Hi sorry I haven't written any Cagney and lacy stories for a long time.

I write this story on my own.

I do not own any of the Cagney and lacy charters only the ones I have crated.

Tittle The long lost friend found agen and lost

H Newt is still living at her flat at Summer Set Rise College.

11th of September 2015 it was 9pm the weather was wet and cold and the rain was coming down fast.

H Newt was waiting to see Mr Basil the college solister.

She was after some advice.

Inside Mr Basil's office.

Mr Basil.

"I have had a look at your case H"

(Who was looking worried.)

"Yes Mr Basil."

"Is it bad news or good news?"

Mr Basil.

(who was rushling some papers that he had hold off.)

"H the good news is"

"We have only have to meet the judge once."

"But the bad news is "

There was a complet slinace H didn't want to know the bad news she got up from her chair .

Mr Basil and Miss Newt said goodbye to each other .

Your will have to keep guessing what the bad news could be.