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Megan stared at the computer screen, unable to believe what she was reading. "Stephen Farrelly. Oh my God." She decided that she would drive to Atlanta to catch the next show. She read that he would be appearing at the radio station. When Tuesday came, she made her way down to the Sheamus signing. When she got up to him, he smiled at her. "How are yeh doin' today? Do yeh want me to sign that for yeh?"

"No, I just want to give you this." She handed him an envelope with a picture and a phone number. She walked away, leaving him in stunned silence. He opened up the envelope and his eyes went wide. He turned to one of the road crew "Ah have to go. Now."

He took off, running to find the woman who just shook him up to his core. He yelled after her, and when he caught up to her, he grabbed her by the arm "where did yeh get that lass?"

"Maybe we shouldn't talk here Stephen." He nodded and agreed to meet her at the hotel bar later that night.

"Now, do yeh mind telling me where the hell yeh got that photo?"

"So, you recognize it do you?"

"Yes, of course." Stephen remembered when it was taken. He was 10 years old.

"And the girl?"

"Caylin. The little girl that lived next to me. My first love. Now, tell me how yeh got it."

"My name is Megan. Caylin is my best friend."

Stephen fell back in his chair. "Yeh have seen her? She's okay?"

"Yes, she is. No thanks to you."

"What is that supposed to mean? Ah haven't seen her in years."

"About 14 to be exact huh Stephen?"

"Yes, Ah guess that it has been about that long. How did yeh know?"

"Because that is how old your daughters are."

Stephen sputtered on his drink, almost choking. "What?"

Megan was getting irritated with him and handed him her phone with a picture pulled up. "Andi and Alli. Twins. Your daughters. Remember?" He grabbed the phone out of her hand and looked at the snapshot. He saw two beautiful girls with his red hair, blue eyes, freckles and his nose.

"Oh. My. God." Stephen started feeling short of breath and having pain in his chest. He started to feel his heart pound in his ears and the blood rushing to his head.

"Yeah. Jog your memory did it?"

"What are yeh talking about? Caylin never told me she was pregnant or that we had twin girls."

"Bullshit. Anyway, I just wanted you to see what you missed out on. They are beautiful, smart, athletic, gifted and sweet girls. Caylin did a great job raising them, without you. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go." Megan stood up to leave and Stephen moved to stop her.

"Wait, please don't leave yet. Ah swear to God Ah had no idea."

She looked up at him and saw tears sparkling in his blue eyes. Maybe he really didn't know. Megan sat back down and ordered another drink. She had a feeling this was going to be a long night.

"How is she doing? Caylin Ah mean."

"She's fine. We live down in Valdosta. She is a teacher now. We both are. Would you like to see a picture of her?"

"Ah would, very much."

Megan pulled a picture of Caylin from their faculty Christmas party up on her iPhone. "That was a few months ago."

Stephen stared at the screen, awestruck at how well she looked. "She is still so beautiful. Like she always was."

"Stephen, really, you had no idea you were a father?"

"No. None."

"Huh. All these years, she thought you just bailed on her and the girls because you weren't ready to be a father."

"She what? We grew up together. She should have know Ah would never turn my back on her. Or my children."

"Well, I guess you two will have lots to talk about won't you?"

"Wait. Does she know yeh are here?"

"No, I didn't want to tell her until I had seen you. I didn't know how she would react. Still don't. Guess we will find out huh?"

"Will yeh send me those pics? Ah would like to have them."