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Arthur came with a cry of Merlin's name and rolled off the sorcerer and onto his back, panting. "After the morning I had I needed that Merlin." he said and got up and out of bed. Merlin sighed and followed his Kings movements.

Why couldn't Arthur just kiss him? For weeks they had been enjoying sex whenever they could or whenever Arthur wanted Merlin.

Arthur had come in his chambers whilst Merlin was halfway through cleaning and told Merlin to strip and get into the bed he had just finished making. Merlin had loved and hated it. He loved it because he loves Arthur and he hates it because no matter how fantastic the sex was, they never kissed, they sometimes held each other close and Merlin had been allowed to sleep in Arthur's bed with him.

Merlin made the mistake of trying to kiss Arthur the next morning. His lips barely touched Arthur's when the blond shot up and out of bed. "What are you doing Merlin?"

"Kissing you."

"Well don't Merlin. Just no."

Merlin had not seen Arthur much for two days after that. When Arthur went to Merlin's quarters two nights later, Merlin knew Arthur was now alright with him and knew not to try and kiss Arthur again.

Merlin knew that he should have not have got in too deep, but he couldn't help it. He was in love with Arthur before Arthur had come to Merlin asking for them to be not only be friends, but friends who have sex, to help release each others pent up stress. Merlin put up an act, pretending he wasn't sure but inside his stomach was doing somersaults in excitement and his heart was in his throat. So he finally stopped pretending and told Arthur yes.

Arthur was dressed and turned to face Merlin. "Why is it taking you so long to dress Merlin?"

"Are you leaving your chambers?"


"Do you want me to come with you?"


"Then why does it matter how long it takes me? I have to finish cleaning your room anyway."

Arthur nodded and left his chambers. It was only when he heard Arthur's footsteps retreating did he sink to the floor and let the tears fall. He loved Arthur so much and loved having sex with him but lately every time they had finished having sex and Arthur left Merlin alone, it would hurt.

Merlin wiped his tears away and quickly finished dressing and walked over to the window, looking down into the courtyard below Merlin felt his heart break when he saw Arthur give Gwen some flowers and watched as Gwen kissed Arthur on the lips as a thank you and Arthur kissed back. As Merlin looked down at the scene he felt his heart break and knew he would give anything to be having what Gwen was right now.

But he knew it could never be.

Arthur needed a Queen. Arthur pulled back and hugged Gwen and feeling as though he was being watched, Arthur looked up and saw Merlin quickly backing away from his chamber window.

"What are the flowers for may I ask." Gwen said as she deeply inhaled their scent.

"Do I need a reason."

"Not really. It is a nice surprise."

"Just nice?"

Gwen laughed. "Alright it is a wonderful surprise."

Gwen turned and smiled when she saw Merlin quickly moving down the steps in the courtyard, his small bag sat on his left shoulder as the strap went diagonally across and ended with the small sack leaning against Merlin's right hip.

"Merlin Arthur got me these flowers. Isn't he the sweetest?"

"Yeah. Arthur's the best."

Gwen smiled at Merlin's reply but Arthur frowned at the tone in his voice. "Merlin where are you going?"

"Supplies for Gaius." was all the brunet said as he continued to hurry away.

Gwen turned to Arthur. "What have you done to him?"

"Nothing. What makes you think I have done something?"

"Merlin is always happy Arthur. The only time I see him sad, confused or hurt you are the reason for it."

"Really?" Arthur asked. Surprised by this information.

"Yes. So what have you done or said?"

I kissed you and he saw. Arthur thought. "Honestly Gwen. I don't know what's wrong with him. I will find out though." he said, giving her a smile before walking away.

Over the next couple of days Arthur didn't get a chance to ask Merlin what was wrong with him, even though he knew what was wrong with him, he wanted to hear Merlin say it. But Merlin had avoided Arthur at any cost, saying Gaius needed his help or needed him to fetch something or took longer to do his chores.

It was two days after Merlin saw Arthur and Gwen kiss and Merlin was on the training ground standing to the side and waiting like always until Arthur called for him to swap weapons.

"Merlin pass me my sword will you."

Merlin walked over and took away Arthur's shield and handed him a sword. "There you go sire."

Gwaine who was stood waiting with Percival frowned when he heard Merlin. Sire? When has Merlin ever called Arthur sire? He thought. He just knew something was wrong. He had to talk to him.

"Hey Arthur. How about Merlin trains with us. It's about time he learnt how to fight otherwise when we are fighting he is just standing there."

Arthur looked at Merlin. "What do you say Merlin?"

"I want to train with Gwaine." Arthur let Merlin see the hurt look on his face before putting his mask on to face his knights. "Gwaine, you will be training Merlin. The rest of you pair up. Percival you are with me."

On his way to Percival, Arthur slowly walked past Gwaine. "Go easy on him Gwaine or I will not be so easy on you."

Gwaine went slowly with Merlin, turned his sword left and right telling Merlin how best to block and then attack and show him how he blocked it. "Merlin what is wrong? And don't say 'nothing' I know something is as you called Arthur sire and you never do that."

Merlin looked at Gwaine, his close and supportive friend who knew Merlin inside and out and was helpful and supportive with his magic like Lancelot. Merlin had kept it together but Gwaine asking what was wrong and showing Merlin with his face that he was worried caused Merlin to lose it and cry. "He doesn't love me Gwaine and it hurts."

"Oh Merlin."

"I need to get away from here. No-one can see me like this."

"No Merlin. You are staying here, come with me and chuck some water on your face. No-one will be watching as us knights do it all the time."

Merlin nodded and followed Gwaine's movements and chucked water on his face, washing away his tears. They moved back and started to train again. "Merlin Arthur does care about you and I am going to prove how much."


"Do you trust me?"

"With my life Gwaine. You know that."

"Okay. And I am sorry."

"For what?"

Gwaine didn't answer. Instead he swept his foot out and Merlin went into the air before landing awkwardly on his leg, crying out in pain.

"Merlin!" Arthur said as he rushed over.

Gwaine knelt down. "Why Gwaine?"

"I'm sorry Merlin but it is to prove to you. And I know you can mend it with your-"

"Merlin." Arthur dropped to his knees and shoved Gwaine out of the way. "I warned you Gwaine."

"Warned him about what?"

"To go easy on you."

"Merlin I'm sorry. I warned you."

"And I warned you Gwaine."

"I will take you to Gaius."

"You Gwaine will stay right here and carry on training. I will take Merlin."

"Neither of you will take me as Gaius will have to come to me as I cannot walk." Merlin winced.

"Then I shall carry you." and before Merlin could even begin to protest, Arthur moved one arm around Merlin's back and another under his legs and scooped him up, carrying him from the training ground and through the town.

"Arthur put me down and have someone fetch Gaius. You can't carry someone like me like this through the town with your people watching."

"Why not?"

"Because you are the King and the King should not be seen caring this much for a mere servant."

Arthur stopped and looked at Merlin. "You are not a mere servant Merlin. You are someone very close to me who always helps me. Plus, I am the King of Camelot and if I so wish to carry you then I shall."

"Agravaine not like it." Merlin said as Arthur started to walk again.

"Agravaine is not King."

"You are with Gwen. She should be the only one you carry like this."

"The only one to carry Gwen like this is Lancelot. What you saw through my window that morning is me helping Gwen to try and get with Lancelot by trying to get him to see that if he does not do something then he will lose her."

"If you don't see Gwen in that way then why kiss her?"

"Because I can trust myself to stop as I know there are no feelings there Merlin. I am scared that if I kiss you then I will -"


Arthur and Merlin looked away from each other and saw Gaius hurrying over to them and started to examine Merlin's ankle.

"What happened?"

"Gwaine is what happened after I warned him to go easy. Don't worry. I will deal with Gwaine."

"Bring him to my quarters Arthur."

Gaius hurried along ahead of them, most likely getting things ready for Merlin.

"You will not deal with Gwaine."

"I will do what I like Merlin. He hurt you."

"Not on purpose. And since when do you care."

Gaius poked his head around the corner before Arthur could answer. "Hurry Arthur."

Arthur picked up the pace and laid Merlin on the small bed. "I will leave you to it Gaius. Let me know how he is and how he will be as soon as you know."

"I will Arthur."

When Gaius turned away to get some salve, Arthur leaned over Merlin and lowered his voice. "I more than care Merlin. Believe me when I say my feelings for you run deeper than anyone I have known or yet to meet."

Merlin looked into those ocean blue eyes he always got lost in and saw nothing but truth.

It was a few days later when Arthur was having dinner with his uncle whilst discussing business matters. Arthur wanted Merlin to have plenty of rest because of his ankle but Merlin was now walking normally again, telling Arthur his ankle is fine now as Gaius worked wonders and it only hurts a little. Truth be told, Merlin healed it with his magic, but he couldn't tell Arthur that.

Merlin working for Arthur now why he had dinner with his uncle was the first time he was up and about since he hurt his ankle. Gaius had told Arthur he would need plenty of rest. Arthur not knowing about Merlin having magic and already healing himself carried Merlin to the luxurious chambers next to his and put him on strict rest and even had a servant look after him.

At night Arthur even came in and shared the bed with Merlin. On the second night when Arthur thought Merlin was asleep he slowly and gently climbed into bed.

Merlin who was awake had to to bite the inside of his cheek when he felt Arthur's hand on the ankle he had hurt and only just managed to stop himself gasping in surprise when he felt a very soft pair of lips on his ankle before he felt Arthur moving about and get comfy behind him, an arm around him drawing his close.

Agravaine wasn't happy that Merlin was serving them dinner and standing to the side waiting for when their goblets were to be re-filled and he showed Merlin with the looks he gave him that he didn't want him there.

"Arthur we are to discuss important business, is it really wise to have him here?"

"I trust Merlin with my life. I can trust him to not repeat a word of what he hears."

Merlin had to smile at that but the smile was soon gone by Agravaine ordering him around. "Fill my goblet."

Merlin filled it and turned to Arthur. "Would you like a refill Arthur?"

"That is Sire or My Lord to you."

"No uncle. To Merlin I am Arthur." Arthur corrected before smiling at Merlin. "Please Merlin."

Merlin smiled and filled Arthur's goblet and handed it to him, Arthur took it making sure his hands closed over Merlin's around the goblet. Neither of them noticing Agravaine's look of disgust before viciously cutting his meat up and shoving a forkful in his mouth.

"I wonder what was wrong with my uncle tonight. He is not normally in a mood." Arthur wondered aloud as he got ready for bed.

"I am not normally there that is why." Merlin answered, folding down Arthur's sheets before moving to pick the clothes up that Arthur had discarded.

"Don't be silly Merlin. My uncle likes you."

"Are you blind Arthur? When you get the chance to, you see how he looks at me when he thinks no-one is watching. If looks could kill I would have been dead long ago."

Arthur frowned as he got into bed. "Are you not joining me tonight?" he asked when he saw Merlin walking towards the door.

"No Arthur. The past three nights we have shared a bed in the chambers next door. We have to be careful. Wouldn't want anyone knowing about us would you. I will see you in the morning Arthur." he said and gave his King a smile as he left.

Arthur sat staring at the closed door for a while. Merlin's words going through his mind. Wouldn't want anyone knowing about us would you. It used to be 'we' not just him. Deciding to ask Merlin more about it in the morning, Arthur blew out the candle by his bed and tried to get comfy, knowing he wouldn't get much sleep that night as the past three nights had him used to sleeping with Merlin in his arms.

It was the next morning and Merlin walked into Arthur's chambers with his breakfast on a tray and placed it on the table whilst he got out Arthur's clothes for the day and drew back the curtains. The sun being bright came through the window and on to Arthur's face.

Merlin smiled when he saw his King scrunch his face up and turn over, burying his face in his pillow. "Merlin!" he mumbled.

"Good morning Arthur. I have got your clothes out for the day and your breakfast is on the table along with the papers that you need to check and sign."

Arthur raised his head and looked at Merlin over his shoulder. "Why have you done all of that already?"

"I have to be with Gaius today Arthur. Sorry. His stock needs filling up and whilst he can get most of it from the market, I have to go into the forest and pick it."

Arthur nodded and sat up, throwing the covers back as he rose to his feet, smirking when he saw Merlin blush. "Come now Merlin. Don't say that my nakedness still makes you blush after all we have done."

Merlin chucked Arthur some breeches. "Put some clothes on, that door isn't locked." he said, pointing to Arthur's chamber doors.

Arthur laughed and caught the breeches, pulling them up before making his way over to the table to eat his breakfast.

"Is it alright if I go now Arthur? The sooner I get these herbs and things for Gaius the sooner I can be back."

"Of course."

Merlin smiled and went to leave when Arthur's hand closing around his wrist stopped him. "Arthur?"

"There are still renegades in the woods who the knights are still searching for. I don't want you in there alone. Take Gwaine and Percival with you. Please?"

Merlin seeing concern on Arthur's face, smiled. "Okay Arthur." he said and walked out leaving Arthur alone to eat his breakfast.

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