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Over the next couple of weeks everything was back to normal until one day Arthur had finished a counsel meeting early and walked in on Merlin using his magic. "Arthur." Merlin gasped, horrified when he saw the look of shock on his face. "Arthur please?"

"Merlin. I don't want you to take this the wrong way because seeing you have magic explains so much. I am not mad and I don't hate you or anything. Just give me two days."

"Anything Arthur." Merlin went to leave when Arthur stopped him with his hand closed around his wrist. "Merlin I promise you have nothing to worry about. Who else knows?"

"Gaius knew from the first day I arrived and Lancelot and Gwaine found out when I was using my magic to heal you that time when we went after the renegades. I thought they were asleep but they weren't."

Arthur nodded. "Can you send all three to me please. I promise they are not in trouble. Just take some time off Merlin and I will see you in a couple of days."

Merlin nodded. "For what it is worth Arthur. I'm sorry." he said and left.

Very late that same night, Gaius, Gwaine and Lancelot had told Merlin what Arthur wanted from them. He wanted to know everything that Merlin has done for him and Camelot and all of its people since arriving there.

The next day day Merlin did nothing but sit on the edge of his bed in his room his right leg bouncing as he was bouncing his foot on the ball of his foot.

Gaius had come in three times offering him food and leaving it on the bed when Merlin didn't answer, each time he brought more food he sighed as he took away the untouched food he brought before. Merlin couldn't help but worry. Arthur and he were together now, sharing the same bed night after night, making love each night and morning.

When Merlin's door opened that night he didn't even look up when he knew it was Gaius, nor did he turn to face the man when his bed sunk next to him. "Why haven't you been eating Merlin?"

Merlin quickly looked to the side and saw Arthur's concerned face inches from his own. "I haven't been hungry."

"Liar. I am fine with you having magic Merlin. A lot of what Gaius said it all fitted into place. At least I now know how I have managed to cheat death so many times. Or though I am a little angry as to when you went to the isle of the blessed and offered your life to save mine."

"I needed to protect you Arthur. It's my destiny to make you King."

"And now I am and you are still protecting me."

"Hard habit to break."

Arthur chuckled and stood up pulling Merlin up with him. He kissed him slowly before pulling away. "Come on. I am starved and I know you are as well. You are silly Merlin worrying yourself into not eating."

Merlin laughed with relief, happy that he could still stay by Arthur's side, happy that his darkest secret was no longer a secret.

The next morning, Arthur woke up and smiled when he saw Merlin fast asleep in his arms. Arthur pushed himself up on his elbow and looked down at Merlin. His Merlin. He loved that Merlin was now his. Since the morning after they slept together and admitted their feelings for one another, Arthur told all of Camelot that he was in love with Merlin and told his Uncle who looked furious at the news that if he had a problem with it then he was to go to him and leave Merlin alone.

Arthur reached out with one finger and ran it down the middle of Merlin's back. Smiling when Merlin moaned and shivered, snuggling down further into the sheets that covered him up.

Arthur leaned down and placed a kiss on Merlin's bare shoulder. "Wake up baby."

"Mm? Five more minutes?"

"Up now Merlin."

"I don't want to yet." Merlin mumbled, burying his face further into the pillow.

Arthur smirked as he fisted the sheets covering Merlin and pulled, revealing a very naked Merlin who pulled his legs up and curled into a ball. "Arthur."

"Here Merlin. Let me warm you up."

"Mm...okay then." Merlin said, wide awake now as he rolled over and pinned Arthur onto his back and straddled his waist. "Just you lay back Arthur. I am going to have some fun."

"And what are you going to do?"

"I am going to worship every inch of your body."

"Worship away baby."

Merlin smiled and leaned down and began to nip and suck on Arthur's neck, licking and kissing Arthur's Adam's apple as he moved further down, kissing along the King's collarbone.

Merlin stuck his tongue out and licked his way down and stopped at Arthur's right nipple, taking it into his mouth, nibbling gently as his thumb and finger teased the other.

"You are one sexy man Arthur."

Arthur just moaned in return and arched upwards, holding the sorcerer's head as Merlin let his tongue follow the trail of hair that led to Arthur's cock. "Oh yes." Merlin whispered, seeing the hard shaft. "I wonder if my jaw will ache afterwards from opening my mouth and keeping it open so wide."

"Flattery will get you everywhere baby."

Merlin smiled and lowered his head, kissing the head of Arthur's cock, licking off the precum that gathered there before moving his lips down the shaft, kissing as he went lower and lower.

Moving his head back up, Merlin took Arthur into his mouth, his head bobbing up and down as his right hand moved up to play with Arthur's balls.

"Oh fuck Merlin."

Merlin with his right hand full of Arthur's balls, used his left hand to pump the rest of Arthur's cock which he couldn't fit into his mouth.

"Merlin. Merlin please."

Merlin removed his hand and pulled his mouth away from the King's cock and ran his tongue down the underside of the hard shaft, moving his tongue to Arthur's balls and then lower still, licking away at Arthur's entrance before delving his tongue inside.

"Oh fuck Merlin! Oh. Merlin I'm cumming."

No sooner had Arthur screamed it, he was cumming in hot spurts all over his stomach and chest. "Wow Merlin."

Merlin sat up on his knees. "It isn't over yet Arthur." Merlin got off the bed and cleaned Arthur off with a washcloth before dropping it on the floor and straddling Arthur once more. "I want you in me Arthur."

Just at those words had Arthur's cock hardening again. Arthur laid and watched as Merlin's eyes turned gold. "What have you done?"

"I have stretched myself with magic. I want you in me now Arthur." Merlin said as he raised himself up a little. Holding Arthur's cock at his entrance, Merlin slowly lowered himself down. Hissing and moaning when he felt Arthur's cock stretch him more. "Oh yes Arthur." Merlin placed his hands flat on Arthur's stomach and let them roam upwards. "Arthur.." Merlin gasped as he started to bounce up and down.

"Yes Merlin?"

"When I twist you buck."

Arthur didn't have time to ask Merlin as the sorcerer took Arthur's nipples and twisted them. Arthur bucked up and hit Merlin's spot dead on. "Oh yes Arthur. Again. Make me see stars with that big cock of yours."

Arthur smiled and bucked up as Merlin slammed down. He linked his fingers with Arthur's in a tight grip and started to bounce up and down harder. His head thrown back as Merlin started to rock back and forth.

Arthur pulled his hands away from Merlin's and grabbed his hips, helping Merlin slam down as he bucked up. "Cum for me Merlin."

"Yes..." Merlin cried as he came, spilling all on to Arthur's front as the blond came deep inside him.

Merlin lifted himself from Arthur and collapsed onto the bed at side of him, panting heavily as Arthur used the washcloth to wipe himself down again before leaning over Merlin and giving him a kiss. "Now that is how I love to start my mornings."

Merlin just chuckled and snuggled into Arthur's hold. "We don't have to get up yet do we?"

"No. We can stay like this a little longer."

"I love you Arthur."

"I love you too Merlin."

Merlin had never been so happy, he fell asleep each night in Arthur's arms and always woke up in them. Arthur always greeted him when he saw him with a passionate kiss. Not caring who was watching them. Arthur always heard his uncle murmur in disgust and never listened when he told Arthur that it wasn't right but Arthur simply told him to save his breath as he would never leave or give Merlin up.

Arthur was in the middle of telling his uncle all of this when Merlin entered the throne room.

"Arthur you cannot do this, your mother-"

"Would be happy for me."

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Well you have." snarled Agravaine.

"No he hasn't. Leave us uncle." Agravaine bowed his head to Arthur and left them both alone. "You wanted to see me."

"I did Merlin." Arthur took Merlin's hands in his and led him from the throne room.

"Arthur where are we going?"

"To our chambers. I have a surprise for you."

"I have heard that one before where you dragged me into a dark alcove and had me there and then because you couldn't wait."

"It is nothing like that this time baby."

When they reached their chambers, Merlin frowned at Arthur. "Arthur are you alright? You don't look it."

"I'm fine Merlin. More than fine. Trust me?"

"What a silly question Arthur." Merlin said, smiling when Arthur stepped behind him and placed Merlin's hands on the handles on the doors and then placed his hands over Merlin's eyes. "Open the doors baby."

Merlin did so and walked slowly forwards, promising to keep his eyes closed when Arthur removed his hands to close and lock the doors.

Arthur stood in front of Merlin. "Alright Merlin. Open your eyes." Merlin did so and gasped at all the lit candles before his head dropped to look at Arthur who was in front of him on one knee.


"Merlin. I love you so much. Since we admitted our true feelings for one another I have never been so happy. Thanks to you Merlin. You have made me a truly happy man Merlin, I feel as though I can do anything as long as you are by my side. Merlin. Please Make me the happiest man in the world and marry me."

A tear escaped and made its way down Merlin's cheek as he slowly nodded his head. "Yes Arthur. I will."

Arthur stood up and hugged Merlin close, spinning him around and gave him a passionate kiss before placing the silver band on Merlin's finger. "Arthur, it's gorgeous." he said, admiring the ring.

"It was my mother's."

"Arthur are you sure.."

"Yes Merlin. I want you to have it."

"Thank you."

"No Merlin. Thank you. For making me the happiest man alive."

Merlin laughed and wrapped his arms around Arthur's neck, drawing him in for another kiss.

That night after the feast that Arthur held, inviting everyone and announced to all of his engagement, who was all happy for their King, happy to finally see him happy and in love, Arthur walked into his and Merlin's chambers to see his future husband laying in their big bed with a sheet barely covering him as he admired his ring.

"Now what a gorgeous sight."

Merlin turned his head and smiled when he saw Arthur stripping. "And what a gorgeous and sexy sight that is." Merlin said, smiling at Arthur's naked form. Arthur smiled and climbed into bed, turning Merlin over so Arthur was spooning him, Merlin held tightly in his arms. "Are you happy Merlin?"

"Unbelievably so Arthur."

Arthur buried his face in Merlin's neck and inhaled his scent before placing small kisses there. "I love you Merlin. So much."

"I love you too Arthur." Merlin held Arthur's arms and snuggled further back into the blond's embrace. "Good night Arthur."

"Good night baby."

Arthur and Merlin had found happiness with each other and both felt that admitting their feelings was the best thing that they had done. Lying in that big bed in each others arms, Merlin and Arthur went to sleep with big smiles on their faces that night, thinking of their future.

The end.

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