Chapter 2 ~ Always

Shan Yu walked along a worn path. The land around him was dully colored but very bright. He was walking somewhere. He really didn't know where, but he was going to get there. A small house appeared on the horizon. The path led to the house. He walked up to it. A large horse stood next to a smaller one, grazing on the grass. The horses looked familiar. The smaller one looked up. It was Cheng. The stallion nickered at his master, trotting over to him. The large horse also looked up. Jade.

The sound of nickering horses alerted the people in the house. A small boy opened the door, looking directly at Shan Yu. "Father!" he shouted, a smile on his face as he ran to Shan Yu.

Shan Yu crouched down, catching the boy, laughing with him. Another person emerged. Shan Yu felt his stomach drop. Su Lin smiled at him. He carefully lowered the boy to the ground as she began to run towards him. He caught her, spinning her around before catching her in a passionate kiss. He lowered her to the ground, resting his chin on her head. "Why are you so tall?" she asked, making the Hun look down at her.

"The better to hold you." He replied, scooping her up in his arms again.

Yan cam scampering out, followed by a low flying Hayabusa. The pair of birds chirped happily at his arrival. Shan Yu held Su Lin close, their son hugging his leg. Sweeping her arm out to the house and the surrounding landscape. "Welcome home Shan Yu." She said and suddenly all those who had fallen during the war appeared in their own houses, reunited with their families once more.

Shan Yu nuzzled into her loose hair. "I'm home where ever you are." He said, pressing a kiss onto her neck.

She sighed, leaning into his chest. They stood there, just looking into the nothing while their son scampered and played with their loyal mounts and fowl. Their hearts beat as one, just as they always had… as they always would.

The End