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As Celia Toma astutely pointed out, it is never indicated in the show which Kinsella brother is older. Justin Hartley, who plays Jesse, was born in 1977. Wilson Bethel, who plays Wade, was born in 1984. Thank you IMDB. However, in my story, Wade is supposed to be Zoe's age, and she was born in 1982. This is not unusual; people often play younger on television. Anyway, if Wade was born in 82', and Jesse was born in 77', Jesse would be five years older. However, if that were true, Jesse would be out of high school, and we know Jesse left Bluebell, fought in a war (though I do not think they said which one) and got a job that definitely required some sort of college degree. So I figure Jesse could be a senior. He would graduate in 99' and could go off to fight in Afghanistan, because I think that is the next war. It can be hard to keep track; America fights in so many wars. Anyway, if any of that is inaccurate, or seems dumb, please let me know.

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Chapter Seven

Zoe was standing outside school, waiting for Harley to come and pick her up. She did not expect him to be late; he had made it pretty clear that he was going to be there. She was getting a little impatient though, not to mention thirsty. The heat in Bluebell was unbelievable. It was like summer in February.

She went back up to the school and located a water fountain. She drank the refreshing water for what was probably thirty or forty seconds, then turned to find a cute, charming boy smiling at her.

"Oh, sorry." She said, awkwardly stepping out of his way.

"It's fine."

He stepped forward and took a sip.

"Why didn't you tell me you were waiting? I would have moved."

"A gentleman always lets a lady go first. Sides, you seemed thirstier than Moses in that Prince of Egypt movie."

Zoe smiled, "Well, thank you."

"Any time." The boy stepped away from the fountain and stuck out his hand, "You must be new here. I'm Jesse Kinsella."

Zoe shook his hand, "Nice to- wait, Kinsella? You're Wade's brother?"

Jesse rolled his eyes slightly. Wade was always quick to make an impression on hot new girls, "Yeah. You met him?"

"Unfortunately." Zoe said bitterly. Then she realized what she had said, and who she had said it to, "Um, I mean, no offense."

"None taken." Jesse said, cracking a smile.

Zoe smiled, "Well, I didn't, I mean … he just … he rubs me the wrong way."

Jesse nodded, "Sounds like we got somethin' in common." Zoe laughed, "So, I'm sorry, what was you're name?"

"Um, Zoe. Zoe Hart."

Jesse's eyes widened, and then an amused smile appeared on his lips "Zoe? Really?"


"Jesse, you comin'? We're gonna-" Wade stopped, examining the picture before him.

Jesse turned to him, grinning like a Cheshire, "Oh. Hey Wade. I was just meeting Zoe here. I believe you two already know each other, you and Zoe. 'Cause this girl, named Zoe, she says you two met already." He turned from Wade back to Zoe, but his eyes remained partially fixed on his brother. "And I have to say, that is an interesting name, Zoe. Really lovely. How do you spell it, z-o-e, z-o-e-y, or z-o-o-e-y?"

It was not that strange of a question, but something about the way he asked it made Zoe feel a little weird, "Um, it's just z-o-e."

"Well, it's a great name." he said. Then he turned back to his brother, "Don't you think so Wade? The name Zoe, that's a pretty great sounding name, isn't it?"

Zoe noticed that Jesse was still grinning that huge grin. He kept putting an odd emphasis on her name, and sounded like he was going to burst out laughing. Wade, she noticed, looked like a deer in headlights. He tried to shake it off, pretend he wasn't fazed, but there was clearly something going on here that she was missing

He shrugged, "I don't know. It's fine I guess. I never really thought about it." His tone attempted nonchalance, but there was a subtle hint of panic.

Zoe scowled, "Wade doesn't really pay attention to girls names, just their cup sizes."

"Ain't nothin' wrong with appreciatin' the female body. If it bugs you so much, maybe you should dress a little more conservative." Wade said, seemingly back in his element. He turned to face her; he was smirking and Zoe would have figured it was no different then any other conversation if he were not intentionally avoiding his brother's gaze.

As if to make his point, Wade gave her an appreciative onceover, and chuckled when she scowled at him. Okay, so her clothes weren't exactly church appropriate, but the heat in the town was insane.

"I'm not going to sweat my ass off just because some people are incapable of keeping their minds off sex."

"Ever occur to you that your looks are just the only thing about you worth notin'?"

Okay, that was a little harsh. Wade liked to tease, and he didn't usually take insults lying down, but that comment was definitely extreme. He was still intentionally avoiding his brother's gaze, and Zoe wondered for a second if maybe the comment was not just for her benefit.

"As opposed to you, who is obviously full of substance?"

"Least I'm not some stuck-up city girl with a stick up my ass."

"And at least I don't roll around in my own secretion."

Wade looked at her, stumped, "Um, what?"

"Pigs don't have sweat glands; they have to use their own pee to stay cool." Wade just stared at her, "I'm calling you a pig Wade. Though I'm not surprised you missed the subtly of the insult, you're hardly a rocket scientist. To be honest, I'm surprised you made it to high school." Okay, now she was being harsh, and she knew it. But she was pissed. She was mad that he was trying to seduce her, and she was mad that he was being more obnoxious than usual.

"Hey now, there ain't no call for that. My grades are all right. Sure, they could be better, but, you know, I have a life."

Zoe scoffed, "Yes, sex and football. Quite and accomplishment." Okay. Maybe she was aiming to hurt now, but in her defense, he wasn't exactly pulling any punches.

"You wouldn't be so quick to judge if you had had a roll in the sack with someone conscious."

"Playboy." She knew name-calling was extremely immature, but then, so was Wade. Besides, sometimes one word was all you needed to get a point across.

"Ooh, way to get me where it hurts your highness." He said chuckling. His voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Walking STD." she tried again.

That one seemed to anger him a little, "Brat!" he shot back, and Zoe smirked with satisfaction.


"Think you need a new theme, sweetheart." He said, his smirk back in place. God, why was he always smirking? Was it some sort of facial tick or something?

Jesse cleared his throat. He had been watching the exchange with amusement, but it seemed like time to intervene.

"I'll uh, meet you at the car." When he passed Wade on his way out, Jesse leaned over and whispered, "I know George is you're best friend, but I expect to be made best man at the weddin."

"Just 'cause we're blood don't mean I won't punch you." Wade spat back.

Jesse walked off chuckling.

The encounter had been draining to say the least. Wade had no clue what had Zoe so pissed at him, but he knew he had not helped matters. Okay, so a lot of what he said was true, but he was man enough to admit that some of it he just said to prove a point. The last thing he wanted was for his brother to think he had a soft spot for this girl that he barely even knew. He loved his brother of course, but the guy could be a real jackass. When he had seen them standing there, he had panicked, and then reacted the only way he knew how; by teasing, joking, and acting like an all around ass. Clearly, it had not worked as well as he had hoped.

After Jesse left, Wade considered apologizing to Zoe, but it was not like any of what he said had been a lie … okay, maybe the part about her having nothing else to offer but her body. The truth was, other than Lemon and his mom, Zoe was probably the only girl he had met who he did not think that about. But she was a brat, and she was most definitely a stuck-up city girl with a stick up her ass. He did not know if she had ever had sex, but her prudish reaction to his advances led him to think she probably hadn't. Besides, Wade had way too much pride to apologize. He doubted Zoe would listen anyway.

So he just watched her storm off after making some comment about how at least somebody in his family could be nice, and headed out to the car.

Jesse was waiting, smiling at him from the drivers seat.

"You two have a sweet little goodbye?"

"Shut it." Wade said as he got in next to him.

"Is that anyway to talk to your future best man?"

"You're a jackass, ya know that?"

Jesse chuckled, "She's certainly cute, a real spitfire. Certainly keeps you on your toes."

"I don't know what you're talkin' 'bout." Wade said, folding his arms.

"That cannot be your angle. You're seriously tryin' to deny it."

Wade scoffed, "What am I bein' accused of denyin' exactly?"

Jesse shook his head, "I know what I saw in there Wade. Sparks. Major ones."

"Yeah. Sparks comin' off a dynamite stick. That girl's like a bomb, she brings destruction wherever she goes. I don't want nothin' to do with that mess."

"Uh-huh. So, you're saying you wouldn't sleep with her?"

Wade chuckled, " 'Course I would. She's sexy and she seems pretty damn athletic. She'd probably make for a good romp in the sheets, but that don't mean I want anythin' else to do with her."

Jesse nodded, "Okay. So, I suppose that means you'd be okay if I were to ask her out then?"

A huge knot formed in Wade's stomach. He was glad he hadn't been driving, because they probably would have gotten into an accident. He cleared his throat awkwardly, and as casually as he could, choked out, "Yeah. That'd be fine."

"You wouldn't have a problem with it?"

"Not a one." Wade said, pursing his lips.

"Okay. Then maybe I will."

Zoe sat looking out the window, waiting for class to start. She was catching up surprisingly quickly, but she decided she would avoid any unwanted socialization by coming to class early. It was her fifth day going to the school, A.K.A. Friday, meaning she was only a few short hours away from the weekend. While school did serve as a good distraction from her life, she looked forward to not having to spend every second making sure nobody could tell how truly miserable she was. She also wouldn't have to deal with seeing Lemon and George together, which made her stomach hurt. Okay, so she had only known the guy a week, but there was just something about him that got to her and she could not shake it. She prayed that Lemon had not and never would notice. First of all, Lemon was one of the few friends she had made here. Second, considering how they had met, and the stories Lemon and George had told her about past pranks, including one very strange one involving a cow, she had the distinct impression that this was not a girl you wanted pissed at you.

She had been avoiding Wade like the plague since their altercation on Tuesday. She had done what she considered a thorough job of convincing him that he did not have even the slightest chance of seducing her, and she did not want to give him any reason to think things had changed. Avoidance was the best option.

"Good morning class." The teacher said. His name was Mr. Turner. Zoe noticed that a lot of the teachers were male, and she wondered if maybe Bluebell was a sexist small-town. "We left off Wednesday talking about what makes The Great Gatsby so unique. How about a refresher? Anyone?"

George raised his hand, "Well, I think it's 'cause of the way it's told."

"And how is it told? Somebody else. Come on, we went over this two days ago."

Logan put his hand up, "Um, it's told by a guy veiwin' it from the outside. Like, he's not actually in the story, he's sort of watchin'. The story's about this Gatsby guy, but Nick is tellin' it."

"And can anyone tell me what that's called? Mr. Malone."

"It's first person. On accounta' all the I's and you's."

"Now, does the fact that the story is not about Nick make the story suffer at all? Anybody?"

"Well, personally, I found it kind of dry."

"Thank you Mr. Kinsella. Please raise your hand next time. Now, would you care to elaborate on that statement?"

"Well, it just feels like we're gettin' this tiny snapshot of this guys life, but we're not really seeing it. They keep sayin' this Gatsby guy is so great, but from everything the narrator had said, he seems pretty dullsville. I don't know, maybe he is great, but Nick certainly ain't seen nothin' great about him."

Zoe raised her hand, "What about the life he's built? He came from nothing, and now he's known all around town, with this huge house where he throws these big parties."

Wade turned to look at her, "You think that's what makes someone great? Fancy houses and big parties? Let me tell you somethin' princess, greatness has nothin' to do with mansions and invite lists."

"That's not what I was saying."

"Don't get all offended. Some people are just shallower than others. There ain't no shame in it."

"I am not shallow!" everybody looked at her, surprised, and she realized how loud she had been and how ruffled she must have sounded. Damn Wade! She composed herself, and then, very calmly said, "I just meant that he has developed a reputation as great among people who live in his town because of his house and his parties."

"I still think he's borin'. I mean, we know more about his house 'an him."

"Mr. Kinsella makes an excellent point." Wade turned to back to the front and looked at the teacher, stunned. Zoe had a feeling that he did not often get that kind of feedback from teachers, "Can we really know Gatsby? Can you really know anybody by looking from the outside? Is it possible to truly know anybody, other than ourselves?"

Everybody was quiet as they absorbed the philosophical questions.

"For the next few weeks, I would like you to each trail a student, see their house, get to know them as best as you can, and then write about it. We will then read these papers as a class, and see if we can pick out our classmates based on the Nick-like descriptions their partner gives them. Mr. Kinsella, Ms. Hart, since your verbal sparring match started us off, how about you two pair up."

Wade smirked.

"What!" Zoe shrieked, "Mr. Turner, please, there has to be someone else I can pair with. Anyone, seriously, just not … please."

Wade's smirk faded a little.

"I'm sorry Ms. Hart, but that is my decision. In fact, I think you two will greatly benefit from this assignment. You may be surprised what you find out."

Zoe groaned, folded her arms on the desk, and plopped her head down. Why? Of all the kids in this class, why him?

After Mr. Turner paired everybody up, they were told to find their partners and use the remaining time to make a game plan.

Wade plopped down beside Zoe who still had her head buried in her arms. He had been glad that they were paired together; maybe he could get some answers about her bipolar attitude towards him, not that he cared or anything. Then, she had to make a big dramatic deal about how she would rather have anyone else as a partner. Okay, she hated him. He got it. Did she have to be so harsh and obvious about it?

"Howdy partner."

Zoe groaned, "You have got to be kidding me."


She looked up, "Look, let's just figure out a way we can do this with as little interaction as possible."

"I … think that's the exact opposite of the point of the assignment." Wade said. Why did she always have to be so … difficult?

Zoe rolled her eyes, "Please, like you care about school."

"Okay, you want to tell me what I did to piss you off so much? Because, I'm searching my memory, and I'm comin' up blank."

"Do you not remember Tuesday? The thing with your brother? You have some sort of head injury or something?"

"No. I remember that. But you were bein' a bitch to me before. In the hallway, remember? The whole, 'You an' I'll never get along' thing."

"I wasn't a bitch." Her tone was not defensive, just matter-of-fact with a hint of snark.

"Yeah, you were. Trust me, I've known a lot of bitches." He was hoping that might bait her. If he could rile her up, she would start ranting, and he might actually get some insight. But no, she could not cut him a break.

"Why am I not surprised?" She said it so casually, with such disinterest; it made him want to scream. Girls did not act like that around him. He might not be the smartest, or most talented. He wasn't the most charitable. He was athletic, but there were other guys just as athletic as him, some more so. He was not ashamed to admit his flaws; he knew his strength. Wade Kinsella could make a girl swoon and giggle with a smile, make her captivated by a gaze. All it would take was a Kinsella patented silver-tongued line, and she was his for the taking. He held up his part of the bargain of course; he gave her an unforgettable night, possibly two or three if he was so inclined and she knew not to expect more. The point was, it was his thing. He was known for it, he took pride from it. Then this, what word had Jesse used, spitfire comes into the city and makes him question everything he thought he knew about himself. He had even stooped so low as to try and be her friend. If that were not pathetic enough, she would not even grant him that. She was all smiles with George, or Logan, or even Jesse, but for him, it was all groans and as little interaction as she could manage. He liked teasing her, getting her riled up, but this was something else. She was not just riled up by some offhand comment he had made. She was an ice queen. Frankly, he was sick of it.

"Look, Zoe, I'm sorry about what I said around Jesse, all right. I know you probably won't believe me, but that won't really about you. It was a … a brother thing. But we both know you had already put me on your hate-list by then. As for whatever you were upset at me about, whatever got me that spot on your list, well, maybe I'm sorry. Maybe I'm not. I don't know. 'Cause I really got no clue what it is, so I don't know if I should be apologizin' for it. Could be I was totally justified, and don't feel I should need to apologize. Either way though, you an' I gotta work together, unless you want to flunk, and I'm bettin' you ain't ever had so much as a B. Might make that whole surgeon thing impossible. Plus, then you wouldn't be able to look down on all us lowly not A getters."

"What is with making all these assumptions about me?"

"They're not assumptions. I'm just good at readin' people."

"Whatever. Let's just get this over with."

"That's the spirit." She shot him a death glare, "So, what time should I come over?"

"Excuse me?"

"I'm supposed to see you're house."

"I'm sure you've seen it. I live with Harley, who you know, and you've lived here forever."

"I ain't seen the inside."

"What's wrong with your house?"

Wade shrugged, "Just didn't figure you'd wanna give up the home field advantage. Your choice I guess."

"Fine, my house. Be there at four."

Wade smiled, happy she had taken the bait. Sometimes, she was just too easy. Other times …

The truth was, Wade did not really want her knowing where he lived. He had already told her more about his personal life than even his closest friends knew. If he were being honest, he was kind of … embarrassed. No point in sugarcoating it. Wade was embarrassed by where he lived, and who he lived with. He may have told her about his dad, but hearing about it and seeing it were two very different things. Also, he did not want to give Jesse any extra opportunities to ask her out. So, her house it was.

He had to admit, he was curious to see where she lived. He wanted to see her room, and not for the reason he usually wanted to see a girl's room. Well, for that reason too, but he did not see that happening, or at least not any time soon. No, he wanted to see how she had decorated the place. She was so private, and the way a person decorates their room says a lot about them; how girly they are, what sort of music they're into, if they read a lot. He wanted to know. He didn't know why, or rather, he did not want to know why, but there it was. He wanted to get to know this girl.

"Somebody's in a bad mood." George said as Zoe plopped her books down next to her and sat.

"I got paired up with Wade for that stupid English project. You saw. I could have been paired with anybody, you Lemon, that blonde girl who sits in the back and giggles at everything. I mean she's annoying to the point of me wanting to claw at my scalp, but anybody would have been better than Wade. Now, I've got to spend all this one-on-one time with him. Urghhh."

"Was that a growl?" Zoe blushed, embarrassed, "So, what's so bad about spendin' time with Wade. He's a great guy."

Zoe nodded, "Yeah. Sorry, I know he's your friend, but … Look, Wade is a good friend to you because you're a guy, but I'm a girl, and Wade has a pretty chauvinistic attitude."

George chuckled, "Yeah, I guess he can be a little lewd sometimes. But his heart's always in the right place."

"I'm not concerned about his heart, I'm concerned about his hormones."

"So what, you think you hang around him and he'll jump you?"

She could tell by the way he said it that George found the whole thing amusing.

"Guys like that … they're lecherous. They look at women like they are nothing but breasts and ass. And I am way more than boobs and ass."

George chuckled again, "I'm not sayin' you're not. It just doesn't seem fair that you're puttin' him in the lecher category. You don't know him that well, and he's been pretty nice to you from what I've seen."

"That's what worries me. Lemon told me how he works, he's only nice to girls to get them in bed, and I do not want to give him any reason to think that he can get me. I am not that sort of girl; I don't do that sort of thing."

"Wow. I had no idea you were so … proper."

She could not tell if it was a compliment, insult, or observation, but before she could ask, the teacher came in and the two of them got to work.

"Lemon told her what?" Wade and George were hanging out by that lake, skipping rocks. Lemon was coming down a little later, but she had to babysit for a little bit first.

"Apparently she said that you are only ever nice to girls to trick 'em into bed."

Wade picked up a stone and threw it, hard, "So that's why she's been cold-shoulderin' me."

"Is that a word?" George asked with a smile. Wade shook his head and chuckled. He was going to kill Lemon. "Well, she has a point, right?"

"Yeah, I guess. Still, she shouldn't go around spreadin' stories about people to girls she barely knows."

George shrugged.

"Hello boys." Lemon said, coming up from behind.

"Well, if it ain't the gossip queen herself." Wade said.

"Thank you."

"It wasn't a compliment?"

Lemon turned to George, "What's up his ass?"

George shrugged, "Apparently you told Zoe somethin' that made her think Wade is a chauvinistic lecher."

Lemon laughed, "Which is a problem because? I mean, he is." Wade gave her a sharp look, "What? You are."

"I may get around, but it don't mean I'm incapable of bein' nice to women without some ulterior motive. I mean, I'm nice to you … ya know, sometimes."

"And I told her that."

Wade shook his head, "You realize you made it so now anytime I do somethin' nice for her, she's gonna think it's because I want in her pants."

"Isn't it?"

Wade tossed a stone over Lemon's head. She ducked and it hit the water. "Look at that, I got a triple skip." Wade said with a chuckle.

Lemon's eyes were venomous and she lunged at him. George held her back, "I'm gonna claw you're eyes out. You were tryin' to hit me you son of a -"

"Lemon! Come on now, Wade didn't mean anythin', right?"

"Well, I'm rather fond of my eyes, so I'm gonna say yes."

Lemon scowled, but she stopped struggling and George released her.

"I'm goin' in the lake. Don't you boys dare follow me!"

Lemon started stripping, and Wade looked away. This was another thing she had started doing after her mom left. She had become more … promiscuous was the only word he could think of. Oh, she would never cheat on George with another guy, but she had no qualms about stripping down and skinny-dipping in front of them. In fact, Wade was pretty sure that if he looked, she would not kill him. George, however, would, so he averted his gaze until he heard a splash.

"So, is that in the waitin' for it category, or have you and Lemon been there done that?" Wade asked motioning with his head at Lemon who was swimming in all her glory. George glared at him, so Wade backed off. "You wanna hop in?"

George shook his head, "Let her cool off first." Wade nodded, "So, can I ask you somethin'?" Wade nodded, "Why does this Zoe thing bug you so much?"

"What d'you mean?"

"You just seem pretty upset about her thinking you're tryin' to seduce her."

"I'm not upset, just … I don't like stories bein' told about me."

"Sure, I get that. Still, you seemed pretty putout about the whole thing. You know, a little angrier than the situation calls for."

"Well, I'm not." Wade said hostily. George was getting on his nerves with this inquisition.

"Wade, I know you pretty well. Every girl in town basically knows you're a lothario, and it's never bugged you. So what gives?"

"You know, I bet she's cooled off by now, and I'm dying for a dip. Catch you on the wet side Tucker." Wade said as he patted George on the back. Then he pulled off his shirt and hopped into the lake.

Author's Note: First off, I loved writing the Jesse part in the beginning. It was one of those things that pops into your head and you cannot get rid of it until you write it down.

I love Jesse. Of course, that is just partially because I am a Smallville fan and I love Oliver, but I also like Jesse. He was funny and cool and I could totally see him and Wade being related.

I'm anxious to hear what people thought of that part.

Second, the stuff about The Great Gatsby. I know it is probably a little confusing if you haven't read it. I also know my opinion seeped in a bit to their conversation, but I just cannot deal with that book.

**Rant Alert !** It's a classic, and everybody raves about it, but to me, the most interesting part was the front cover (it was a drawing of a guy, presumably Gatsby, and it was published a while ago, but it looked eerily like an actor I am familiar with). The characters are completely one-dimensional, and I know people say that that is how people were in that time, but even if that was how they behaved, there should have been more. And we're supposed to think it's this epic love story, even though we know next to nothing about the individual characters or their relationship. We do not grow to care for the characters; we barely get to know them. Plus, up until the last couple of chapters, nothing actually happens. It's just Nick going to parties, and talking about it, and meeting people, and talking about it, and doing … whatever, and talking about it. There is not plot, no arc, it is barely a story. We hear Nick's commentaries on the society he lives in, and the people he meets (impression which never go beyond the superficial) and then when something remotely interesting actually does happen, they end the book. Okay, **Rant over**

I really enjoy exploring the Wade/George/Lemon relationship. I think it was probably a really close friendship, and it's a shame we did not get to see them when they were that close. They should do a flashback or something (I love flashbacks).

I checked the date for "Prince of Egypt", just in case, and it would have come out by then.

Now, I know it seems like Wade and Zoe are always going back and forth, fighting, and making progress, and then being derailed. It's a lot of one step forward, two steps back. I am sorry if this bugs you. I just think that is sort of what their relationship is like. It's the same in the show, Zoe hates him when she meets him, then she makes out with him, then she hates him again, then she starts to warm up to him, then she wants to sleep with him, then she doesn't, then she thinks he's self-centered, then she thinks he's heroic, then he's the guy who makes her feel safe at night and who she doesn't chew out for smacking her but, then he kidnaps her and she encourages somebody to sue him, they have a moment, then they fight, then they have another moment, then they have another fight, then they make up, hen they have another fight, then there is the bluebell battle, which I do not even no how to categorize. One of them is always angry, and then they come back from it. I think that is a large part of what makes their relationship so interesting. The constant back and forth creates tension, and it prolongs the inevitable end, which is either a relationship, or a rejection that they might not recover from. Either way, we will never have these fun banter days quite like this again. If you do not think this makes sense or is accurate, let me know. I just feel like that is how they tend to interact.

Now, if you are waiting on an update from me, and you are into this sort of story, you should check out "One Summer" by jailynn. The concept is somewhat similar, and it's pretty good. I'm currently waiting for an update on that. See, I get it, I wait for updates too.

I guess that's it.


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