Chapter One

"Haymitch. Haymitch OUCH." I whined as Haymitch was pulling on my tie tighter than necessarily. "Are you trying to kill me?" He shot me a death glare, but I didn't notice. I got at least 10 a day. I think it pisses him off a little bit that I've gotten used to his wrath. "Sorry that I don't want my nephew walking out of my house looking like a monkey dressed him. Today is a very important day." He scolded. I couldn't help but let my mind wander while Haymitch and Effie, my kind hearted aunt pulled and tugged on my Tuxedo. I have never been one to make a big deal out of anything. Let alone my Prom. "This is your Senior prom and I won't have you looking like your uncle Haymitch." Squeaked my Aunt from behind me. There was another fabulous Haymitch glare, but this one was much less hasty, because not even Haymitch, the most stone cold man alive, could hide love in his eyes.

I know nothing about what that is like, I have never been in love. I have never said I love you to anyone other than my Aunt and Uncle. I've never even had a crush on anyone. I didn't even say I love you to my parents when they were alive. Before Haymitch and Effie adopted me. I can't even picture them as my parents. I know nothing about compassion. I was 8 when my parents died in a fire at our Bakery while I was at baseball practice. I wasn't too close to my parents and I was too young to really understand what had happened. It's been 10 years since it happened and I have still yet to feel any long term remorse over it. I am too much like Maymitch in the emotions department. But at least he's capable of hate. And for my Aunt, extremely passionate love. I have kinda always wanted to know what being in love felt like, if it was good or bad or really what it was like at all. That's when I came to my senses and remembered things like that aren't important. It's just people full of crap.

I don't believe in love. Like I said, it's too much gush and crap. There is no way someone could possibly be reliant on another person so much they devote their life to them. I don't understand my aunt and uncle. And never will. My train of thought runs off the track when I feel a hard tug on my shoulder. What the hell is taking them so long? This is a custom made tux.

"What are you guys doing?" I groan. "Why do I even have to go to Prom? There is nothing there but couples making out, drinking and everyone pretending to have a good time." I continued to whine and find things to complain about to myself because I was certain neither of them were listening to me while the finished their alterations on my tux. "Finished!" Aunt Effie exclaimed in her happiest voice possible. I now could justify going to Prom, I didn't want to go but I know it sure made them happy and proud. The look in their eyes said it all. I may not love many people. But I sure as hell loved my aunt and uncle. "Thanks Aunt Effie, I love it." I spoke directly into the mirror, making sure not to make eye contact with her, so she couldn't see through my lie. The tux IS nice, it's bold and daring. I just don't see what the big is deal to everyone. But I guess if it makes them happy.

I get in my car after about 30 minutes of solo pictures of me, courtesy of Aunt Effie and grumble all the way to where Prom was being held, the Justice building of District Twelve. "Holy Shit!" I exclaim under my breath when I see some of the girls, some are sexy. Some have invested way too much of themselves into this event. The place is decked out to the max, and people are gawking left and right. I live in Victor's Village since I was adopted by the second Quarter Quell Victor so this wasn't such a big deal. I still am baffled by everyone's amazement at a stupid school dance.

After about an hour passes I figure I better find a dance partner, so I don't look stupid. Not that I care. So that when Effie surely asks around town to see what I was like at Prom the answer isn't "He stood in the corner the whole time." I don't have many friends, actually I think my only friend is Madge Undersee, the mayors daughter and she isn't even here. There are lots of extremely sexy and beautiful girls here, but I find no attraction to any of them.

I find one of Madge's friends named Delly and introduce myself and we dance together. No grinding or anything. Just having fun. As awkward as it may have been it was more fun than I thought I'd have all together at prom. I morph into her group of friends but I'm still quiet. I just can't wait until this night is over and I can go home and sleep. Two hours into the dance people are still arriving and I keep my eyes on all areas of the ballroom to try and spot Madge so she can relieve me from the awkwardness of this group but its hopeless. As I tell everyone I am going to go grab some punch I contemplate going home.

Then all at once, my world rotates on it's axis.