Monique and Dwayne were en route in Dwayne's car back to campus. Even though they had their bad times over break, they still loved each other. After the incident with Dwayne finding Monique's ring she hasn't text Corbin or called him.

They pulled back into the parking lot of campus and got out of the car at 1 p.m. Dwayne helped Monique bring her bags in back to her dorm and helped her unpack.

"Well baby, I think that is all of my things." Monique said as she went and sat on the bed in her quiet room.

None of Monique's friends were back on campus yet so she and Dwayne had a little more time to talk before everyone came in.

"You know my parents really like you." Dwayne said to her.

"Yeah they're nice people." Monique smiled and Dwayne kissed her on the cheek.

"Well baby, I'm going to go to my place and unpack." He began to get up. "I'm sure you're going to want to hang out with your friends so I'll just see you tomorrow." Monique nodded and walked him to her door. Dwayne turned around and kissed her passionately on her lips.

"I love you." Dwayne said.

"I love you too." Monique smiled before Dwayne walked out of the door.

Monique took a shower and then changed out of her clothes and into something more comfortable. She sat on her bed and thought how she was going to break the news to everyone about her and Dwayne's engagement. She took her ring off and put it in her drawer.

10 minutes later, Lauren walked in the room and dropped her bags and then ran up to Monique and hugged her. The girls laughed and smiled and Monique helped Lauren unpack. After they were finished they sat on their bed and talked.

"So, tell me how your break was?" Monique asked Lauren.

"Well, I reconnected with a good friend of mine and I spent half of the holiday with him." Lauren responded smiling.

"Him? What is his name?" Monique asked.

"His name is Craig, I known him since I was 16 years old when I began modeling." Lauren responded.

"You got some didn't you?" Monique asked smiling."

Lauren laughed and began to blush.

"Yes I did." She responded.

"But anyway enough about me how are you and Dwayne?" Lauren asked.

"We've gotten stronger over break. He's met my family, I met his family." Monique responded.

"So did you see Corbin at all over break?" Lauren asked.

Monique stared at Lauren for a long time and then shook her head no.

Lauren sighed and then her phone began to ring. By the big smile on her face, Monique would say it was Craig. She left the room so Lauren could have some privacy.


I can't my mother called me a liar after I told her that my father molested me, I hardly enjoyed my Christmas and after that day I spent the rest of break at Marcel's house. I was so happy to leave that family behind, knowing that I won't see them till I'm good and ready.

"Baby is you okay?" Marcel asked as we pulled into the parking lot.

I looked at him with a frown on her face, "No, she didn't believe me at all. It's like she's covering up for him. We talked late that night and she was so defensive."

"You ever wonder why your father came back?"

I thought for a moment, "No i haven't."

"Baby, maybe you need to talk to your mother more. It seems you guys have unfinished buisness."

I watched as he got out of the car and I stayed and sat back for awhile. When I got out he handed me some of my bags and we walked in the doors of the dorm, still sad, and saw Monique sitting in the lounge by herself. I turned my frown into a smile and screamed as I ran up to her, giving her a hug.

"I missed you, how was your break?" Monique asked me.

"Half of it was okay." I said and looked at Marcel as he went to hug Monique. "How about yours? What did you and Dwayne do?"

"I'll tell everyone about that when they get here." Monique replied and smiled before giving me one last hug.

Marcel and I left Monique so we could both unpack.

Corbin's pov

I walked into the dorms an hour later with Carnell, Bryan, Patrick, Paige and Raven and we headed straight to unpacking. I was so excited to see Monique; I didn't know what to do. When I walked out of my room 20 minutes later with Carnell, I saw Monique walking down the hallway. I shouted her name and she turned around and we both froze.

Ever since we kissed, we haven't talked. I was afraid because I didn't know what she was going to do. I smiled a little and she smiled too and practically ran towards me and jumped in my arms.

I spun her around, glad that she was in my arms for those few seconds. I let her back down on the ground and she hugged Carnell.

"Hey, when did you get back?" she asked me.

Carnell kept walking and left me and Monique in the hallway.

"Just a while ago." I responded and Monique and I slowly walked down the hall.

"So, I opened your gift that you gave me." She said and my face froze. "I loved it."

I smiled, "I didn't want you to forget about me."

She smiled and looked at me, "I could never forget about you."

"So does Dwayne know?" Corbin looked at me as we walked.

"He knows that I was over there but he's not aware of what happened." She responded and put her head down.

I stopped walking and so did she. "Monique I am so sorry I put you in that type of situation. You have a boyfriend and I should've respected that, I never should've kissed you."

"It's okay, nobody's hurt." She said and we kept walking.

We strolled to the kitchen and sat down at the table as Ashley, Shad, Liz, and Druex walked through the door. They saw us and greeted us with hugs.

"Okay guys, when Myles, Ariana, Chris, Rihanna, Omar, and Christina get here I want us to all meet in the lounge because of course we are going to want to share stories, but I have news to tell you guys." Monique informed us.

"Sure." We all said.

Monique's POV

At 8:00 p.m. we were all settled in and sitting in the lounge laughing and sharing stories about our vacation.

"So, I was sitting in the café and all you hear is this old lady saying don't poke my pimple. But I mean how can you not poke it, you know what I mean?" Ariana said.

I laughed and stared at her, "No, I don't."

"So, Ashley met one of the most important ladies in my life other than my mother." Shad began to speak.

"Shad, who can be more important than your mother?" Corbin asked.

"My daughter." Shad replied and all our eyes went wide-eyed.


"Baby, she will be here any minute she is going to love you." I said to Ashley as we walked downstairs on Christmas Day.

My mother was setting the table as the doorbell rang and I went to go answer it. On the other side of the door stood my 3-year old, Destiny, and her evil mother, Sarah.

They walked inside of the house and Destiny ran past Ashley and to my mother and gave her a hug. Sarah saw Ashley and stared at her.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me? Us?" Sarah said with an attitude.

I rolled my eyes at her and looked back at Ashley.

"Ashley this is Sarah, Sarah this is Ashley, my girlfriend." I said.

"Nice to meet you." Ashley smiled.

"Likewise." Sarah said and went to go talk to my mom.

"Daddy!" Destiny ran up to me and I picked her up.

Destiny looked at Ashley and smiled.

"Daddy, who is this? She's pretty." She said and put her head on my shoulder.

"My name is Ashley; I'm your daddy's girlfriend." Ashley replied with a smile.


"After that day Destiny, Ashley, and I spent a lot of days together." Shad said.

"Okay guys so I wanted to bring you here together because I have some news to give." I said.

"You're not pregnant are you?" Carnell asked.

"No, of course not." I responded, "But stay right there I'll be right back."

I ran to my room to get my engagement ring and I put the ring on my finger then put my hands in my back pockets so no one could see it. I walked back into the room and they were all looking at me.

"Okay Mo, what's up?" Corbin asked.

"Well over break Dwayne and I got really close. I met his family and he met mine and everyone gets a long." I explained.

"Mo, get to the point." Paige said.

"Well I guess what I'm trying to say is that." I stopped talking and put my left hand out, exposing the rock on my finger, and everyone's eyes went wide-eyed.

"I'M GETTING MARRIED!" I screamed and the girls ran up to me and hugged me.

"Oh my gosh, we have to start planning a wedding and everything." Lauren was really excited.

I couldn't think throughout the whole thing and I ended up being dragged out of the lounge by the girls and to my room. But I took one look at Corbin and I could tell he was shocked and heart broken by my news and that made me sad right then and there.