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Get Kicked Out Of Walmart

Vocaloid Style

The Vocaloids all piled into the SUV. They all wore excited grins- it was their first trip to the wonderful world of Walmart. Usually, Master would be one to do it, but he had come down with a terrible head-cold, and the Vocaloids didn't want to bother him.

Rin, Len, and Kaito sat in the very back, Luka and Miku in the middle, and Meiko and Kaito up front. Kaito was driving of course, why would they let the drunk drive?

It wasn't a long drive, probably only about fifteen minutes. Kaito parked, and they all piled out. Instead of dressing in their usual uniforms, they dressed in casual wear. No one recognized them, but they got strange looks from the passer-bys.

I mean, who wouldn't stare at a girl with blue pigtails that went down to her waist, a girl with long pink hair, a blue haired guy, and and obviously drunk girl. The Kagamine's were the most normal of them. They just looked like twins (even though they aren't).

As they entered the store, they all went their seperate ways. Kaito to the frozen section for ice cream, Meiko was off to look at the alcohol, Miku to the vegetable isle, Rin and Len to the fruits, and Luka was off to the fish.

Rin's POV

Len and I walked to the fruits section in a comfortable silence. I headed towards the oranges, while Len went a few bins down to the bananas. I grabbed one of those green bags that you're supposed to put the loose fruit in, and looked at the selection in front of me.

Hmmm, blood oranges? What the hell? No, thank you. Mandrins... No. Where are the plain oranges? Ahh, there they are.

I gathered two full bags of oranges, that way I wouldn't run out so fast, and saw Len coming towards me with three bundles of bananas. I crinkled my nose.

"How can you like such a perverted fruit?" I asked. Of course we've had this arugment before, but I still couldn't understand why he liked them so much. "Face it, Len. You know what it's shaped like."

"How can you like oranges?" He retorted. "They're sour, and they burn you if you have chapped lips. They're stupid." I narrowed my eyes. Stupid? I'll show you stupid.

"Take it back," I growled murderously. Len shook his head. "Take it back. Now." Len smiled and shook his head again. I reached back to the shelf behind me, grabbing an orange. I tested its weight, and chucked it at him. It hit him square in the chest.

"Ow..." He grumbled. "What was that for?" I threw another one at him. This time, he dove behind the banana display. Another orange was chucked at him. What happened next, though, I didn't expect.

Len had grabbed a bundle of bananas, ripped one free, and fired it straight at my head. I ducked, but it grazed the top of my hair. War broke out. We started grabbing whatever fruit our hand reached, and we would hurl it at each other.

I had even grabbed a pineapple (remember, those things are prickly), and threw it at Len. And it hit him in the face.

"OW!" He shouted.

"Sorry!" I replied, even though we were in war mode, I didn't really want him to get hurt.

I didn't know how long we were throwing foods at each other. I didn't realize the destruction we were causing. I wasn't aware of the horrified looks we were receiving. And I definitely did not realize that there were security gaurds heading our way until I felt one grab me by the collar of my shirt. I looked to Len, and saw him in the same predicament.

"Don't bother coming back," the Gaurds said as they tossed us outside.

"But-!" Len and I shouted together, but the gaurds were already inside. I stared in disbelief.

I heard Len sigh, and get up. "I guess we should wait in the car for the others." I followed behind him. "I didn't even get my bananas..."

Kaito's POV

I browsed through the wonderful selections of ice scream. So many to choose from... Cookies 'n Cream, Orange Dream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough... Oh! Whoppers, that's a new one. I wonder what it tastes like... I bet no one would notice if I opened a tub...

So I opened a tub of the Whoppers ice cream. And I took a bite. Then another. And another.

And I looked at the other selections. There were so many! Then I looked back at the empty carton in my hand, then I looked around for people. No one was here. No one would see me.

And I ate ice cream. A lot of it. I ate the Cookies and Cream, and the Cookie Dough, and Moose Tracks, and even ventured into popsicle land. Oh, my... I need it all...

And then everything got blurry. I couldn't tell right from wrong. I just wanted the damn ice scream! No, I neeeeeeeded it. I was in Heaven! I could live here!

And then I was brought out of my daze by someone yanking me away from the freezers. No! The ice cream!

"Hey!" I shouted. "Let me go! The ice cream! Hey!"

"Get out of here," The man said. Now that I think about it, the man looked a lot like a security gaurd. "Don't come back!" And I was tossed outside.

"But my ice cream..." I sighed. I then got up and headed toward the car. Might as well wait for the others. As I opened the door to the drivers side, I saw Rin and Len in the backseat, covered in fruit.

They gave me embarrased grins, and I didn't bother to ask what happened.

Luka's POV

I walked over to the fish isle with a smile on my face. Walmart was such and amazing place! You could get anything here! Food, clothes, electronics, makeup, anything! No wonder Master always went, who wouldn't want to go?

I headed up to the counter and saw a man with a bored look on his face. "Excuse me, Sir," I said. "What kind of fish do you have?" He looked up and grunted.

"There," He replied, pointing to the open freezer off to the side. Wow, people are so unsociable. I smiled and browsed through the selection.

They were all nice choices. Shrimp, flounder, sushi. I enjoyed them from time to time, but nothing compared to my tuna. Which I couldn't find. I couldn't find the tuna.

"Um, Sir," I turned to the man again. He raised his eyebrows in question. "There's no tuna..."

"We ran out, Miss," He replied. "You're out of luck." I sucked in a deep breath. Keep calm, Luka. It's probably a mistake. Ask again nicely.

"Surely there must be a mistake," I looked at his name tag, "Dan. Walmart has everything. Is there anyway you could possibly check again."

"Look, Miss, we're out. We have no more. None, zip, zero. Out."

I saw red. How dare he speak to me like that! I was nothing but polite to him! I got close to him and gave him a tight smile. "Sir, please-"

"Lady we're out! Give it a rest!"

I felt my face get hot, and I grabbed the closest thing to me- a flounder- and slapped him over the head with it.


"WHAT THE HELL! DID YOU JUST SLAP ME WITH A FISH?" I slapped him again. "STOP IT!" And I hit him again, and again, and again. I was about to hit him another time, but I felt something restrain my arm.

"Unhand me!" I screamed as I whirled around- and slapped a security gaurd with the damn fish. I slapped a hand over my mouth in surprise. "I'm so sorry!" The gaurd just took me by the hand and yanked me out of the store.

"Don't come back!" He shouted, and walked back into the store. I got up, shook myself off, and headed back to the SUV. As I opened the door, I saw Rin, Len, and Kaito waiting with annoyed faces.

I just shook my head.

Miku's POV

I walked over to the vegetable selection with a smile on my face. The Leeks were right near the front, and there was an old lady wearing a uniform restocking them!

"Hello!" I said cheerfully to her. She looked up, and smiled. Her eyes and around her lips crinkled.

"Hello, Dear," She responded. "Can I help you with something?" Wow, people are polite!

"Yes, I wanted to get some leeks, actually." She smiled, and pulled down a green bag. We started talking, and she told me how she shared my love for leeks. It was going really nicely.

That is, until some baka, Meiko, comes by standing in a cart that's moving, screaming at the top of her lungs.

"I'M WALKING ON SUNSHINE OH OH!" The cart then proceeded to run into a wall. "Hey! Whats th' big -hic- idea?" She slurred, obviously drunk. Oh, God. "Oh look! I can see -hic- th' tops of ya heads -hic-.

I left the nice lady and stomped towards Meiko. "Get out of the cart," I said softly.

"What? No I jus-"

"Get out of the damn cart, Meiko. Now!" She got this defiant look on her face. The one she usually gets when someone tries to argue with her.

"You can't make me." And I slapped with my leek. "You bitch! How dare you come up to me, yell at me, and hit me upside the fuc-" And I slapped her again.

"Meiko, you're coming with me." I pulled her out of the cart, waved goodbye to the old lady, and pulled Meiko behind me. Not bothering to pay for my leeks. I opened the car door, threw her inside, and sat down beside Luka.

"We are never going to Walmart again," I said. And that was the end of it.

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