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I got the idea for this fic when i saw the skit about Mathias past. Before that I thought she wanted to destroy the world because of her past life, which's quite unreasonable, but now I wonder if it was really because of what she suffered in her present life.

I really love Luca, but I can't think of a fic for him.

Anyway, sorry for any mistake. I'm not English and I'm not good at literature either.

"Mom! Mom! Over here!"

A little girl was skipping with one hand holding a bucket and the other waving, beckoning her mother to come to the river behind her.

"Slow down Mathias, you're going to hurt yourself"

"I'm fine mom! Look!"

Mathias jumped off the large rock she was standing on, only to slip and land on her face. Her mother chuckled

"See, what did I tell you?"

Mathias stood up immediately and brushed off the dust on her face and clothes, her cheek pink from embarrassment but she was still smiling sunnily.

It was one of their routine to bring water here back to their house. Although they did this everyday, Mathias still liked this little trip very much. Her mother would carry the water and she would run around picking flowers and grasses. Yes, it would be just like that, peaceful and enjoyable.

But today, something else unexpectedly happened

Mathias was kneeling beside the river, watched as her mother filled up the bucket when she sensed something. She didn't know what it was, but her instinct was screaming at her to get away from that place, that danger was coming. She quickly stood up and scanned around for the source.

"What's wrong?" her mother asked

It was at that moment that Mathias spotted it. Behind her mother, two pairs of glowing yellow eyes were glaring at her menacingly and she could see a tail wagging, a sign of waiting for the strike.


"MOM! BEHIND YOU" Mathias shouted

Her mother spun around just in time to see the wolves threw themselves on her, their fangs bared. Mathias ran toward her mother with a feeling of helplessness. She wouldn't be able to make it. Her mother was already pinned to the ground, her throat going to be torn. At that sight, something inside Mathias exploded. She could feel power rushing in her vain to every part of her body. In an act of desperation, she held out her hand towards the wolves and a blinding flash of light erupted from it. When thing came back into view, the wolves were nothing but ash.

She didn't know what happened, nor how, but all she cared about now was her mother, who was sitting safely in front of her. However, as she flung herself into her mother's arms, she was quickly pushed away and her mother recoiled from her.

"Mom?" she asked in confusion

Her mother hurriedly got up on her feet and headed to the village, but not before giving Mathias a look full of the expression that she'd never forget: hate and disgust

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