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Ralph: Looks like we've got more questions!

Jack and Roger: Oh, goody.

Piggy: Can I read THESE questions?

Simon: I think I'll read. "Simon, what thoughts were running through your head when Jack started cursing at you for helping Piggy?"

Jack: Hope you weren't planning to talk back to me. Both of you had it coming.

Piggy: Heeeeeey!

Simon: Actually, no, Jack, I don't think I wanted to talk back. I kind of wanted to run. Or faint. But probably run.

Jack: Of course you would. You're a coward.

Ralph: You can't just be mean to people for no reason, Jack.

Jack: It wasn't for no reason. Simon deserves it.

Simon: I do not! :(

Piggy: Why does Simon deserve it?

Roger: Because Simon's a baby.

Ralph: Nobody asked your opinion, Roger.

Roger: Nobody ever asks my opinion. :(

Jack: Yeah, because you're even bigger of a baby than Simon is.

Simon: Can we stop calling people names and move onto the next question? "Do you play any sports? Are you in a school club or on a team of any kind?"

Jack: I figure because you're such a wimp that you never did any sports.

Simon: Well, actually, I did.

Jack: Pfft. What?

Ralph: Quit it.

Simon: I was actually on the running team.

Jack: How'd you do it? You always faint.

Simon: I did fine, thank you very much. I was second fastest in my grade.

Roger: Pfft. That's a big accomplishment.

Simon: I'd like to see you do better.

Roger: I'm better at you than everything.

Ralph: Everything except caring about people.

Roger: Psh, I care about plenty of people.

Ralph: Who?

Roger: ...

Ralph: My point exactly.

Simon: Whatever. Let's move on. The next question says: "Finally, how did you get so into touching people's arms?".

Simon: Isn't that just what normal people do?

Jack: No, just crybabies like you.

Ralph: You know what Jack, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

Jack: *gets up and leaves the room*

Piggy: Well, I guess that takes care of that. Yeah, I always wondered about the arm touching thing too. I-

Jack: *walks back into the room with duct tape covering his mouth*

Ralph: Seriously? Are you that immature?

Jack: Mmmph mmmph mmmmmph.

Piggy: As I was saying, I always thought that was a LITTLE BIT weird!

Simon: Huh. Guess I'm not normal, then.

Roger: You finally say it, weirdo.

Ralph: Do you need duct tape, too?

Roger: No, you?

Simon: Anyway. Let's move onto the last question from this review. This one's actually for Jack. "Do you have ANY regrets about killing Simon?" Wait, you killed me?

Jack: Mmmph? *takes tape off* That hurt. What was the question?

Simon: Do you regret apparently killing me?

Jack: Uhhh...I feel like I'm going to lose no matter what I say here.

Simon: *laughs* These people are delusional. I never died.

Jack: Okay, Simon.

Simon: Anyway, let's move on. The next review says: "So...Simon (and Roger), were you guys ever treated badly by grown-ups? Seems to me from the book that you two were more aware of the evil of humans.". Roger, you wanna take this one first?

Roger: I don't like talking about my family.

Ralph: Ooh, look who's being a SENSITIVE BABY!

Roger: Shut up! You don't know what I've been through! My parents used to put me in time outs.

Ralph: Oh, yeah, that's real terrible, isn't it?

Roger: AND I had to wash my mouth with soap once because I said a bad word.

Simon: He can't be serious.

Ralph: Don't think so.

Jack: He's not.

Simon: Actually, the kids were worse to me than the grown-ups around me ever were (and they were never bad). So I guess I became more 'sensitive' because they acted like that. *glares at Jack*

Jack: It wasn't my fault.

Simon: Yes it was. You would have turned the whole choir against me if you could have.

Jack: That's not true.

Simon: It's completely true.

Roger: It's true.

Simon: Thanks, Roger.

Roger: No problem.

Piggy: Ha! I knew that was true.

Roger: Shut up, Fatty.

Piggy: It's PI- oh. :(

Jack: So what if I was going to turn the choir against you? You didn't do anything for us. You were the worst singer, anyway, so...

Simon: *gasp* You didn't!

Jack: It's true. You were always out of key.

Roger: Well, you were just as bad, to be honest. Remember the last 'concert'?

Jack: We don't talk about that concert, Roger.

Simon: I was sick that day. What happened?

Roger: You don't need to know.

Simon: o.O

Ralph: Say we move on, Simon?

Simon: Sounds good. This next review is LONG. First it says, "Piggy you're awesome! So are you Simon!"

Piggy: Gee, thanks! :) *beams*

Simon: Yeah, thanks. :)

Jack: *to Roger* This person clearly has no taste.

Simon: Carrying on. "Can I have a hug from one of you? Any of you?" Okay! **hugs**

Piggy: *hugs*

Ralph: Um, alright. *hugs*

Roger: ...

Jack: ...

Roger: ...

Jack: ...

Roger: *hugs*

Jack: Oh, come on! Are you really that big of a wimp?

Roger: What? Have a heart!

Jack: I don't give hugs.

Roger: Yeah, we know.

Simon: I love hugs!

Jack: We know. -_-

Ralph: This is kind of awkward. Let's move on.

Simon: There's nothing awkward about hugs, Ralph.

Ralph: Just read the next question.

Simon: Okay, fine! "Piggy, is Beyonce your favorite singer?" Thanks for making things less awkward, Ralph.

Ralph: No problem.

Piggy: Um, anyway, um, I don't know what you're talking about, um...

Roger: Oh, come on. We all know you love her.

Piggy: UM, I don't know who she is...

Jack: Me neither.

Piggy: Um, um, uhhh, I'll say, uh...

Roger: Tell us, Fatty, who runs the world?

Piggy: Girls! *covers mouth* I mean, nothing, nothing...

Roger: You don't have to talk anymore. We already know the answer.

Ralph: I'm creeped out by this conversation. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Simon: Ralph, you need to learn to open up to your feelings more.

Ralph: I just did by saying I'm creeped out.

Simon: _ Next question. "Simon! How'd you get so awesome? I'd like to take notes on your methods." Hmm. Well I-

Jack: He's not awesome!

Simon: Yes I am :( Anyway, I guess I was just born like that. I never really thought of myself as very special, I'm just being myself.

Jack: You're special yourself, alright. Just not in the way that you think.

Simon: Stop it! So, I mean, just...be yourself? And don't be mean like Jack.

Roger: Exactly- uh, I mean, you're wrong, you big baby.

Jack: You're on thin ice, Roger.

Roger: Sorry.

Simon: Why don't we move on? Next question is also for me, I guess. "Again! How old are you? " Um, well I'm-

Jack: Two?

Roger: Four?

Simon: No, I'm actually older than that. I'm-

Ralph: Eight.

Simon: Close. I'm actually-

Piggy: Ooh, ooh, let me guess! Um, seven.

Simon: *sigh* Can't I just answer a question without getting interrupted?

Roger: No.

Ralph: Apparently not.

Jack: I think Simon just turned eight months.

Simon: I ha- don't like you guys.

Jack: Oh look...baby Simon almost said a bad word! Couldn't let that happen, should we?

Simon: I could say a bad word if I wanted.

Jack: You've never said a bad word in your life.

Simon: ...

Jack: If you can say it, go ahead. Do it.

Simon: Hate.

Jack: Whoaaaa look! Simon's getting to be bad!

Simon: Stop it! No I'm not.

Roger: I bet that's the first time in your life you've said hate.

Simon: ...

Ralph: Shut up and quit pressuring him to do bad things.

Jack: Saying "hate" is not bad!

Ralph: Hate can do a lot of bad things, Jack. *glares*

Jack: Oh, come on. It's okay to hate people if they're useless.

Ralph: No, it's not.

Roger: Maybe not hate, but you can still get rid of them. *looks at Piggy*

Piggy: I don't see what you're implying here.

Simon: Do any of you even remember the question?

Everyone else: No.

Simon: Whatever. Moving on. This says, "And I'm sorry you don't have many friends. But me and my friends all love you! Will you be MY friend Simon? It would make my life "

Roger: Awwww look. Simon's got a secret admirer.

Simon: Aw. That's nice of them. Well first off, thanks. It's okay that I don't have many friends, I like being alone anyway.

Jack: The reason he has no friends is-

Simon: And of course I'll be your friend.

Roger: How come they don't wanna be friends with me?

Ralph: Because nobody likes you.

Roger: People like me.

Ralph: Name one.

Roger: Obviously, you must like me enough to ask me that.

Ralph: Answer the question.

Roger: Well, okay, besides you, Jack.

Jack: No.

Roger: Piggy.

Piggy: NO!

Roger: Samneric.

Sam and Eric: *running* by Don't think so!

Roger: Nobody's admitting to liking me. Fine. I'll just say that I like me. A lot.

Ralph: Of course you do.

Jack: Hey, maybe someone does like Roger. Here's the next question: "Why don't you have a soul? Again, I'm taking notes cuz YOU'RE MY FAVORITE I LOVE YOU ROGER!"

Roger: I told you so. See? I'm someone's favorite. Anyway, souls are for squares.

Jack: Like Simon.

Roger: *high fives Jack*

Ralph: You two are mean. And bullies.

Roger: Yeah, and what else is new?

Simon: Don't worry about it, Ralph. Let's just move on. Next comment is for Jack. "You're cool. I'm dead serious. My avatar on Pottermore is a ginger cat, and since he's a ginger, I named him after you. No questions for you though, sorry."

Ralph: *snickers*

Jack: Can you shut up?

Ralph: No, it's just that you're *snicker* a GINGER.

Jack: Oooookay. Well, at least this person thinks I'm cool.

Piggy: Well, you're still a ginger.

Jack: Well, you're a pig with glasses.

Piggy: Heeeeeey! That's mean!

Simon: How come you guys always find a way to call each other names?

Jack: Well, that's his name! Piggy!

Piggy: No, it's-

Ralph: Be quiet, Piggy.

Simon: Can we stop?

Jack: No, not until we answer the last question. This one's for Ralphie-poo. "Why don't you lighten up every once and a while? You seemed like such a fun guy at the beginning, but you became a little bit of a nag later on. No offense."

Roger: I like this girl. I'm her favorite AND she understands what Ralph is really like.

Ralph: I do lighten up. I am fun. It's just that we needed to get rescued, and we needed to keep the fire-

Jack: Fire, fire, fire, fire. That's all you can ever talk about.

Ralph: It was important!

Jack: Not as important as having fun!

Piggy: Having fun is nothing compared to being rescued.

Jack: Shut up, Fatty. Nobody likes you.

Piggy: Ralph likes me. Ralph is my friend. Right, Ralph?

Ralph: ...Sure Piggy.

Simon: I think you guys should have focused on being nice to each other. If you weren't fighting, nobody would have gotten hurt.

Ralph: We had to focus on the fire-

Jack: No, we had to focus on getting meat and having fun!

Ralph: Boy, if I can't shut up about fire, YOU won't shut up about meat.

Jack: Well, what else are you going to eat? Huh? Were we going to eat the leaves?

Simon: No, don't eat the plants!

Piggy: No! But you had to think about us too!

Roger: Why would we think about you and Ralph?

Jack: Yeah! Nobody likes you guys!

Piggy: At least Ralph cared about everyone. Even you guys.

Simon: Guys, quit fighting. It's making me feel sad.

Ralph: Fine. For Simon's sake, let's just all shut up.

Jack: Babies.

Roger: Losers.

Ralph: Said the boys with no friends.

Roger: Well, I'm friends with Jack-

Jack: I wouldn't say that if I were you.

Ralph: Beautiful. You can't even be friends with each other. Just beautiful.

Simon: Let's stop, guys. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'm sorry that everyone else is mean.

Ralph: Yeah, I apologize too. For being mean.

Jack, Roger: We don't.

Piggy: I don't because I'm perfect.

Simon: I'm not responding to any of that. See you next time!

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