Gale shuts his mouth up as soon as he realizes how dumb he looks. I just smile and walk over to Christian. He pushes his chair back and I sit on his lap, turning into him for the kiss I know will be following.

"I hope its okay that I said that." He tells me, his eyes searching mine for the answer he's hoping for.

"Only if it's true." I respond and when he nods, I kiss him lightly on the lips.

"What the hell?!" Gale snaps, stalking towards us. Taylor steps forward but I shake my head and he just stops where he is. "Love her?! You love her after two days of knowing her?! Really? How the hell is that normal?!"

"Who said anything about it being normal? I just said that I was." Christian admits, sitting up straighter in his chair. I feel like I should get off of his lap, but so don't want to.

Gale looks at me, pointing at Christian, "This is seriously what you want, some guy who has actually hurt women he's been with, he just said it! Some guy who says he thinks he's falling in love with you after two freaking days!? This isn't right Katniss and you know it?!"

Now I have to stand up because Gale has pissed me off. Pointing right back at him and taking slow single steps towards him, "Was it right leaving me when I would have needed you the most? Was it right that it was probably your bomb that killed my sister? Was it right that you didn't even contact me after Peeta died?!"

My voice is getting louder with each question and I feel Christian rise behind me. Taylor has stepped forward again and I put my hand up to stop him. "No! You don't get to tell me what's right and wrong and my mother of all people certainly doesn't get to! So for whatever reason you owned her a favor for, consider it incomplete! I don't care what she said, she hasn't cared about me since Prim died and quite frankly, as I see it, she may as well have died then too! Get out!"

"Katniss…." Gale pleads stepping closer to me. We're only about a foot apart now.

I raise my hand to stop him. In a firm voice, as firm as I can make it, I tell him again. "Get out."

"Mr. Hawthorne, follow me please." Taylor comes to Gale's side and holds his hand out to show Gale the way.

"Katniss, really…just listen to me." He tries again and I turn away from him, going into the safety of Christian's strong arms.

"Leave now, Mr. Hawthorne. She has told you twice now and I'm not one to repeat myself." Christian tells him, rubbing my back. My eyes are hot with waiting tears, but I don't want them to fall before Gale has left. I don't want him to know how much he has hurt me, again.

"Fine. Bye, Katniss." I hear him hit Taylor's hand away, the door open and close.

We just stand in his office for a moment, quietly; Christian rubbing my back and the tears finally falling. I ask to no one in particular, "Why did she send him? Of all the people in Panem, why him?"

"Shush, Sweetie, it'll be okay. Do you want to leave, we don't have to stay." He tells me, pulling me into a tighter embrace. "I almost never stay until the end of these things, it'll be fine, I own the place, remember?"

A light laugh breaks through my lips and I look up at him. "But you said you would let me dance barefoot with you."

He smiles and kisses my nose. "If that's what you want."

"I don't want to leave, not yet, it isn't fair to have dressed up for it to get ruined by him." I pull away from Christian; shake my head, carefully wipe my eyes, and then shake out my entire body. "No, let's go eat and then dance and then you can take me home and make me call out your name."

His smile widens, "I think I like the sound of that."

I grab his hand, "Then let's go." I check my face in the reflective glass of his window before we go hand in hand back to the elevators. Just as it opens, I ask Christian, "Are you sure?"

"Am I sure about what? Going to eat and dance? Yeah, whatever you want, Sweetie." He tells me, though I think he knows that's not what I was asking about.

We step in and wait for the doors to close. "No, are you sure you want to love me? With all the…baggage I have?"

He lets out a roar of laughter. "Your baggage is really nothing compared to mine. No, I think I love you a little more because of your baggage."

He grabs me close and gives me a deep kiss. When he pulls away, he just looks me in the eyes and says, "I don't think we came to be together by accident."

"I don't either." I tell him, placing my hand right over his heart and cuddling to his side for the rest of the ride down.

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