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Ding Dong the doorbell chimed through out the house, in the kitchen the Dursleys were eating a breakfast cooked for them by their scrawny relative Harry Potter.

"Get the door boy!" ordered Vernon Dursley through a mouthful of egg, Harry (to whom this was addressed) made a face but obligingly left the frying bacon to answer the door. It was turning out to be a miserable summer for him, only two weeks in.

"Hello?" he asked and the person at the door turned from examining the bell to beam at him,

"Why, hello Harry, how nice to see you!"

"Professor Dumbledore! What are you doing here?" Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at Harry's clearly unwelcoming question before stepping over the threshold uninvited.

"Well Harry, here to see you and your relatives about something rather urgent"

"Is…is everyone okay? Sirius hasn't been…" Harry trailed off worriedly.

"Oh no no. Safe as ever yes. Are your family through here?" Dumbledore seemed distracted to Harry but his question brought Harry back to the situation and he stared at Dumbledore, realizing that in the kitchen the most muggle magic hating people were sat eating breakfast. Professor Dumbledore was well, the most magical un-muggle person who probably existed, excepting his taste in sweets. Harry shook himself mentally and protested.

"Professor-" and then he took in his Headmaster's clothes, they weren't exactly muggle but they weren't as 'wizardly' as they usually were. Instead he was wearing what looked to be a long deep blue rather dramatic coat which was fastened so that it could appear he was wearing 'normal' muggle clothes beneath. His long white hair and beard had been tucked into the collar of his coat/cloak and no wizard hat was perched upon his thinning head of hair. However, his half moon glasses were still in place upon his crooked nose and his boots were heeled, red, with silver buckles and shining as bright as a full moon, you couldn't miss them. The Dursleys certainly wouldn't, Harry groaned, "they won't be urr, exactly.." already he felt embarrassed about their behavior.

"Boy! This bacons burning, what do you think you're doing! Get in here and bring the post!" yelled Mr Dursley's voice from within the kitchen.

"Yes Uncle Vernon" replied Harry automatically "-only it wasn't the postman" and then he opened the kitchen door and with a sinking heart held it open for his Headmaster to go through.

At first it seemed that the Dursleys didn't notice for they carried on eating and Aunt Petunia didn't turn from craning her neck to see out the window into next doors back garden. Then, Dudley Dursley, Harry's cousin, gave a frightened yell,

"Aaarrghh, Dad, Dad! It's one of them!" and abandoned his plate full of fried egg, bacon and bread to clutch his rather greasy hands to his bottom in a wide eyed panic. For a moment there was pandemonium, as Aunt Petunia screamed for Dudley to come to her, then Dudley upset his chair getting up to run to her and Uncle Vernon tripped over the chair as he tried to draw himself up pompously. A glass jug of orange juice was upset and spilled onto the pristine white of the table clothe, plates smashed to the floor spreading viscous looking shards in every direction, and the Dursleys hovered in the corner, with Uncle Vernon up front, holding a tiny fork against his massive person.

Inwardly Harry groaned, this meant serious chores and a cuffed ear from Uncle Vernon, outwardly he sent an apologetic look towards Professor Dumbledore, who was looking rather surprised and didn't notice it. Dumbledore was gazing, confused, at the fork that Vernon Dursley was waving in front of his person, and then, ignoring it, said in a perfectly normal voice.

"Good morning. I don't believe we've been introduced, I'm Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School"

There was silence; the Dursleys looked at each other, unsure, till Petunia Dursley nudged Vernon Dursley in the back pointedly whilst holding her cowering son to her closely.

"Get out!" hissed Vernon Dursley indignantly, his piggy eyes bulging "We don't want any of your sort here, we want nothing to do with you!" his voice rose in anger as he became more sure of himself at Dumbledore's silence.

"Perhaps we could have a word, it concerns your nephew, Harry" Dumbledore seemed to have not heard Vernon Dursley's rude retort and smiled blandly at the big man. Harry took a breath, staying as still as possible, not wanting to be noticed by his wrathful uncle, Dumbledore's hands were clasped loosely behind his back, his posture relaxed and at ease.

"The boy?" Uncle Vernon appeared to be wrestling with himself, he wanted to get rid of the weirdo as quickly as possible and have no harm come to his family, and this didn't include Harry.

"Who?" asked Dumbledore looking over his spectacles at the suddenly nervous looking man. Uncle Vernon's face twisted and he turned to glare at Harry with barely concealed hatred; Harry shifted awkwardly under his Uncles stare.

"Perhaps," suggested Dumbledore into the heavy, tense silence "we could sit down somewhere and discuss this?"

Vernon Dursley struggled for a moment before conceding grudgingly, "The living room" and then slowly made his way over to the kitchen door, making sure he never turned his back to Albus Dumbledore, who didn't so much as twitch at this odd behaviour.

"Harry, some tea would be appreciated" Dumbledore turned a slightly bemused gaze to Harry and smiled reassuringly down at him, for Harry was still undergrown for his age.

"Yes sir" replied Harry quietly not smiling back, Aunt Petunia was boring holes in him with a 24carat glare from across the kitchen.

"Just you clean all that up boy!" growled Uncle Vernon unpleasantly in his ear, indicating the mess of cracked plates and spilled eggs, bacon rind and dripping orange juice from the soaked table clothe.

"Yes Uncle Vernon" Harry said again, his voice monotone as he inwardly sighed at the work it would take and then they were gone and he busied himself getting the tea ready.