They didn't know what to do . . . it was as simple as that. Not once in the three years since she had become an Alpha and started attending these meetings had they seen her cry. Even her own uncle hadn't seen her cry since she was a little girl. Yet here they were all Alphas, leaders of their prides, fathers yet none of them knew what to do with an emotional fellow Alpha, especially one that was eight months pregnant and whose husband was away taking care of a trespassing stray.

But something had to be done, so a silent debate was held behind the emotional Alpha's back; it had no words just looks and hand gestures, but it was ultimately decided that Rick Wade, her uncle, would be the one to step forward. "Faythe . . . do you want to lie down?" he asked gently. She shook her head and put her face in her hands, slightly embarrassed that she was acting this way and moreover couldn't stop it.

Bert DiCarlo stepped forward next, "Do you want something to eat?" Faythe shook her head again and scooted away from the comforting hand he had place on her shoulder.

Aaron Taylor was next "Do you feel sick?"

This time Faythe stood and left the room. The Alphas let out a collective sigh as she went well, all except Paul Blackwell. As the remaining Alphas gathered to talk about her sudden breakdown Paul followed her out. Greg Sanders had been dead a total of three years and a lot had changed in that amount of time. Faythe on her part had stepped up to plate, took every pitch that came her way, saw most of the change ups and hit almost every ball out of the park. One of the biggest changes had been getting married two years ago; the second biggest change had been the surprise pregnancy she had found out about seven months earlier. The third biggest change had been the one between himself and Faythe, he had come to admire and respect the girl, and they talked at least once a week. Paul simply thought of her as another granddaughter, in fact he had a better relationship with her than he did his own granddaughters. So it made sense for him to follow her out to that tree in the front yard.

Karen, Kaci, Manx and Holly had left earlier that day for something or another leaving the Alphas to their business. So Paul was on his own this time. He found her near her father's and brother's graves on her knees in a flowing purple dress that went past her knees.

Paul sank down beside her laying his cane down next to him "Out with it." It wasn't a command it was an invitation and Faythe knew that.

"I can't see my feet anymore, I'm eating everything, none of my clothes fit, my boobs are huge, my ankles are sore, no one will let me do anything, I'm not allowed to do any physical activity and oh yeah I can't shift."

Paul was going to get whiplash one of these day her moods changed so quick, but he offered the best comfort he could "Suck it up." She stared at him "You're a parent now; you'll be sacrificing yourself for that munchkin for the rest of your life just like your dad did."

Her eyes widened at that before looking at the stone plate ahead of her. Her hands went to her belly "We're naming him after my dad." She said quietly. Paul nodded before taking her hand and giving it a slight squeeze.

"I think that's fitting . . . but . . ." Faythe waited for him to finish "You're naming the next one after me, right?"

She laughed at that as she pushed herself to her feet. "If there's one, Marc's lucky I haven't castrated him." She offered him her hand and helped him stand and he brought up his cane and started walking to the house.

"Don't worry you'll have another one and it'll be another surprise, and I expect him to be named Paul!" Faythe smiled and followed behind.

Unknowing to the both of them the other Alphas had seen the entire exchange, and each one wore a grin.