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"I have been on the verge of being an angel all my life, but it's never happened yet."

Chapter Four

Paradise Falls, Arizona

December 23rd, 2010

11:17 a.m.

His hands gripped the counter tightly as the feeling of wrongness came over him. Sweat began to bead down the side of his face and his arms trembled as he tried to adjust. Harry took a deep breath, desperately attempting to calm himself. His skin felt like there was something crawling underneath it and he didn't know if he wanted to claw his own flesh off or take a scalding hot shower to burn it off instead.

He gripped the counter top harder, fighting against the urge to tear at himself until the shuddering, disgusting feeling of wrong, wrong, wrong left him. But it didn't, every passing second it became stronger until the urge was nearly unbearable. Gripping his eyes tightly shut, he concentrated. Reaching for the other, he searched for answers, but the other was long gone, sequestering itself far, far away. Harry couldn't find it, and without it there were no answers.

The feeling started to slowly recede as the young immortal fought for control of his mind, pushing the wrong away until it became just a small itch. Hands relaxed from their white knuckle death grip, Harry slowed his breathing down as the urge to claw, rip, and tear away his own skin left him.

Emerald green eyes darted around the small diner, searching for what had caused the sensation, but nothing caught his eye. Everybody else in the diner seemed oblivious to his internal plight, and Harry shuddered as he tried to erase the impression that the wrongness had left on him. His attention was pulled elsewhere though when the bell on the door jingled loudly. An old woman pushed it open, the clacking of her walker on the linoleum floor temporarily drowned out the jazzy Christmas music.

The second she had passed the threshold Harry felt his insides go cold and the hair on the back of his neck and arms rose. He turned slowly, trying to remain inconspicuous as he gazed at her through his long bangs. She seemed normal enough, possibly in her late eighties, early nineties. She wore a pink knitted sweater over a blouse and loose dress pants.

The woman looked frail, innocent, and kind…but Harry found his magic moving agitatedly under his skin, the feeling of foreboding nearly overwhelming him. And suddenly he knew, as he gazed at the old lady. The feeling of wrong came from her. His fingers twitched for his wand before he remembered he no longer had one. Harry was unsure if he wanted to flee or hex her. Instead he shifted uncomfortably on his stool.

Her eyes roved around the diner, taking in the occupants, a smile gracing her lips. It left Harry feeling uneasy and dirty. He jerked back around to the counter before she spotted him staring. His very instincts fought him for turning his back on a threat, but he couldn't let her suspect anything about him, it was too dangerous.

"Have a seat wherever you want, Ma'am. Specials are on the board," Charlie informed her as she went behind the counter to fill the pitcher with ice water. Harry couldn't resist staring at her in disbelief as she carried out her normal duties. Did nobody sense the wrongness that the old woman was projecting, could nobody feel it?

"Thank you, dear."

Muggles, his mind supplied. They were all just muggles; they ignored what they couldn't define. They may have felt uneasy, but quickly brushed it off because they saw no reason for such a reaction. Instead they saw a kind elderly woman who seemed to have hip problems and a sunny disposition.

His friends would have been able to point out the strangeness. Hermione would have already been nose deep in a book trying to figure out what could produce such a peculiar reaction, and Ron would have blurted it out loudly to the whole diner. Hermione would then probably hit him while commenting on discrepancy and then Ron would pout and Harry would laugh. But not anymore, his friends were impossible to reach and further than the stars themselves. Harry felt a moment of home sickness, but he pushed it aside quickly. He couldn't afford to be distracted.

His eyes fell on the counter. The napkin dispenser was the kind found in most fast food places and rundown diners. It was a shiny metal, standing upright and the distributor facing him. He poked it, twisting it this way and that. For all intents and purposes he looked like a bored teenager with ADD. But there was a method to his madness. Seconds later he had the napkin dispenser in the perfect position, and the shiny metallic surface easily reflected the old woman sitting behind and to the right of him. The reflection was distorted, but it would do.

Harry watched with trepidation as the pregnant Charlie approached the elderly lady, a menu in hand. Before she could hand it over though, the action was interrupted. "I already know what I want."

"Okay," Charlie smiled at her, pulling out her booklet and pen. "What'll it be?"

"I'll have a steak, please," her arthritic hands were crossed primly on the table.

Charlie jotted down the order as the old lady smiled up at her. "And how'd you like that cooked?"

"Rare if you would. And water with no ice."

"Coming right up," she replied, turning to leave.

The elderly woman leaned forward, sharp eyes taking in the name tag. "Charlie, is it?"

Charlie turned back to her quickly, forcing a smile on her face. "…Yeah."

"What an unusual name for a girl."

Charlie almost laughed as she turned back to the kitchen. "So they say. I'll be right back with your water."

Harry smelled smoke and lilacs as Charlie swept past him. His eyes darted to the waitress but her stance reassured him that there was nothing wrong other than her feet were probably killing her. "Hello," the old woman didn't quite shout and Harry pulled his attention back to the threat. "I'm Gladys, Gladys Foster."

Honestly Harry was unsure about what to do. His mind was telling him that she was just an old harmless lady, but his magic, his instincts, honed in war, battle, and betrayal said otherwise.

"Oh, hello, Gladys. It's so nice to meet you," the woman in the booth across from her replied brightly. "I'm Sandra and this is my husband, Howard."

"What a nice looking young couple," Gladys commented as Charlie set her glass of water, no ice, down on the table and moved back to the kitchen. Sandra and Howard both chuckled good-naturedly, but Harry felt a chill go down his spine. "What brings you up to these parts?"

"We're on our way to Scottsdale. But our car broke down," Sandra's eyes slid over to her husbands in mock amusement. Howard couldn't have contained rolling his eyes even if he had tried. She acted like it was his fault the car broke down. "And we're stuck here while it's getting fixed."

Gladys shook her head and hummed to herself. "Oh, what a nuisance."

"Say, Gladys," Sandra cut in. "The lines seem to be down around here. You know the phone and the TV," she gestured with her reading glasses. "And I was just wondering if you might have heard something on your way up? You know, about what's going on?"

Everyone seemed to turn to her in curiosity, a fly buzzing about unnoticed above her head. "Oh, you don't have to worry about that, sweetheart. It'll all be over soon."

An icy hand gripped Harry's heart and his magic surged to his fingertips, sparking like electricity before he was able to get it under control. Sandra nodded at the old woman, seemingly unsure of what to make of the response, but Harry saw it for the threat it was. He probed again for the other but there still was no response. Once again, he was on his own, completely clueless and way in over his head. He cursed his rotten luck, wondering what he let himself get into this time.

The door chimed again as the owner's son entered into the diner, a swirl of desert heat following him before the air-conditioning returned the room to a cool seventy-four degree fahrenheit standard. "Excuse me," Howard tried to draw his attention but the boy's mind was elsewhere as he went ignored. Harry watched his progress through the diner to the kitchen where he met up with his father.

The two spoke in hushed tones, but with a quick eavesdropping spell courtesy of Weasly's Wizarding Wheezes, Harry was able to successfully divide his attention between the two men and 'Gladys'. "So, what are we looking at?"

"I don't know," Jeep's southern accent thickened as his eyes darted around to the Anderson's. "There's probably something wrong with the computer, but we don't have the gear to test it here."

"Ah, shit," Bob mumbled, hands on his hips as his eyes turned to down to the floor. "They're gonna be pissed."

Jeep imitated his father's posture. "Just tell'em we'll call and have it towed to one of those dealerships down in Harding."

"We'll that's not gonna happen. The phone's out."

Silence permeated the backroom for several seconds before Jeep spoke again. "What?" He whispered, disbelief coloring his words.

Smoke and lilacs drew him away again as Charlie walked by with a steak that looked like it had only been defrosted. "Thank you, dear," Gladys chirped as the plate was set down in front of her. "How far along are you?"

Charlie rested a hand on her stomach, stroking it idly. "Oh, just about there."

"The father must be very proud."

"I wouldn't know."

Gladys' face seemed to fall. "He's…" she trailed off as if unsure how to finish.

Charlie shrugged, rueful smile gracing her lips. "Out of sight, out of mind."

"I see," the old woman nodded her head slowly. Harry watched as Charlie reached down and waved her hand over the steak. He couldn't see the flies in the reflection on the dispenser, but he could hear them. "So I take it you're not married?"


Gladys sighed, grabbing her silverware. "That's too bad."

"No," Charlie replied, hands on her hips as she chatted with Gladys. "I prefer it that way. I don't need a man telling me what to do."

Gladys chuckled, leaning forward slightly as she gazed up at the young waitress. "But what about the baby?"

"I got it under control."

"But it's gonna burn."

Charlie went silent, face frozen as she tried to process the words. "What did you just say?"

Gladys smiled at her. "I said your fucking baby's gonna burn."

Silence filled the diner as the words registered to those listening. Harry stood slowly from his seat, Kyle who was sitting a few stools down turned as well. Charlie sneered at her, shaking her head. "Go to hell, lady," she bit out as she slammed the check down and stomped back to the kitchen. Harry took several steps forward, standing nearly abreast with the black man.

"Fucking Jesus Freak!" Charlie mumbled as she passed the still conversing two men.

"What happened?" Bob asked. Jeep shifted to look around his father while Gladys began to laugh innocently as she devoured her barely cooked steak, flies buzzing all about her.

"All those little babies are gonna burn," she laughed, red juice dripping down her chin.

"Whoa, whoa," Percy mumbled, moving around from behind the counter to stand next to Bob and Jeep as they left the back room.

"Uh…" Sandra smiled awkwardly, trying to defuse the situation. "Gladys-"

The old woman slammed her knife into her steak, snapping around to her. "Shut up, you stupid fucking cunt! All you do is complain, complain, complain!"

Shock resonated around the diner, and Harry shuffled forwards a few more steps, uncertainty surrounding him. He heard the voice, the strange double cadence with the hollow echo. But everyone else seemed to only hear the words. This wasn't right, something was terribly, terribly wrong. His magic fought him, desperately trying to get free, to do something, and Harry fought just as hard to get it under control.

"What!" Howard shouted in disbelief, quickly standing from his booth. "What?!"

"No Howard," Sandra tried to stop him, reaching for an arm that was quickly jerked away.

"What did you just say?!" He continued, ignoring his wife's pleadings behind him. "No, no, no. I don't know who you think you are," he strode toward her, placing his hands on the table. Harry hurried after him, moving quickly around the furniture. "But I want you to apologize to my wife ri-"

Gladys lunged at him, teeth suddenly razor sharp as she sunk them into the man's neck. Howard screamed and Harry rushed forwards, catching the man as he fell backwards. Gladys ripped herself from him, turning to spit out the chunk of flesh she had in her mouth. "Howard!" Sandra screamed, too shocked to move. Audrey shrieked and Kyle froze in astonishment before propelling himself from the stool.

Harry's hands were already covered in blood as he tried to stem the flow, ripping off his t-shirt to press to the wound. Beneath him, Howard choked and his body seized in shock. Magic was already racing to his hands to mend the damage, but halfway through it turned defensive and he erected a temporary shield as Gladys flipped the table and a chair almost hit them.

"You're all gonna fucking die!" The lady screamed, the double cadence was heard by everyone this time, and they stared in horror at her. Blood was dripping down her chin, shark teeth bared at them, completely black eyes taking in their fearful forms.

Percy turned and grabbed the cast iron frying pan, throwing it at the woman. His aim was dead on, the pan smacking her right in the face, jerking her head around and snapping her neck. Impossibly, she straightened. Cheek split and bone protruding, her jaw dropped and an inhuman shriek left her. Bob lunged for the gun behind the counter and Audrey dived for the floor as the elderly woman launched herself on the wall above her, before scrambling for the ceiling.

Harry was torn as his fingers became slick with blood. His eyes were riveted on the thing, because whatever that was, it wasn't human. And it wasn't like anything he had ever heard of before. Howard lay still below him, chocking occasionally on the blood and Harry pressed the shirt into his neck harder.

'Gladys', if that was even her name, had bitten through the artery, and he needed to stem the blood flow now. But that would mean lowering his barrier, which he did not want to do. But he had to make a choice, to save the man's life, or risk him bleeding out and saving them both. He chose.

The magic rose quickly and obediently at his command, the invisible barrier dropping as he pressed his fingers into the wound. His core searched for the damaged arteries and he worked on sealing them off. All of his attention turned to Howard; he couldn't afford to split his focus. He only hoped the others could handle it.

Kyle watched as Gladys crawled on the ceiling, snarling down at them. "What the fuck, man?!" He shouted as Bob cocked his shotgun.

He fired twice, missing the old woman and blowing large holes in the ceiling. Jeep tripped over a several chairs as Gladys crawled nearer. Bob got one more shot off before Gladys dropped from the ceiling to land behind him. She smiled sweetly, all teeth and blood, before she backhanded him. The owner flew across the room, hitting several chairs and tables before coming to a stop as he hit the floor near the booths.

The shotgun slid across the ground, resting near Jeep and the young man stared at it before his gaze was captured by the old lady calmly approaching him from around the counter. He hesitated only a second before he snatched the gun up from the floor. Jeep took aim, hands shaking as he cocked the gun. "Shoot her, Jeep!" Percy shouted, frying basket in one hand.

Gladys gave a light chuckle, smiling sweetly at him. "You will never save her."

Jeep froze as an overwhelming fear paralyzed him. "Shoot the bitch!" Percy shouted and Jeep closed his eyes, finger hesitating over the trigger. "Shoot her!"

Her draw dropped impossibly far and she snarled, racing straight towards him. Her feet didn't move but her body seemed to just slide over the tiled floor. Jeep tried to shoot, but he couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger. Just before she reached him, gunshots rang out and three bullets lodged themselves in her back, killing her.

Jeep opened his eyes, stunned. He gazed down at the old woman as she slid to a stop. Trembling, he looked up and met the eyes of the shooter. Kyle held the 45 with both hands, dark brown eyes darting between the dead woman and his own gun as if he couldn't believe that he had just killed someone. The gun trembled.

For several seconds nobody moved, and then Sandra rushed to her husband's side. "Howard…no, no!" She screamed and she attempted to shove Harry out of the way but the boy wouldn't move. "Howard?!"

Harry's brow scrunched in annoyance. His concentration was broke and his magic quickly snapped back to his core, leaving him feeling both exhausted and restless. Sandra had interrupted the process before he could clamp off all the veins, but the worst of it was fixed. Perhaps it was a good thing seeing as if Howard was completely healed after having a chunk of his neck bitten off people would start to ask questions.

He turned to the wife who was becoming hysterical. "I need a first aid kit," Harry told her, trying to take her mind off of the terrible wound and the blood coating the tiled floor. If he couldn't heal him with magic, then Harry would just have to do it the old fashioned way.

"Somebody help me!" Sandra shouted, gaze caught on the blood coating her hand. "Somebody-"

Harry lifted one hand from where he was applying pressure and grabbed her arm forcefully. "Go find me a first aid kit! Now!"

Kyle lowered his gun before he rushed to the office. Seconds later he came back with a white box that had a red cross on it. Harry nodded to him gratefully before turning to Sandra. "I need you to keep pressure on his neck, I need to…" he trailed off as the woman kept mumbling and sobbing. "Sandra!" He yelled. That got her attention. "I need you to put pressure on his neck, right now, before he bleeds out!"

Shakily, she did as he commanded and Harry grabbed the first aid kit with blood soaked hands. He tore through the supplies, gathering what he needed quickly. Kyle stood stunned nearby, Jeep still standing over the dead woman, gun partially raised. In her booth, Audrey rocked herself back and forth. "Who the fuck was that old lady?!"

"It's okay, it's okay," Sandra sobbed as Harry quickly got to work sealing the wound.

"Charlie, call 911!" Bob shouted as blood dripped down onto Audrey's face. She wiped it away, turning to look at the ceiling. Blood dripped off of the ledge from where the old man must have shot her.

"Keep your eyes on the old lady!" Kyle shouted to Jeep as Sandra started to scream hysterically.



Paradise Falls, Arizona

December 23rd, 2010

12:03 p.m.

Audrey rushed out of the diner, her mother not far behind. Kyle and Percy supported Howard between them. They all raced to the Escalade and Harry hovered in the threshold of the diner, unsure of where he was needed most. He wanted to stay and examine the body, try to figure out what the hell that was in there, because this planet had no magic, not like in his world. This should have been impossible.

"Careful with him," Sandra begged as they started to load the injured man into the SUV. Seconds later Harry was there, pulling him in from the other side as Kyle ran to start up the car. It was loaded in less time than it took to blink.

Slamming down the accelerator, the Escalade swerved out onto the highway, and Harry helped Sandra rearrange the man until he could keep pressure on the wound. Audrey crawled over to them into the very back and her mother supported Howard's feet. The injured male was shaking and choking, and Harry felt his magic reacting before his conscious knowledge, soothing him and taking away some of the pain.

"How far is it to the hospital?" Sandra asked, desperate.

"How the hell did she do that?!" Audrey shouted, confused and desperate.

Her mother only shook her head. "I don't know," she said, repeating it like a mantra.

"Seventy, maybe eighty miles," Percy turned to look at her.

Silence followed his words before a despairing, "What?!" rushed out of Sandra's mouth.

"Eighty miles?!" Kyle asked as he pressed his foot down to go faster. "Look, I'm gonna get there as soon as I can, but I can't stay-"

"That's fine!" Sandra shouted. "Please drive fast!"

"Sandra," Harry cut in, hand reaching out to clasp her arm comfortingly. "He'll make it there, I've clamped off the wound."

Desperate calls and prayers were made as the vehicle speed entered the triple digits. Audrey looked up at the road briefly, but her eyes were captured by the ominous cloud in the distance. "What the hell is that?!"

Buzzing filled the air and Harry's eyes darted around in worry. "They're clouds! What do you think they are?" Kyle yelled as he continued to gain speed.

"Those aren't clouds," Harry said distractedly. "Clouds don't buzz!"

A loud hum was heard though the vents and a bug crawled its way out of the slates. Seconds later hundreds of bugs started to pelt the windshield. "Oh, my God!" Nobody was sure who had said it.

In the space from one heartbeat to another, they were cast into complete darkness as they drove straight into a swarm.


Paradise Falls, Arizona

December 23rd, 2010

12:49 p.m.

Bob gazed at his reflection in the mirror, a cold can of beer pressed to the side of his face where that thing had backhanded him. In the stall next to him his son kneeled on the dirty cement floor and heaved over the toilet.

"I can't believe she was still standin' after Percy hit her with that frying pan," he mumbled as Jeep came and rested against the wall, stomach empty. "He broke her fuckin' neck. I saw it. I swear I saw it."

He pulled the beer from his face before he took a drink. "Did'ya see the gun that guy had? What's a guy do with a gun like that?" Bob gazed at his son, but he wasn't paying attention. The kid was lost in his own world, trembling as he tried desperately not to be sick again. "Hey, Jeep. It's all right, son."

Jeep bit back a sob as his voice shook. "I couldn't pull the trigger. I froze," he whispered in shame. "I saw what I needed to do…I was too afraid. She would have killed you," he cried, tears rolling down his cheeks. "She would have killed Charlie."

"Hey," Bob cut him off, turning and leaning in close to his son, one hand on his shoulder. "You ain't got nothin' to be ashamed of. You hear me, son?" Fingers tightened their grip, trying to offer comfort. "Not everybody can play the hero. Especially when it comes to pulling the trigger."

Jeep looked at, really looked, before he seemed to accept the words. Bob nodded solemnly to him before clapping him roughly. The sound of an approaching vehicle drew his attention away. He ran out of the diner, taking in the forms of people that had just left. Kyle, Sandra, and the young man Harry were supporting Howard between them while they raced back inside.

"What happened?" Bob shouted, as he took in their grave faces. "What happened!?" He grabbed Percy as he walked by. "What's goin' on?!"

Percy jerked back around, walking backwards to the diner. "I gotta get my bible!"

"What for?!"

"Somebody's gotta start prayin'!" Percy answered before he rushed inside. A strange noise took over the silence of the desert and Bob turned around slowly. He stood their dazed in shock at the swarm of what could only be bugs blacked out the sky. Bob turned and ran back inside.


Paradise Falls, Arizona

December 23rd, 2010

1:14 p.m.

Harry crouched down and pulled the plastic sheeting away from the still body of the old woman. Kyle and Jeep stood above him, and Bob handed the thuggish man the shotgun as he kneeled down next to Harry. He examined the younger man beside him. He was young, definitely younger than his own son, possibly not even out of high school yet.

He was short but fit, muscles rippling. The boy's torso and hands were covered in dry blood, most likely from the injured Howard. Even the front of his jeans were caked. Bob didn't know how somebody could lose that much blood and live, but he was sure thankful for the kid. One of his parents must have been a doctor, because the kid seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

He saw a tattoo on his right shoulder blade, a terrifying dragon that looked to be crawling up to his shoulder. Another tattoo in his inner wrist, but Bob couldn't tell what they were since it was covered in blood. Bob wondered how somebody so young could get a tattoo, but his accent was European, so maybe they had different laws across the pond. Turning his attention back to the dead woman, Bob watched in morbid fascination as they young boy studied the body.

Harry reached forward and pulled the eyelids away from the eye, shining a flashlight at them, revealing the eye ball. "Eyes are black all the way around, no sign of pupil, iris, or sclera." He spoke as if reading from a text book and Bob admired him for that…his hands were still shaking. Fingers moved to pull lips away from teeth. "Gums are pink, and normal…teeth are not. They resemble some sort of predator, all sharp and pointed. Jaw is flexible" he added, pulling it down. The mouth opened further than possible. "And dislocated like a snake. Skin temperature is abnormally hot."

"How is that possible," Bob questioned as the boy rotated her head this way and that. "She's been dead for over an hour."

"Oh, she's been dead much longer than that," Harry commented. "Neck is broken in two places," he added distractedly. "No, this…this was some kind of possession."

"Possession?" Jeep questioned.

"Has to be," Harry told him, looking at the others. "See, look here," he pointed to her cheek and the skin around her neck, pressing fingers in and watching the reaction. "The way the blood is, this wound is fresh, but it happened postmortem."

"You mean she was dead before Percy broke her fuckin' neck with the frying pan?" Bob questioned.

Harry nodded slowly. "At least fifteen…maybe sixteen hours."

"Ah, shit."

"Somebody, or more likely, something was just using her to hitch a ride."

"I don't give a fuck how long she's been dead," Kyle added as the boy continued his examination. "Bitch just walked on the ceiling…she ain't stayin' in here."


Paradise Falls, Arizona

December 23rd, 2010

1:22 p.m.

Bob struggled under the weight of the body. "The old bitch is heavy. Hold her up, Jeep!"

"I'm tryin'," Jeep panted out as he jogged just behind his dad, Kyle covering them with the shotgun.

"Where are the flies?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Kyle asked, running along next to them. "Are you askin' me to explain the behavior of a motherfuckin' pestilence?" They stopped near the car of the old woman and dropped her next to it. Kyle stopped walking, a glint of reflected metal in sunlight caught his attention. "Hey, somebody's comin'!"

The other two rushed over to him, eyes taking in the approaching car. "Now what?" Bob bit out, panting from the exertion. The car was approaching quickly, and the color scheme along with the lights on top designated it as a police car. "All right. Now we're talking."

"Wait a second," Jeep cut in, reading the side of the doors. "LAPD?"

Both of the men looked to Kyle and the thuggish man gazed between them before looking back at the car. "I'm from Vegas, man."

"Give me that gun," Bob demanded, and Kyle quickly complied before he took out his own hand gun. The car raced towards them, kicking up dust as it slid to a stop.


Paradise Falls, Arizona

December 23rd, 2010

1:25 p.m.

Charlie gazed out the window trying to block the sounds of pain from behind her. Percy was holding down Howard while Harry poured whisky on the wound, trying to cleanse it. It wasn't ideal, and Harry would have much preferred to heal the wound completely, but with all the crazy shit going on the number of guns he decided not to chance it. His luck would have them shoot first and ask questions later. So he settled for backwater doctoring with scrounged supplies. What other choice did he have?

She watched as the three men ditched the body and covered her ears as Howard screamed. Seconds later her eyes fell upon the car in the distance. "Oh, thank God," she whispered, rushing outside, hand supporting her bulging stomach.

Charlie ran across the dirt and sand as the car door opened, before Jeep rushed towards her, shouting. "Charlie, wait!" A heartbeat later the other two men follow.

The man stepped out of the car slowly, gazing at the pregnant woman, tan trench coat billowing out behind him. He looked as if he was expecting her all along. Charlie lurched to a stop as Jeep ran up to her and the three men surround her, protective. Bob raised the shotgun.

"Take one more step and I'll drop you right there."

"Is that how you greet all your customers?" The man asked, strange accent rolling the words pleasantly.

"Mister," Bob continued, gun cocked and ready to fire. "After what we've been through you're lucky we don't shoot you first and greet you later. Now let me see them teeth." On any other day such a request would have been odd, but after the day they all just had…well. "Your teeth, goddamn it! Let me see 'em!"

The man gave them a dangerous smile, revealing a completely normal set of teeth. The others all relax slightly but Bob doesn't take the gun off of him. "No shark teeth, Pop."

"Okay, then," Bob continued as Charlie shifted uncomfortably behind him. "How 'bout you tell us your name?"


Bob straightened slowly, approaching the other man while he lowered the gun. "Sorry about that, Michael. We had this old lady in here who went crazy in my place. She had these teeth," he gestured to his mouth. "Never seen anythin' like it. Practically bit a man in half…what are you doin' out here anyway?" Michael turned to see the covered body lying by the car. "You don't look like any policeman I ever saw. Even one from LA…

"But he's gotta be, right?" He questioned turning to the ones behind him. "I mean, who the hell would be crazy enough to steal a cop car?" He laughed at his joke, but nobody responded. After a moment, he fell silent, anxiousness taking root.

"You don't know, do you?" Michael asked.

"Don't know what?" Kyle sneered at him, gun resting in the palm of his hand.

"We don't know anything," Charlie cut in, trying to break the tension. "Nothing works, the TV, the radio, the phone."

Michael shook his head slowly. "I'm running out of time," he moved towards Charlie with a purpose but Bob quickly blocked his path, bringing the shotgun back up to bare.

"Now, you just hold on there, fella!" Michael came to a stop half a foot from the barrel. "Now you better start talking, or you just get the hell outta here."

In the blink of an eye, the shotgun was snatched from his hands and Bob found himself staring down the double barrel of his own gun. Kyle raised his 45 over Bob's shoulder, flipping the safety off. "Hold on," he mumbled, hands steady even though his heart was racing.

Charlie and Jeep took a half a step forward, Bob's face twisting in fear. Michael, on the other hand was calm, expressionless, merciless. "Hey, Dad! Just tell him you're sorry!" Jeep begged, eyes still firmly fixed on the newcomer.

The words wouldn't come out, and Bob found himself unable to speak. He squeezed his eyes closed, terrified. "Hey, hey, hey!" Percy shouted, having seen the incident from inside. He rushed towards them, hand raised as if he could physically stop the other man from shooting his friend. "Hey, son! Now I'm sure you don't wanna go spilling blood for no good reason in front of all these decent people. Now…now what do you say 'bout just lettin' Bob go? Then you can be on your way, nice and easy."

The others waited with baited breath but Michael appeared to not have heard the other man's plea. His head cocked to the side, as if he was listening to something before he took one hand off of the pump. Finger still on the trigger, he turned around, gun steady. Michael turned his gaze down the road from which he had come.

"They're here," he spoke quietly, but everyone heard him. Bob's eyes snapped opened seconds before the gun was pulled away from him. Moments later it was pushed roughly into his stomach. "You're gonna need this."

"Wait," Charlie called as Michael turned and walked to the trunk of the police car. "Who's here?"

"More like her," he answered without turning around.

"What do ya mean, like her?" Kyle questioned.

Popping the trunk open, Michael grabbed several semi-automatic rifles, tossing them to Kyle, Percy, and Jeep. Jeep stared down at the gun in his arms, confused and anxious. "Hold on," Bob interjected. "I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Dad, I can handle it."

"He can handle it," Michael told him, grabbing the duffle bags and slamming the trunk shut. He walked between the two men, voice lowering as he addressed Jeep and his father. "He doesn't have a choice."

Michael stepped past them, handing the pregnant Charlie the glock in his hand. "Don't do anything brave."

Sandra and Audrey took hesitant steps outside, taking in the newcomer. "What's happening?"

Michael walked past them entering the small diner. "You better get back inside."

The others stood there for a few moments longer, taking in the empty road. "Come on, Jeep," Bob told him, turning to go inside. "Jeep, come on!" The others followed him.


Paradise Falls, Arizona

December 23rd, 2010

1:32 p.m.

Harry had watched dispassionately as everyone went outside one by one, soon leaving him alone to tend to Howard. He pulled the needle through, tying off the knot before replacing the gauze on his neck with a clean one and taping it before he wrapped it for extra support.

Thankfully the man had passed out several minutes before Percy left in hurry. Sandra and Audrey soon followed, completely forgetting about their family member. Harry snorted in dark amusement. People these days…

Whatever had garnered so much attention had better been worth it. Howard had lost a lot of blood, and without proper medical attention, Harry feared that he wouldn't last until tomorrow. Glancing around the diner quickly, the Boy-Who-Lived and kept on living confirmed he was alone before murmuring in Latin. His hands glowed a pale gold as he cast a spell to increase the healing process and promote blood reproduction.

When he was finished, he sat there for a moment, gazing at his blood covered hands. He picked the dry blood from under his fingernails before the urge to wash the life fluid off became too much. He rushed to the bathroom, scrubbing almost religiously all the way up to his elbows. It was everywhere. Grabbing a paper towel, he wiped it across his torso. His pants were ruined, the knees stained from where he had kneeled in the blood.

Grimacing in distaste, he set out to get an extra shirt from his truck when the bell on the door jangled loudly. Everyone was gathered in dining area, around some newcomer that he remembered Percy had commented about. As he stepped into the room, Sandra rushed over to him.

"How is he…" she begged, words rushed together, twisting a bloodied handkerchief between trembling fingers. "Please, is he going be okay…please."

Harry smiled softly at her, running fingers through his hair. Grabbing her hands, Harry halted her frantic fidgeting. Mouth opened, he prepared to answer, but the words stuck in his throat as the newcomer turned around. Emerald green eyes met ocean blue, and Harry's heart gave a shuddering jump before heat and fire filled his chest.


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