A/N: Hey you guys! We're so excited to be writing again. This time, we decided to start a different story - one where the guys (Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Simon and Roger) all answer your questions! We hope you'll enjoy it - and, please, write in your questions ASAP! Thanks

So, hence the name, we're going to be putting a little more emphasis on Simon in this story than in most "write to the characters" stories. Just to make it a bit different. You don't have to only ask Simon questions, but you could also maybe ask the other boys questions about Simon, that kind of thing. Also, we're trying our best to keep this story PG, so please try to remember that.

We know that this story idea is really popular, but everyone seems to like it, so we wanted to contribute. Also, please check out our other story, "Ask The Sues"! It's the same idea, but with Mary-Sues. We think it's a cute idea. Thanks so much, we can't wait to see your questions!