Natsuki likes to call him at the strangest times.

The first time he receives a call, it's five in the morning, and the ringing Yuki almost ignores. But it's persistent, and he groans and rolls over, grabbing it off the table.


"Yuki! How are you?" The voice is a little fuzzy with static, but it's warm, and it takes Yuki a second to place before realizing that it's Natsuki.

"Natsuki...? What are you calling for?" He murmurs, still sleepy.

"Ah, I just...Wanted to call you, I guess." Is the reply. "Why?"

"It's five fifteen over here, Natsuki."

"Really? I'm sorry, I should've checked..." He sounds embarrassed, almost overly so, and Yuki can't help but feel bad. "Should I just, hang up then?"

"No, it's okay." Yuki stretches. "It's Sunday, so there's not school or anything. Why'd you want to call?"

"Well, I..."

The pause drags itself out. Yuki waits, curious and a little concerned. He asks into the phone, "Natsuki, are you still there?"

"Uhm, yeah." He answers, and something in his voice makes Yuki think he's fidgeting, just a little. "Sorry."

"It's okay. But why'd you call me?"

"I wanted to talk to you, that's all."

"About what?"

"I don't know!" He seems frustrated, voice rising, and Yuki gives his phone a confused look. "I just wanted to talk to someone that isn't my family, that's all."

"Oh, okay." He lies back on his bed, the very edges of sunrise hitting his window.

"So, erm...How are you?" The phone crackles with slight static, a short stutter of sound before clearing up again. Yuki takes a moment to think about the reply.

"I'm fine. School is busy, and Haru and Urara-"

"Haru came back?"

"You didn't know?"

"No, not at all! When? Why? Was it with that strange alien?" His questions come laced with concern, a little bit of fury and a little bit of something like sadness, Yuki can tell. He wonders, for a split second, why he can tell so well, but Natsuki's alarmed, "Yuki?" pulls his thoughts away.

"Haru came back a month or two after you left, Urara came with him, and Coco as well. They wanted to live here, that's all Haru said. Urara isn't dangerous, though...He's a little, odd I guess, like Haru is, but mostly he's fine. Shy."

There's a frustrated sigh from the other end of the phone, and Yuki can imagine Natsuki running his hands through his hair - he wonders if it's still short, probably not - agitated expression on his face, mother's bracelet sliding down his arm.

"I guess everything is all right then."

"Yeah, it is. Don't worry too much, Natsuki." Yuki can't help but smile. "How are you, anyways?"

"Tired, happy." A worn, warm sort of tone creeps into his reply, Yuki can hear it, even through the phone." I've fished so many different fish here. America is so different from Enoshima..."

Yuki smiles again, hopes it translates through his words. "I believe you."

A single pause makes Yuki wonder if he's said something wrong before Natsuki replies,


And it's so warm, like a soft blanket drifting over him, like a smile directed at him alone, and Yuki doesn't reply, because he doesn't know how.

"I should probably let you get a little sleep, right? Sorry I called so early. I'll try to time it better". The phone has a moment of static over the words, but Yuki hears him perfectly.

"It's okay." Yuki says, because he's drowsy from the light and the warmth that's encased him. "Call when you want."

"...Okay. Bye, Yuki." He says, and Yuki, Yuki closes his eyes and smiles, and misses the slight, breathlessness of Natsuki's voice when he says goodbye.

That is the beginning.

[[Be still, my heart. Tsuritama may have ended, but I'm going to fanfic myself out for a while.

Now who says my ship was sunk, excuse me, long distance relationships can happen, anyways...I'm going to try to write a fic using prompts I've found online(30 in total), about Yuki and Natsuki falling in love and, and basically all that sap. Hopefully I can do this.]]