our plans accordingly. We would never miss this event!"

Neville smiled slightly and then he added, "Well, just so you don't worry, there will definitely not be any dragons at the reception."

Sunday, May 5, 2002

When Harry and Daphne awoke, the sun was shining and it was already mid morning. They were feeling rested after a sound night's sleep after another evening of expanding their personal relationship as newlyweds. The house elf, Mal, appeared in their room, bringing them breakfast in bed as soon as it was clear that they were awake.

"Any special plans for today, Lord Harry?" asked the house elf.

"We'll be starting our honeymoon today, travelling to various Potter properties," answered Harry. "We'll probably be gone for a couple of months before we return," he added.

"Very good, milord," replied the elf. "Will you need anything in particular for your trip? Which property will you be travelling to first?"

Harry looked at Daphne and silently confirmed their plan for the day, and then he turned back to the ever attentive house elf. "Our first stop will be Pottermore."

Mal's already large eyes seemed to grow in size and his large floppy ears stiffened and stuck out straight to either side at hearing the name of the castle. "Lord Harry, no Potters have returned there in half a millennia or more. There has been ancient magic on the place from what the goblins and elves have whispered in tales over the years."

Harry was surprised that his house elf had any knowledge of the ancient family castle. "You know of this place?" he asked.

"Only rumours, and no one has spoken of it since the time when Lord James spoke with Lady Lily about there going there before you were born. When your father mentioned it I made an effort to learn what I could about Pottermore, but then shortly after that your parents went to the home in Godric's Hollow." The elf's voice faltered at the end of his statement.

"Well, Daphne and I will be heading there shortly, and then we will plan to head to some of the other Potter properties in Europe. We'll be looking into reestablishing floo connections between all of the properties soon," added Harry.

A short while later, the young couple had gathered a number of items together as well as clothes for travelling and placed them in a travelling trunk which Harry shrunk and placed in a pocket in his robes. Holding Daphne's hand in his left, he then pressed his right thumb onto the stone of his Potter family ring and called out the name "Pottermore." The familiar tug inside their navel was felt as the port-key was activated, bringing them to the ancient and unplottable estate.

Harry and Daphne landed together in a clearing on the side of a gentle hill. As it was early May the fields were fresh with green grass growing and a few wild flowers in the fields. Looking up the hill they were awed by the appearance of a large castle, with stone battlements all covered in ivy. They continued to hold hands together as they slowly approached the edifice. There was a strong sensation of ambient magic, even more pronounced than what they had ever felt in the castle at Hogwarts.

Silently they looked at each other and then at the edifice in front of them, and together they started to walk towards the ivy covered walls. Arriving at the massive gates they briefly wondered how they would open them to be able to enter into the castle itself. Inspecting the gate, they noted there was a coat of arms painted on them. The colours were bright and seemed to have faded only slightly despite the age of the castle. Harry's curiosity caused him to reach out and gently touch the shield of blue with three gold crowns that made up the coat of arms that decorated the castle gate. Harry was startled as he felt a slight shock, similar to a jolt of static electricity, and then the gate started to slowly open inwards. The young couple continued to watch silently in awe as the entrance opened in front of them.

A large courtyard area was now opened to them. In the centre of this area was a large but nondescript rock. Looking around they saw there were empty stables and other buildings lining the area within the castle walls. Several hundred meters away from where they stood was the castle itself. Harry and Daphne walked across the courtyard towards the castle. Even though it was clearly abandoned, the entire place seemed as if it had housed people as recently as within the past month. Allowing her thoughts to be spoken out loud, Daphne commented about her observations, "It must be quite the preservation charm enchanting this place with how pristine it all seems. Who could have cast such a powerful spell?"

Harry wondered silently just who indeed could have done such powerful magic, and he only had one answer that crossed his mind. The gate to the castle itself again had the same coat of arms of the blue shield with three gold crowns.

"Might as well try it again," offered Daphne as they reached the door. Harry nodded in agreement and once again reached out and touched the coat of arms. The electrical shock occurred again. Harry shook his hand to help it feel better as the door in front of him slowly opened.

As they stepped into the hall, torches around the room lit up. A soft glow filled the room, which was quite large. In the centre of the room was a large round table. Around the table were situated thirteen ornate chairs.

Harry turned to look at his wife, who slid next to him and hugged him with her right arm. "Is this place what you think it is?" he asked, the shock evident in his voice.

Daphne did not take her eyes off of the scene in front of her. "Are saying that the stories of King Arthur and the Round Table are told to muggle and magical children?"

Harry simply stated, "So it would seem. Is that really the round table? This is getting a little unbelievable."

Daphne laughed at him as she spun around to face him. "Unbelievable you say? You're the one who spoke with Merlin after using a ritual on a book. You're the one who has defeated a griffon, plucked a tail feather from a thunderbird, obtained venom from a living chimera, and then tamed a dragon. And now you actually tell me that your being the heir to Kind Arthur, or at least owning the fabled Camelot is unbelievable?"

Harry alternatively looked from his wife to the large round table in front of him. Then taking her by the hand, "If you'll be my Guinevere then I can be your Arthur. What say you to exploring Camelot?"

"I'm not sure I want either one of us to play those parts," replied Daphne as she followed Harry who began to walk around the hall. "I think we have had enough of wars already and I have no plans of looking for Lancelot."

"You may be right, the analogy may have quite a few holes in it," said Harry as he headed for the door opposite the one they had entered.

Soon they had explored much of the building and found the king's quarters as well as rooms for the queen, family, guests, and servants. They were more than a little relieved to find that all of the rooms were empty. After a couple of hours of roaming the halls of the castle they returned to the main hall and then they went out to explore some of the grounds. Harry and Daphne followed a path that led down a short hill away from the castle and they took a walk around a nearby lake. As they were enjoying the early afternoon sun, they noticed a slight disturbance in the water not far from them.

Slowly, a woman dressed in a white gown arose from the lake, and as she did it was clear that she held a large sword in front of her. Daphne covered her mouth in dismay at the sight in front of them. Harry relaxed his right arm, readying himself to draw out his wand if necessary. The woman, who had flowing long blonde hair spoke to them. "You are Harry, son of James, are you not? You are the heir who has come home to this place."

Harry stared for a moment and then stuttered in reply, "Yes, yes, I am Harry. Harry Potter, son of James Potter." He paused as he tried to figure out what to say next. "Erm, and who are you?"

"I am Nimue," she said simply as if that would explain everything. After a moment of silence she then lifted the sword and presented it to Harry. "As you are the heir, then I must present to you your sword."

Harry relaxed his hand as he reached out to take hold of the large sword. He quickly grasped the hilt with both hands as he felt the weight of the magnificent sword in his hands. He turned to show the sword to Daphne who was still speechless due to what she was witnessing. Harry then went to face Nimue once again, but she was gone.

Daphne finally exclaimed, "Tell me that did not just happen! I thought the Lady of the Lake was merely a legend!"

Harry looked at the sword in his hands. He examined the sword which appeared to have the two chimeras making the golden hilt. Slowly he unsheathed the sword and the blade seemed to almost glow, as though it was a flame coming forth from the mouths of the two chimeras. Engraved at the base of the blade, just above the hilt, was name. Caledfwlch.

"Now what am I to do with this?" asked Harry. He slid the sword back into the sheath and then he and Daphne slowly started to head back to the castle.

As they arrived in the courtyard, Daphne asked her husband, "So, what do you plan to do with the sword? Are you taking it with you?"

"I'm not sure," answered Harry as he considered his options. "My vaults at Gringotts would be safe, but I'm not sure that I would want anyone seeing it and it would be kid of awkward to bring it into the bank."

"What if you disillusioned it?" asked his wife.

Harry shook his head, "I don't think that it would go ever well, brining a sword that is disillusioned into the bank, even if I am on good terms with them."

"You have a point," agreed Daphne. "Just keep it at the manor?" she asked next.

"Possibly," considered Harry. He then looked around the courtyard and suddenly he had an idea. Once again he removed the sword from its sheath and then he approached the large rock in the middle of the courtyard. Lifting the sword up with both hands by the hilt, he plunged it into the rock. The sword slid smoothly into the rock, hardly making a sound.

Daphne walked up to the stone and was amazed. "So is it stuck there?" she wondered.

"Let's find out," Harry said, "go ahead and pull it back out."

Daphne quickly grasped the hilt and pulled hard, only to strain the muscles in her arms as the sword would not budge.

Harry stepped up to the sword and with one hand he easily pulled the sword out of the stone, and then he slid it back into place. Staring at what he had just done, he then picked up the sheath once again and entered the great hall. Once inside he placed the sheath in the middle of the round table. Turning around his wife was facing him, and Harry could tell she was worried.

"You're just going to leave the sword there? In the rock?" she queried.

"Daphne, my love," said Harry as he took her hands in his, "we were married just one week ago, we have yet to truly begin our honeymoon. No one else come find Pottermore, or I guess Camelot. We had a plan. We will go visit my other properties. We will travel together. Then, when we are done, we can speak with Merlin again at Pembroke. We can decide what to do with the sword then."

Daphne pulled her husband into a hug.

"Let's just head back to the manor tonight," added Harry. "We'll have the elves make us a nice dinner, we can relax together, and then leave tomorrow to investigate the other properties."

Mid July, 2002

Harry and Daphne had spent the next several months travelling and relaxing. They had been to his family's properties in France and Switzerland. Then they travelled to the United States where his family had a home in California and a penthouse in New York City. Eventually they ended up spending some time in the home which his family owned in the Bahamas.

As the heat of being in the Caribbean in July became stronger than either one of them wanted to put up with they decided to return to the villa on the island off of Greece where they had spent the previous summer. The house elves were happy to serve the newlywed couple who made sure to enjoy the peace and tranquility of where they were even more than their last stay as they were not worried about planning any spectacular attack on a dangerous and magical creature.

Harry was enjoying his breakfast as he looked out over the azure sea that surrounded their island paradise. Daphne was sitting beside him and had been looking through the morning edition of the Daily Prophet. Harry laughed slightly as he realised what his wife was reading. "I haven't even considered looking at one of those in ages," he said simply.

Daphne looked at him and showed him the headline. "Well, we may not be missing the magical world much, but they seem to all want to know where you are."

Harry glanced at the headline and then he picked up the paper and began to read.

"Boy-Who-Lived is now Man-Who-Is-Missing" by Rita Skeeter

Gentle readers, it has been months since the Lord Potter, the Vanquisher of Voldemort, last made a public appearance of any kind in our peaceful lands. The last we heard of him was the story of his surprise wedding with the fairytale like ending and then the newlyweds seemed to just disappear. The Ministry of Magic confirms that the Lord Potter has arranged for proxies for his seats on the Wizengamot, but they had no further information on the whereabouts of the young lord.

Attempts to communicate with the modern day hero have gone unanswered. Owls sent to him have returned to the senders with abject confusion. Lords Greengrass and Longbottom, who are both designated as possible proxies for all business in front of the Wizengamot, have declined to comment on his possible activities. When asked if it were possible that the Lord Potter might have been kidnapped or if he might be being held prisoner against his will, the Lord Longbottom merely scoffed in reply.

"You think someone could possibly arrange to kidnap or hold Harry prisoner? Harry's the one who defeated that wanker Tom Riddle. If Voldemort couldn't defeat Harry, then who could?" The assistant professor of herbology at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had no further comments about his close friend.

Miss Hermione Granger, busily working for the Library of Alexandria, had no comments for this paper when we tried to contact her. The third member of the fabled "Golden Trio", Ronald Weasley, the current assistant manager for the Chudley Cannon's practice squad had little to offer. "All I know is that Lord Potter pretty much wants everyone to leave him alone. If a wizard as powerful as he is wants to be left alone, I would think that anyone would want to do just that." And with that sentiment the former best mate of the saviour of the magical world did just that and refused to answer any more questions.

Harry tossed the paper down, not noticing the article that the paper flipped open to reveal: "New form of magical entertainment: duels combing magic and muggle style fighting."

Harry sighed as he contemplated the article. "So, do we let anyone other than family and friends know anything more about where we are and what we're doing?"

Daphne considered her husband's question for a minute before answering. "We've been through this before, and neither one of us really sees any reason to do that. Let them all wonder and come up with their own theories. Dad and Neville, and even Draco for that matter have been keeping us up to date on what's happening at the Wizengamot. They're working on the reforms you demanded of them. You're not getting bored out here with me are you?" she asked with a smirk.

Harry leaned over and gave his wife a passionate kiss. "I could never get bored with spending time with you, my love."

"Good answer, Potter," she replied demurely.

Noticing that her husband still seemed a little on edge, she asked, "So what gives then? You seem a bit preoccupied with something."

Harry let out a long breath and then he stated, "It's the sword, I keep thinking about that sword."

"What about that sword?" asks Daphne

"I placed it in the stone in the middle of the courtyard at Pottermore, you were there," he said simply.

"Yes, I know that, but what are you going to do about it? Are you just going to leave it there?" she asked, wondering where he was going with this.

"What should I do with it? Excuse me your majesty, but I know you have been Queen of England for the past 50 years, but I happen to have this sword, you might have heard about it. So, would you mind terribly if you and your son and your grandsons and everyone else in the royal family just moved out and let me take over," said Harry wistfully.

"Well, when you make it sound like some watery tart lobbed a scimitar at you as a means of establishing a system of government, I guess it would seem quite preposterous to do anything with the sword at this time," Daphne added with a hint of seriousness in her voice.

"Well, as we are the only two who know about the sword, and I apparently am the only one who can remove it from its present location, then I guess there is nothing more to do with it at this time," added Harry thoughtfully.

"In that case, milord, why don't we just go spend some more of this wonderful alone time together, down at our beach," she added raising an eyebrow.

"Who am I to turn down such a wonderfully entertaining idea as that, milady," replied Harry, wagging his eyebrows back at her.

Taking her husband by the hand, she led him out of the villa and towards the trail that winded its way down to the beach.

"Shouldn't we get our bathing suits?" asked Harry, hoping for a particular answer.

"I don't see why we would need them," Daphne answered without turning back to look at her husband, "and if we need a towel, I'm sure you can manage to conjure something for us."

Harry's face was plastered with a huge grin. Moving on from the hassles and stress within the magical world in Britain was something he was truly enjoying. Especially when that moving on was with the one person he cared to spend the rest of his life with and she was equally as happy to be moving on with him.

Author's Notes: And so our story comes to a close. Will there be a sequel, or a continuation of this story? Maybe, as I do have some definite ideas of a new great adventure. Not hunting down magical creatures or mythical artefacts, but an adventure of sorts nonetheless. However, I do have some other stories I have been working on in addition to the "Dark Lord Potter?" which still remains unfinished.

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