"Ahh, class is so tiring."

The door opens with that statement, Natsuki gives Yuki a relaxed smile. It's returned, Yuki collapses next to him on the couch, Fuyu weaves between their legs. They slide until their shoulders touch and sides are pressed close, hands twine together, relaxing in the sunny summer day that comes through the window.

"You're lucky." Yuki says, "You just fish."

"Hey, it's still tiring!"

"Mmm." He chuckles. "Sure."

"Well, you didn't have to choose this university." Natsuki teases, leans a little more. Yuki's cheeks tint pink, but he answers, "Japanese universities would've been harder."

"Yeah, maybe." He answers. They don't say much else, the ticking of the clock goes slow, tranquility floats in the room. Yuki's books lie on his table, Natsuki stares at them and smiles slowly, rises from his comfortable spot, pulling Yuki with him. He knows Yuki is giving him a confused look, he turns, suggests that they can make a late lunch and then call home. There's an agreement and a light in Yuki's eyes.

Lunch is simple, curry made from basic things, they sit across from each other and Yuki's phone lies between them on speaker, and they talk to Kate and Haru, Sakura and Mariko, pass conversation back and forth and through the phone, and it's exactly what Natsuki thinks bliss must be, comfortable and rich and still startling when Yuki smiles at him and his heart flips.

When it hits five and Yuki packs to go back to the dorm, Natsuki catches his wrist and asks if he wants to stay the night, full of intention and yet none at all. Yuki says yes without pausing, seems to say it before he even thinks. It makes him smile, makes Yuki blush, and when night falls there's no doubt in Natsuki's mind that while this isn't what he thought would happen in his life, it's better than anything that he'd ever dreamed.

This is their future.

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