"LEN! HAVE YOU SEEN THE ORANGES!" Rin shouted from the kitchen. Len's eyes widened in fear. He eyed the green garbage can out on the curb.

"N-no, Rin-chan!" He replied back guiltily. Of course he took them! And if Rin ever found out that their final resting place the trashcan, he'd be dead. He could hear her footsteps up the stairs. Thinking quickly, he dove for the closet and locked himself inside. Len heard their bedroom door open and slam against the wall.

"LEN! I KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE!" Len's heart stopped short, then started again, faster than ever. Rin beat her fists on the closet door. "You baka! Open the damn door!"

Slowly, Len unlocked the door and opened it. He kept his eyes to the floor, not meeting the gaze of his pissed girlfriend.

"You took 'em!" Rin accused. Len didn't deny it. "You jerk!"

Len lifted his eyes. "I'm sorry," He muttered.

"Where'd you put 'em?" Len's face flushed. He rubbed his hand against the back of his neck.

"Well," He started. He turned his eyes out the window and to the trashcan. Rin's eyes followed, then narrowed.

"You manuke! How could you?" Tears pricked her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Rin-Rin," Len murmered, pulling her close to him. "Please don't cry." Rin hiccuped, the lifted her head up. Len looked into her eyes and slowly smiled. "You could always have a banana." He swiftly pecked Rin's forehead, and ran like hell.


**Manuke- moron