The world was on the brink of decay and yet it focused on one, single flower.

A shadowy, translucent being that gazed longingly at a single, withered flower, its browned petals in the being's left hand. They were almost specks compared to its hand, yet it handled them so gently.

A human was curious to step closer, other eyes watching so intensely, and then the being slowly turned its horned head. Its eyes were bright like the sun, but glowed softly like the moon. Its entire body was covered in soft-looking fur, heavily hooded around its head and shoulders, but was as translucent as the rest of its body.

Without a word, it returned its gaze to the flower.

Many eyes laid upon the creature now, and time felt as though it had stopped. The unbearable silence was deaf to their ears. They came closer without fear. The being cupped both hands around the flower, and a fawn peered so close that his nose touched the being's hand. His nose grew warm from the touch and backed away. The creature did not flinch, and a warm light surrounded the flower. The flower slowly rose from its wilted state, standing proudly. The fawn moved back as the creature gently opened its hands, laying them palms up. The petals vanished like dust, only to reappear on the flower, rejuvenated, white as clouds.

A ray of light parted the clouds above as the translucent being turned its gaze upward, and the world was engulfed in a bright, warm light as the tough, hardened dirt softened and greened, spreading across the land, slowly, as a warmth blanketed over those who yearned for it. The woman shielded her eyes, and as the light dimmed she turned to look up, only to meet the strange being's gaze.

And finally, it spoke.

"We have restored balance to these lands…"

It had the voice of many- gentle, piercing, soft; commanding. The translucent being panned its eyes around its captive audience. The fawn took a step back, standing close to the woman. The woman was captivated by this being, it was something of a miracle. Such a short meeting, and already the world had bluer skies and greener life. She hesitated to speak, clutching the scruff of her tattered collar, her heart pounding against its ribcage. This creature was a god.

"We are Dormin… We are the essence of all things living… and We are the shepherd of death…"

"Thou hast grown careless." they spoke sharply, lowering themselves to the woman's gaze. Dormin glowered at the woman, and her heart sunk. She stepped back, white-knuckled. The fawn retreated to his mother. "But… We shall give thee a second chance to redeem thyself…"

Dormin began to ease upward, but paused as the woman stepped forward.

"T-thank you," the woman spoke, bowing her head. "w-we are, forever grateful. All of us! We will do as we must to better care for these lands. But-" She looked up at Dormin, her brows furrowed. "We must repay you somehow, this deed… it is too great for us, we are forever in your debt!"

There was a long pause.

"Dost thou speak for these mortals?" Dormin questioned, slowly facing the other humans. The humans gazed at the woman, alarmed. The animals slowly returned to the world, slipping away from the humans.

She glanced at them, their eyes pricking her like needles, but an elderly one gently dipped his head. The woman's eyes glistened and she turned to face Dormin.

"Very well…" Dormin faced her. "Thou art appointed envoy of mortals." The woman flinched as it pointed a finger at her.

It then turned to face the other humans.

"Thou shalt nurture these lands… Thou shalt learn to craft thy tools to till, reap and sow… and thou shalt cradle these lands as their child… If thou manages to accomplish what we askest, We shall reward thee…"

The woman and the humans strained their neck as Dormin rose to its full height, but then began to fade away. "If thou seeketh knowledge… then thou only returneth to this spot… and We shall answer…"

The humans gathered closer as Dormin faded away into the sunlight, but Dormin's voice was heard overhead. The woman gazed at the flower in disbelief, feeling a weight in the pit of her stomach.

"But heed this… if thou fails to accomplish what we askest… then thou hast welcomed Us to lay a curse upon mortals for eternity…"