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Chapter 15

Peeta POV

I felt as if my entire word had just collapsed and the only thing remaining was the strong independent woman that fell in my arms.

As I cradle her sobs and subdue my own I hear footsteps and we both scramble. Falling to the ground trying to hide. Clinging to each other for dear life as if we might disappear if we let go.

I turned my head to brace myself for what was coming next. If it was her father it was death. Pretty much anyone could walk through those trees and find a reason to kill me. I'm prone to stepping on toes.

"Hello?" I heard a man call. "Is anyone there?"

I stood up wearily, warning Katniss to stay down. I saw a man, accompanied by another man and a woman. They were walking towards me. they seemed to be on a journey. How could they journey? I've never seen them and you're born into your districts. Anything else is illegal.

Great, now I'm dealing with criminals.

"Good evening" the first man said as he approached me. He was tall, had blonde hair and smelled of salt. District four?

"Hey" I said shortly, still lost.

"We are in a bit of a bind. Can you help us?" he said again.

"Depends on the kind of help you need." I said, trying to gain a role as alpha male in the situation. Katniss rose.

"It's serious I'm afraid" the man started "we're in a bit of trouble."

"I could gather from the looks of you." I say trying not to sound as if I want to offend them.

"Look can you help us or not kid." The woman spoke, voice hard as nails. She made my skin crawl.

"Easy now, we can't expect him to help us if we can't even let him know our names." The other man said, velvet voice with dark skin. He had traces of gold streaked across his eye lids that were clearly fading. Capitol.

"What are you guys doing?" Katniss said, voice smaller than usual. She was afraid. I wrapped my hand around her waist to comfort her.

"We're running away. Looks like you and this one have already found the key to that trick." The woman said again, sharpening her axe on the rock. "I hated home, he hated home" she said glancing at the dark skinned man "and he i-"

"I'm looking for someone." The blonde man said cutting off little miss axe attitude.

"What do you need from us?" I asked insistently.

"We need a new home." The dark skinned man said.

I looked down. How could I make this work for both of us? I glanced at Katniss. She looked as if she was going to be sick, and then she was. All over the grass before she fainted.

Katniss POV

The last thing I remembered before I went out was overwhelming nausea. And not the stress related kind, granted that would be perfectly understandable in the current situation.

I sat up and started putting together my surroundings.

I was still in the same place, but cradled in Peeta's arms, who was sitting around a small fire with the three we had met before who were now sleeping.

"My ankles are killing me" I barely was able to mutter to Peeta before he reached down and started rubbing my feet.

He stopped after about ten seconds. I glanced at him to see the look of shock spread across him. "Katniss why are your ankles swollen?" he asked, panic stricken.

"uh, well I don't know." I said confused and in a bit of a haze.

Peeta just looked at me. Studying me. "When was the last time you… you know"

"I what?"

"You got your period." Peeta said flatly realizing the stupidity in beating around the bush.

"Uh well..er. I guess a few weeks before we had se-"

Oh my god. The morning sickness, the swollen ankles..

"I'm…pregnant.." I barley whispered.

This time it was Peeta's turn to faint.

Peeta POV

When I woke up it was daylight. Everyone was awake and the moment I opened my eyes Katniss was there to help me sit up. She kissed me on the cheek and greeted me with a small ghost of a smile.

So she knew how screwed we were too.

I glanced down at her stomach and she did as well.

"Okay what the hell is going on there?" the woman said bluntly.

"Well, it appears that she is expecting." The darker skinned man said and glanced at us, asking for validation. We both just nodded.

"That explains why you guys are out here all alone. How old are you guys anyway?" the blonde man asked.

"17." I said flatly.

"Phew." The blonde man just sputtered.

I just looked off into the distance. There were mountains and trees. It was a pretty morning. If only I could enjoy it.

I needed to think of something, and fast.

"So you guys need help aye?" I asked and they all just nodded. We were all swimming in our own shame this morning. "Well I could help you, if you could help us in return." I suggested. Katniss shot me a look of confusion.

The darker skinned man started "We have no money I'm afraid. We couldn't help with the chi-"

"No, I've got that covered." I said looking him in the eye "I could find you a place to live if you could just help me escape from my fate.

I explained to them our situation, about the adoption and our engagement and everything. There only really seemed to be judgment from the woman but I could care less, her hide is on the line here too.

"What do you need from us?" the blonde man said.

"My best friend is in very close ties with the mayor of District 12. If I could get some fake IDs and such, would you be willing to act as my lawyers and help me escape this stupid law." I didn't really think of it until I started talking but after I had finished I realized it was a pretty good idea.

"There's a lot at stake doing that." The woman said.

"And there isn't any in running away?" The dark skinned man argued and she was silent. I liked him.

"Look, you could start fresh. No one will know who you are. I just need a lawyer out of one of you. Then I'll help you all rebuild your lives. Please." I begged and held Katniss a little tighter, the idea of losing her again running through my mind and scaring me out of my wits.

It was quiet for sometime while they turned the idea over in their heads. I just held my fiancé and waited. I should be a lot more worried emotionally about getting married and being a father but honestly it was just natural with her.

"I'm in." the blonde one said plainly. Relief coursed through me like a river. I only needed one. Any others would just make the plan more full proof, as faulty as it was already.

"Me too." The darker skinned man said happily. I grinned.

"Yeah I guess me too" the woman said as she gave in too easily to peer pressure.

Katniss gripped my hand. Maybe we were going to be alright. I grinned at her and kissed her.

Now the only hard part was making it happen, but hell after what has happened to me the past few days I can do anything.

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