He motions for me to resume sitting and then sits across from me on one of the big leather chairs. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do as this is my first interview with anyone. I've never had a proper job; I hunted and cooked for Peeta and when he died, I just hunted less. Mr. Grey looks me over and then finally speaks in a cool voice,

"So, Katniss, I was surprised to see your name on the List. But being that I was one of the first to see it, I knew I had to request an interview quickly too." He tells me as he crosses an ankle over his other knee. He's wearing what seem like everyday pants in a dark blue, nothing special about them except that they are probably expensive. "If you don't mind me asking, why did you put your name on the list after such a long time of being away from the Capitol?"

I look at him, surely he knows the answer, but maybe he still needs to hear it. In a low voice I answer, "My husband, Peeta, was killed last year in an explosion."

He nods his bronze head sadly, as if he knows about such loss. "I had heard about that. I am truly sorry. Mr. Mellark seemed like a very good young man."

"You only know what you saw on television, Mr. Grey. He was the best of men." I say my voice getter stronger and louder.

His eyebrows go up a notch in mild surprise, but he doesn't say anything. He nods his head again and says, "I see. Well, I'm not trying to replace, just know that much. I don't think anyone can ever truly replace a first love."

I notice that his voice seems sad when he says this. He has known love, first love at that. I keep thinking that people from the Capitol know nothing but how to have everything handed to them, but I could be easily wrong. Things have changed since some since the last set of Games and the Revolution and all, but there are still the rich people and everyone else.

"Thank you for that. I'm obviously new to this, so why don't you just ask me what you'd like to ask, if that's okay?" I tell him and his eyebrow goes up again.

"No one told you how to do an interview? I'm surprised, very surprised that no one prepped you at all." He rubs his jaw with long fingers and then runs that hand in his thick hair.

I look down at the plush cream-colored carpet before I look back up at Mr. Grey. I'm not sure why I feel I have to tell him the truth, but I do. "Only one person knows that I'm even here. Specifically here. And only two more know that I'm in the Capitol at all."

"Oh, I wasn't aware that it was a secret. You do realize that at least twenty other people know that you're here, specifically. They were quite disappointed that I got to you first." He replies, the corner of his mouth lifting, he looks like he would have a great smile.

I can feel the blush rise up on my cheeks, knowing that what he says is true and although it could be flattering, it's distressing as well that so many would want to buy my time. Again, I end up looking at the carpet, I can't look him in the eyes, and I'll want to tell him more than I should.

"Miss Everdeen, the one person who knows you're here, what did they tell you?" He asks me, dropping his ankle and leaning forward. I can't help but look at him again, there's something about him and I have no idea what it is since I was only ever with Peeta.

I start fidgeting with my fingers, wishing I had rope to tie knots with, that always helped me calm down before. "She told me that she couldn't tell me much. The only two things she mentioned were that you are….and I'm quoting her….that you're a stud and you like sex, a lot of it and kinky stuff too…and that some of the kinky stuff made the sex better."

Now I know I'm red and I feel it from head to toe. Johanna could get into trouble for just telling me that, but the full-on smile that Mr. Grey has now is letting me know I don't have to worry for her. He lets out a small chuckle and it sounds almost silky. How can a chuckle sound silky?

"Well, I'm more than sure I know who you talked to. And don't worry about Miss Mason, she didn't tell you anything that I wouldn't have approved of. Yes, I like sex and yes I like kinky sex. Do you even know what kinky sex is like?" He asks me as if this is an everyday conversation. Which maybe it is with the people from this List.

I can't not look at his face and he is smiling still and his eyes are beautiful. I never thought that grey eyes were, blue were what got my attention, but Mr. Grey is proving that to be another story. "I doubt it. Peeta and I were each other's firsts and Johanna kept saying that I needed to spice things up but what we did worked fine for us."

"No doubt that it did. I can show you things that you didn't even know existed to make sex more pleasurable. And I can make you come twenty times in one hour if I so chose."

I can't help the gasp that escapes my mouth that time and quickly shut my mouth. He's still smiling and I wonder what the hell I got myself into now.