Monday the 29th of May 2015.

Mary Beth Lacy was doing her rounds of checking on her family and friends.

To see if there doing ok and keeping well too.

Mary Beth.

(Who was wearing her top coat it was a black colured coat she was knocking on the door and shouting.)

H sweetie pie.

Ya in there?


(Who was sill in her pyjamas and she opend the door.)

Afternoon Mary Beth.

Come on in.

Mary Beth.

(Taking her coat off and she was looking at H's hand.)

What happend to ya hand?



(Coving her right hand up with her other hand.)

Oh its nothing.

Shell I pop the kettle on?

Mary Beth.

(Talking softly in her mothering voice and she looked worried too .)

Sweetie I'll pop the kettle on.

Well you get dressed.

Then I will take a look at your hand.


Ok Mary Beth.

Think you are right.

Well H was getting dressed Mary Beth was rutting throw the kitchen drows and cubards for the frist aid box.

H rejoined Mary Beth in the kitchen.

Mary Beth carried her and H's drinks to the kichen table also she can take a look at H's hand they both sat by side each other.

Mary Beth.

(Talking softly and taking hold of H's to have a look at it.)

H tell me if it hurts?

When I tuch your hand?


(Trying to more her hand a way because she was in a lot of pain.)

Yes that really hurts.

I'm sorry.

Mary Beth.

( Now letting go of H's hand and pulling H in for a resureing hug .)

Sorry what for?

You have done anything wrong.


(Holding her hand.)

For not saying anything.

About having problems with Jessica.

Mary Beth.

(Letting go of H to have her cup of coffee and she was smiling.)

Well I girthed that you two.

Where not meeting up much.


(Changing the subject and resting her bad hand on the table and had her good hand wrapped around her cup.)

Do you mind taking me to.

Mary Beth.

(Finshing H's scntance off.)

Ya need to go to A and E.

Drink your tea.

Then I will take you.


(Giving Mary Beth a little smile.)

Thank you.

They both finshed their drinks then got up to go out the door.