Ch. 1 Catching Up

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The team was quickly tiring, but the enemy was being replaced as fast as they fell. Black Manta's troops were storming across the beach in endless droves. The Justice League's war with the Light was finally coming to an end, but only time would tell who came out the winner. The cave had been struck in a surprise attack that had led to the current battle on the beach of Happy Harbor. Young Justice was stretched thin to protect their home, but wave after wave of soldiers kept rising from the surf.

Nightwing straightened form a high spinning kick and checked his team again. Miss Martian was fiercely throwing rocks and debris from the initial attack on the mountain at the soldiers, crushing them. Her tactics were getting more and more worrying. Nightwing made sure to leave a mental note to come back to that point once the battle was over, now was not the time to question ethics.

He moved his line of sight to the slope of Mt. Justice where the team's two archers stood on an outcropping shooting a blanket of various arrows at the enemy. Nightwing was proud of how Roy had gotten his act together once he found the younger Roy- Speedy. Roy looked as great as he ever had, though Nightwing couldn't stop smirking at the pink ribbon on his bow- a gift from his daughter Lian and a good luck charm according to his wife. Roy was much more mature now that he had family and had repaired his relationship with Ollie. What seemed to have helped him the most was actually himself. Speedy had woken up confused, then terrified from learning that the world had gone on for seven years in his absence. He was depressed at the thought of not being an archer anymore due to his missing arm and having to move into the Cave instead of living with Ollie. No one could risk the chance of him being recognized as a younger Roy Harper. Fortunately, he received a surprise gift from Wayne Enterprises. It was cutting edge technology and allowed him to continue his archery. Both Roys trained together and developed a brotherly bond. Now they stood together providing cover for the rest of the team.

Nightwing then turned to Superboy and Blue Beetle who were fighting together in hand to hand combat. They were surrounded, but held their own. Superboy was smashing everyone within reach and Blue was spreading a wide sonic beam across the troops. They fell grabbing their heads in pain. The two team members had an easy going friendship, but preferred to enjoy each other's company in silence. As he turned to check on his younger brother, Nightwing saw two flying forms pelting the troopers with light beams and small explosives. Bumblebee and Wonder Girl were an excellent team and even closer friends. They joined the team around the same time and bonded from being the "new girls" in the hero community.

A small form streaked past the duo and revealed itself to be a forest green alien bird from Raan. Nightwing was very proud of how far Beast Boy had come in a short time despite his tragic life experiences. He was the new "baby bro" of the group, replacing Nightwing himself in the original team. Megan and Garfield were very close and her love was almost the only thing that kept him going in his low points. Nightwing always considered the risks of sending such a young child into battle, but he knew they shared a similar background and a similar cause to fight for.

Nightwing finally found his two favorite members of the team in the shadows surrounding the mountain. Batgirl and Robin were black streaks whirling around and over the soldiers in moves exactly synchronized with each other. Babs acted as Tim's older sister and was herself considered a member of the bat clan. Of course, she wasn't quite a sister to Nightwing. He had liked her for a long time now, and was slowly building up the courage to ask her out. Nightwing didn't think he could bear losing either of them, and with that thought jumped down to engage another soldier. They couldn't lose this battle, this war. He had given up so much, and so had his friends. While Wally didn't like the idea of Artemis going undercover, nothing but Nightwing's direct orders could keep him from helping his team in this battle. The two boys had to pretend to be estranged and they knew they couldn't keep up that farce with Kid Flash fighting alongside Nightwing. KF had his own mission instead.

While Artemis was aboard Black Manta's fleet, KF was playing the grieving boyfriend role to a 'T'. He publicly blamed the team for her death and refused to participate in more hero activities. Of course the team was heartbroken and guilty, but it was the only way to give Wally the distance he needed for his mission. He was to apply for a job at Lex Corp to infiltrate the company and gain information on Lex Luthor. He had been rising higher in the company after months of dedicated work. Wally was the ultimate inside guy because he could sprint off to find information then return to his cubicle without anyone noticing. Wally felt awful for abandoning the team, but Nightwing needed all the information on the Light he could.

'Focus', Nightwing told himself angrily. If he didn't keep his mind on the battle, Black Manta would either kill or capture them and the Light would win. All the hard work, all the difficult decisions, and all the heartbreak would be a waste. Nightwing wasn't prepared to sacrifice everything for nothing, and would be damned if some fish soldiers would beat him and his team. Unfortunately all his plans to turn the battle around went out the door when he saw none other than Kaldur rising from the sea with a pale, black-haired woman next to him, a gold locket glittering around her neck. This was definitely not part of the plan.

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