In the BIONICLE universe, the Order of Mata Nui, a secret society carrying out the darker work of the Great Spirit, are well known to us, and an important part of the BIONICLE story. What isn't as well known is that they had predecessors, an organization known as the Hand of Artakha. They only lasted for two centuries before being disbanded.

This is a chronicle of their exploits, and how they stopped one of the deadliest forces the universe has ever known. This is only a few hundred years after the Shattering of Spherus Magna, and the departure of the Great Spirit, Mata Nui.

This will include several original characters and species, but I'll also link some of these and some original observations to existing aspects of the BIONICLE storyline.

Let us begin.

500 AS (After Shattering).

Toa Daikii dove behind a rock, dodging the blast of a Remnant Sahnlei's elemental flare. "Nice place," he muttered, picking himself up off the ground. He readied his gravity axe and charged around the corner.

A mutated Remnant Matoran shrieked at the sight of the Toa of Gravity and fled, dropping its launcher.

Daikii ignored the little creature and charged at the Sahnlei, which threw aside its flare and pulled out its sword, the twin blades held parallel to its arm. The blue armoured being lunged, but Daikii neatly stepped aside, and clubbed his foe with his unbreakable shield. The resulting impact knocked the Sahnlei out.

Daikii sighed, sparing a breather, and looked around.

"Hey, Daikii!" yelled a female voice. "Get over here and give me a hand!"

The voice came from a Toa of Lightning, Nikila, from the islands near Karzahni. She was locked in combat with a red armoured Sahnlei, straining to keep the larger being from snapping her in two.

Daikii held out his hand, and concentrated, focusing on his elemental power. Nikila and the Sahnlei rose off the ground, as gravity weakened beneath them. Daikii then used his mask power to extract Nikila before increasing the gravity of the Sahnlei so as to smash it down on the ground, stunning him into unconsciousness.

Daikii felt his strength drop, noticeable due to his fatigue. He was in good fitness, as a Toa of Gravity was expected to be, but this was getting ridiculous. He hadn't seen the rest of his team since the start of the battle, and the Remnant forces just kept coming. The mutated Matoran, rumoured to have had their origins in the Nynrah Ghosts, were no real threat, they panicked and ran at the first sign of trouble.

The Sahnlei, however, were a different story. Their race was equal to any Toa in terms of strength and often surpassed them. It was a miracle that the entire race hadn't joined up with the Remnant Alliance, as their leader, Kalmah, refused to bow to the leaders of the fighting force. Of course, due to a sense of duty for his people, he didn't aid the other side either.

Nikila heard a yell of pain, and snapped to attention, heading off between the buildings. Daikii followed her, weapons at the ready.

They turned the corner to see Kahlo, a Toa of Plasma, lying on the ground, barely conscious. A massive shadow was thrashing in the mist, tearing through buildings.

Nikila ran over to Kahlo, while Daikii kept his eyes on the massive shadow.

"Kahlo!" she cried. "What's happening? What is that – that thing doing?" she asked.

The battered Toa of Plasma groaned. "That thing is looking for the village's treasure," he said weakly. "The Remnants' know about it because some of their Grunts used to live here, before those rogue Nynrah got to work."

Daikii frowned. "Must be one special treasure," he muttered.

"It is," gasped Kahlo. "It's a lava gem – intact, and perfectly shaped." He groaned, reaching for his Hagah Plasma Cannon. "If they get hold of it, the Matoran will be devastated."

"You're not fit to fight," said Nikila sharply. "Wait here, while we take that thing down."

She picked up her trident, and ran into the fog. The massive form was tearing down another building, systematically shredding it with the massive shield attached to its left arm. It was blue-armoured, with large spikes protruding out of its back, and twelve feet tall.

And Nikila didn't care. She raised her trident and sent a continuous blast of lightning through it, zapping the massive creature, which seemed to bellow in pain, though it made no actual sound. The creature turned, its face covered by a blue helmet, though it had no eye slits that Nikila could see. The massive being charged, only to find itself floating in midair.

Off to the side, Daikii struggled to keep the being floating. The creature was heavy, and he was exhausted, but he would kill the Toa by remaining helpless.

Nikila knew that she had to act quickly. She charged her trident up with electrical energy and dove towards the creature, as Daikii gasped and shut down the field.

The being hid the ground with a massive crash, and was shocked into unconsciousness by Nikila's trident.

Nikila sighed in relief, and realised that she could no longer hear any sounds of battle. She breathed out slowly – they had won! Six Toa had defeated a Remnant legion. She turned to Daikii, only to see him fall unconscious to the ground, due to a very hard impact to the back of his head. The cause, another colossal armoured being looked at Nikila in rage, and charged.

The last thing Nikila remembered was the impact of the massive being, and the sensation of being thrown through the air.

. .

In another part of the village, Toa Dez, the Toa of Sonics, was fighting a losing battle.

A gold-armoured Sahnlei stood in front of him with the twin bladed sword that they all carried clutched in his right hand.

Dez and the Sahnlei circled each other warily, not taking their eyes off one another.

Dez, however, was taking in much more than just his opponent.

There is an escape passage to the northeast, thought Dez. This has gone badly. But there are not many more of these guys left.

He cut off his train of thought as the Sahnlei charged and swung his sword. Dez deflected the strike with his vibroblade, and struck back with the pommel of the weapon, dazing the Sahneli.

With his enemy dazed, Dez turned and ran for the opening in the ruined buildings.

The Sahnlei turned to follow, but then he heard a battle cry.

Looking at the lava gem in his pack, he turned in the other direction and he fled for his life.

. .

The most astonishing thing happened to Toa Daikii. He woke up.

He groaned, pulling himself off the sleep couch he'd been placed on, and blinked a few times. He felt like he'd been torn into pieces and reassembled backwards, but that was the only real problem. That and his splitting headache.

"Not bad," remarked a black armoured being from the corner. He was taller than the average Toa, but not the largest that Daikii had seen.

"I don't remember the last time that I saw a pair of battle-weary Toa take down a Hunter," continued the being. As Daikii attempted to stand, the being pushed him down. "Sit. You're not ready to be back on your feet yet."

"Who are you?" asked Daikii. "Where am I?"

The being laughed. "My name is Hydraxon, and this is a Hand Base," he explained. "We were on our way to give you a hand, but despite your excellent defence, we were still too late," he added sadly.

"They got the lava gem, then?" asked Daikii.

Hydraxon nodded. "I'm afraid so," he said. "But the Matoran are all safe – they weren't too happy to see us, but they're safe." He stood up from his bench. "I'm going to check on the rest of your team. Who's in charge, anyway?" he asked.

Daikii shrugged. "We change the role every few weeks," he said. "We aren't the best set of Toa."

Hydraxon smiled. "That's where you're wrong. If a being admits his faults and is aware of them, then they might not be his faults after all."

He left the room, leaving Daikii to ponder the situation. He looked around the room, from what Hydraxon had told him, he was in a Hand of Artakha base, the group dedicated to protecting the Matoran. They were a rather undisciplined group, however – they would save your life, but destroy your island while they were at it.

But they were eager for new members. Toa, beings of great power, even the odd Matoran with a flair for heroics were allowed to join up. Daikii wondered if he and his team would be next on the list. The Hand had been in operation for just over a century, and had established themselves as a force for good.

Ignoring Hydraxon's advice, he walked to the door, and looked down the hallway. A pair of Skakdi, the vicious natives of Zakaz, was walking down the hallway. That in itself was surprising, as the Skakdi were known for being brutal and barbaric – and those were their nicer traits.

He followed the two down the hallway, and turned a corner to find a large training hall.

Beings of all shapes and sizes were sparring with each other. Two beings similar to Hydraxon were weaving a deadly dance with their wrist knives, while the pair of Skakdi joined up with another group, who were twirling spears that were over thirty feet in length. Daikii smiled at that – he had to show that to Purian.

"Who are you?" asked a gruff voice.

Daikii turned to see a red and silver armoured warrior about the size of a Toa sitting on a bench, resting.

"Toa Daikii, of the Northern fringes," said the Toa of Gravity.

The being smiled. "Ah, so you were the one that took down that Colony then, weren't you?" he asked. "A pity for you that they always travel in pairs – and get quite irritated when the other goes down."

"I found out the hard way," muttered Daikii, rubbing the back of his head.

He took another look around the chamber. Like the organization, it was informal, and disorderly, but the was no bad vibes coming off the scene. Even the Skakdi weren't causing any trouble. The being saw Daikii having a gander, and tapped a sign on the wall.

Warning. If you are accidentally hit by someone else, don't complain. It happens on the battlefield, and it does happen here. Get used to it, and use it to your advantage.

Daikii smiled at that, though he knew it wasn't a joke.

"Anyway, shouldn't you be resting?" asked the being curiously. "A knock to the head from an enraged Colony, you shouldn't even be awake after a week."

Daikii blanched. "I was asleep for a week?" he asked.

The being laughed at his shocked expression. "We thought you'd be sleeping for two weeks after a knock like that," he chortled. "But you seem to be made of stronger stuff."

Daikii shrugged. He wasn't a Toa of Iron, who had natural endurance, but he'd always been less susceptible to damage than his teammates. Obviously, it had saved him once again.

"I did tell you to remain in your room, you know," said an amused voice.

Daikii turned to see Hydraxon grinning at him.

"But, since you've entered our training room, there's only one way out," remarked the being. "You'll have to train with someone."

Daikii looked around in surprise, but Hydraxon was already shouting across the room.

"Shadow Stealer!" he yelled. "Get over here!"

Daikii was surprised at the name, and turned to see an ancient being with large muscles and long arms shuffling across the room. Thought small, Daikii could tell that he was a skilled fighter, and probably easily able to take Daikii down. He carried two double bladed swords and a stinger tail with two more blades, and sported horns out of his head.

"There are only two rules of combat here," he said. "No powers, and no killing or maiming."

Daikii unlimbered his gravity axe and his shield. 'Then we have an understanding," he replied.

Shadow Stealer smiled. Then he charged without warning, and Daikii barely managed to get out of the way. He counterattacked, but Shadow Stealer had ducked and swept his legs out from under him. Daikii landed hard, and struggled up, then slashed with his axe, and when that didn't work, charged, intending to club the being with his shield.

Shadow Stealer not only dodged the two attacks, but landed a solid blow, knocking the breath out of Daikii, then twisted around, and sent Daikii sprawling, disarmed. The Toa of Gravity had held onto his shield, but his axe had spun through the air and hit a nearby Toa of Water, much to her displeasure.

Shadow Stealer smiled. "That's it. I win."

"No," replied the Toa of Gravity. "You don't." He beckoned to Shadow Stealer, and planted his feet. Shadow Stealer charged, but Daikii moved with astonishing speed, and clocked him in the face with his shield, the slammed the edges down on Shadow Stealer's hands, making him lose his grip on his swords. Shadow Stealer responded by whipping his tail forward, and slamming it into Daikii's mask, but was thrown to the ground.

"Enough," said the red and silver armoured being. "He's done enough."

Shadow Stealer retrieved his weapons, and handed Daikii's axe to him. "Good work," he replied. "Now go and get some rest. Wouldn't want to fight a tired foe now, would I?"

He turned and headed out of the room.

Hydraxon laughed. "Now that's something that you don't see every day," he commented. "Now, Toa, how about you get back to your room, hmm?" he asked.

Daikii nodded, out of breath.

He headed back to his room and collapsed on the couch. What a day, he thought. Remnants' and now the Hand. He rubbed his armour. This could be interesting.

. . . . . . . . . . . ..

In an island fortress, far in the southern chains sat a mighty fortress. It was a massive dome, and it bristled with defensive weaponry. Reptilian guards with long snouts patrolled the area, clutching laser harpoons and crossbows.

In the centre of the fortress, a yellow and black armoured Sahnlei sat on the floor, feet placed together, meditating. Had most of his race seen this, they would have given him a few odd looks.

The Sahnlei rose from his pose, and stretched. He was a magnificent specimen, seven feet tall, with long ankles and broad feet. His neck stretched out, and his head, with its four part lower jaws was a symbol of pride for his race. They were revered in the universe as one of the six ruling species, gifted with an appointed leader. Their leader was Kalmah, a being who consented to be armoured in the red of a lower class member.

Of course, that was not true for a Remnant Sahnlei, a esteemed member of the alliance that had dedicated themselves to obtaining objects of great power and studying them. These people followed a different leader species, not one of the six higher class, but a wizened species, horned and long armed.

This Sahnlei had seen many battles, and defeated many foes. All save for one. A foe that he'd met today armoured in grey and black.

He was looking forward to meeting that warrior again.

Okay, yes, I have ripped off the Covenant so badly for this fic. I won't use the nicknames, though.

I had the "Grunts" as mutated Matoran, because of their short legs.

Daikii, and the rest of his team, with the exception of Nikila, are my creations. Daikii's shield is the same as the of the Dark Hunter Ravager. His gravity axe is the axes of Gali Nuva on one hand. Shadow Stealer was created by a fan for the Dark Hunters, and was canonically part of the hand. Kahlo's Hagah Plasma Cannon is a MOC weapon that was accepted into the canon. Hydraxon and the red and silver armoured being are both official models.

The warrior that the Sahnlei dwells on is part of Daikii's team, which have the same elements as the Bohrok-Kal, with the exceptions of Vacuum, which will be replaced by a Toa of the Green. So the Green, and Magnetism are still to be named. I'm open to suggestions for this story. The full team will be revealed next chapter.

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