I was reading through my old BIONICLE books recently, trying to figure where certain events and certain species come into the story, and wondering how many I could fit into this fic. I've now hit upon a rather humorous idea that allows me to work with some of my favourite BIONICLE characters. This one, I promise, won't be majorly interconnected to the main story that much, unlike what I said for chapter 3.

Let us listen to a one-shot chapter of the BIONICLE.

Toa Helryx snapped out of her sleep as a message blared its way over the Hand of Artahka base's alarm system.

"Toa Helryx, we request that you make your way to the central chamber," intoned the voices of the Hand leaders.

Helryx knew that the word "request" was simply a polite term for "order," so she rose from her sleep couch and walked out into the hallway of the Hand barracks, making her way through the assorted Toa, Skakdi, and other assorted species that made up the Hand's members.

After about ten minutes of navigating the cramped corridors of the base, the Toa of Water reached the central chamber, guarded by two "bruisers" in blue and white armour.

While one of them announced Helryx's arrival, the other eyed Helryx to determine the level of danger that she presented. Helryx, on the other hand, was quite confident that she could take them both on and finish the job within minutes.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the return of the first bruiser.

"The Leaders will see you now, Toa," he said.

Helryx nodded, and walked through the door.

As usual, the two Leaders of the Hand of Artahka sat on their thrones, but there were a few other beings in the room as well.

One was a black and white armoured being wearing a sinister Kanohi Shelek. The other three were all of the same species, tall and wiry, with two-toed, finned feet, and thick forearms. All three wore visors and had tanks attached to the backs of their heads. The central emerald-armoured one looked imposing, but nervously scraped his fingers together.

The blue armoured Hand Leader leaned forward. "Toa Helryx, we have a mission for you, as you may have already guessed."

"Is it the Remnants again?" asked Helryx, hoping to hear that another Crystal Pillar had been discovered.

"No," said the Leader. "They've been keeping unusually quiet ever since that incident with the first Crystal Pillar. We don't think that they'll be a problem for a while."

"However, there has been an uprising, on an island far to the south of the Voya Nui region," said the green armoured Hand Leader. "The island is mainly populated by Matoran, but there is also a small number of another species native to the island, and one of these is conquering the island. These species have held control over specific areas of the island, as there are so few of them that they can rule small areas of the island. This has been fine with the Matoran, up until one of them, who seems to go out of his way to pull of impossible victories, decided to conquer the entire island. He's subjugated half of the other territories and almost killed another of his species. The Matoran have described him as a magician."

"And we care about this because?" asked Helryx flippantly.

"We care about this because it is our duty to help those in trouble," stormed the first Hand leader quietly. "But, if you so desire a military reason for assisting them, the island is rather strategic. You will watch you words Toa, the position of being the first of your kind does not give you any more rights than any other member. Remember that."

"Putting aside your feelings," warned the other Hand leader. "We have chosen you for this assignment because you are a powerful Toa of Water, and we plan to launch a marine assault on this rebellion." He gestured to the Shelek wearer. "Makuta Kojol and his Takea Drakes will be part of your force. However, the entire effort will be coordinated by the Oreatuna, and by their leader, Barraki Ehlek."

"A Barraki?" asked Helryx. She gestured towards the nervous looking Oreatuna, who was still tapping his fingers together. "Can he get this one to stop being a nervous wreck?"

Kojol tried to keep his smile hidden.

Helryx frowned. "What's so funny, Makuta?"

"A nervous wreck?" hissed the emerald armoured Oreatuna. Then he smiled. "She's rude, but she has force."

"That she does, Ehlek," sighed the Hand Leader.

Helryx jumped in surprise. "You're the Barraki?"

"I certainly hope so, or I've been living a lie for five centuries," said Ehlek. "As for the nerves, you try depending of a rebreather to survive on land. See if you don't have to protect your weakness."

. .

Two hours later, Helryx was hanging onto the back of a Takea Drake for dear life as the attack force swam through the sea. Both the Rahi and the Barraki and his troops could swim extremely quickly, and they made good time as they swam through the liquid protodermis.

Kojol had teleported the entire group offshore the island they were targeting, and had shape-shifted into a more aquatic form to lead the Takea Drakes, this form was more white than black, with a spine emerging from behind his head and extending past his face, massive clawed arms, and two large find on his thighs. His mask had become more toothed, but it was still recognisable as a Shelek.

Helryx squinted at the shores of the island, where a heated battle was taking place between the Matoran of the island. The side that appeared to be winning was led by an eight foot tall bronze armoured being, with twin claws on each hand. Though unarmed, he was easily tearing through the Matoran, and the stragglers were knocked down by his grim faced allies. He pointed his claws at a knot of Matoran, and chanted under his breath. The stunned Matoran lifted into the air, and the being tossed them into the lagoon.

Several Matoran broke and ran.

"The Conjurer!" they cried in terror.

They didn't get far; the 'Conjurer' simply waved his hand, chanted, and dumped them into the lagoon as well.

A brave Matoran leaped up behind the Conjurer and stabbed him in the neck with his knife, but the thin blade had no hope against the Conjurer's thick neck and armour, and he angrily slammed the Matoran into the ground so hard that the villager nearly snapped into pieces.

That set Helryx off, and she began to gather the waters behind her.

Sensing the change in currents, Ehlek gave the order.

"Attack!" he called. The warriors of the Oreatuna took off, heading for the estuary of the spit. Helryx joined them, leaping from the back of the Takea Drake and surfing the currents on her shield.

Kojol snarled, and the Drakes charged through the water, leaping over the spit and tackling the Conjurer's Matoran. The bewildered Matoran fought back, but between them and the ferocious Rahi, it was no contest. The Takea Drakes didn't kill the Matoran, but they made sure that they wouldn't be getting up again anytime soon.

The Conjurer appeared bewildered, and fired a Rhotuka spinner from his gauntlet, catching one of the Rahi in the chest. The Drake gasped, and dragged itself back into the water, while the Conjurer charged with the same speed that the Rahi had done so with, and tackled two other Drakes and flung them several bio back into the sea.

Kojol charged, slamming into the beings midsection. The Conjurer ripped the Makuta off and choked him into unconsciousness with his telekinetic powers, green mist spreading around the Makuta's head.

With Kojol down, the Drakes lost organization, and several times the Oreatuna had to dodge charges from the Rahi. For their part, they circled the spit and leapt across it in hit-and-run tactics.

The Conjurer's Matoran broke and ran.

Helryx focused on the Conjurer, firing a stream of water at the self-proclaimed magician from her marine mace. The bronze armoured being ducked aside and gestured. The next thing she knew, Helryx was flying through the air, back into the sea. She caught herself on the currents and rocketed back into the air.

Then a cry went up as a massive herd of Kane-Ra trampled down the spit. Matoran attempted to scurry out of the way as the panicked Rahi, herded by the Conjurer's Matoran, stampeded, and trampling Matoran from both sides and Takea Drakes alike.

The Conjurer lifted himself into the air, and laughed at the destruction – and an emerald armoured form tackled him and pinned him to the ground. The Conjurer twisted and threw Ehlek off him, but the Barraki landed in a crouch and got back to his feet, clutching his punching daggers tightly.

The Conjurer gestured – and Ehlek leapt aside, rendering whatever telekinetic assault the Conjurer was unleashing useless.

The force missed the Barraki and caught the Kane-Ra, sweeping the front of the herd aside and into the lagoon. The Rahi panicked, swimming away from the battle, but treading on each other, and forcing the heads of many a Kane-Ra under the surface.

The Conjurer's Matoran marched back into battle, and fired wooden disks at the Takea Drakes. The disks didn't inflict lethal injuries, but they stung badly and the Rahi were soon buckling under the pressure.

Helryx blocked a disk with her shield, and launched a kick, booting one Matoran away. Another group, Fa-Matoran this time, each wielding twin blades as large as they were, charged, though they lost cohesion when an Oreatuna dived out of the lagoon and took out the trio leading the group of Matoran.

Ehlek continued to clash with the Conjurer. The 'magician hadn't landed a single hit on the Barraki owing to the Oreatuna's speed and agility, but the Conjurer's powers prevented Ehlek from dealing any serious damage.

The Barraki of the oceans twisted away from another of the Conjurer's strikes, took out a Fa-Matoran that got too close and thrusted, landing what should have been a lethal strike. The Conjurer not only survived, he struck but with enough force that Ehlek actually stumbled backwards from the impact.

Before they could resume their clash, Helryx decided that she'd had enough of this, and unleashed a massive tidal wave upon the Conjurer's Matoran, maintaining it long enough to choke them into unconsciousness, before recalling it and focusing it.

The Conjurer saw what she was doing, and tried to stop her from collecting the wave, but Ehlek grabbed him and held him fast, catching him in a choke-hold. The Conjurer squinted, and twisted free with his powers, but it was too late by then.

Helryx released the wave as a continuous column of liquid protodermis hitting Conjurer in the chest and blasting him into the cliff of the headland of the bay. Helryx kept the blast up until all the protodermis that she'd collected was unleashed, before slumping wearily.

The Conjurer was embedded in the cliff, groaning in pain.

Of all the forces that could have defeated him – fire, stone, earth, lightning, he had been trumped by the lifeblood of the universe.

Lying embedded in the cliff, defeated by an army of aquatic beings, he suffered great embarrassment for several days, particularly from his own species. He developed a great hatred of water that never faded for as long as he lived, and he lived many a long day, though he never discussed that particular day with anyone, nor was anyone ever stupid enough to ask.

Ahhhh. That felt good.

As you can see, I'll be including more of the Barraki in this story – but I still need to figure out how to make these things longer. I need to have a goal, rather than single battles all the time. I am getting better with that though.

The Conjurer is just that – he is "Conjurer," a future Dark Hunter. The Dark Hunter's concept hasn't even occurred to the Shadowed One or Ancient yet, they simply live on their island of shadows and ice at the time this fic takes place. It was stated that Conjurer has "an intense hatred of water, the reason for which has not been discovered." I depicted this event as the genesis for this hatred.

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