Title: Ode From the Future

Author: Shaariin13

Word Count: 89 (details and A/Ns exclusive)

Prompt: I was lying wide awake after reading a TYL!8059 fic... 'Nuff said.

Rating: T for implied homosexuality

Warnings: 8059/5980, implied homosexuality, TYL! timeline

Summary: The Rain welcomes home the Storm with waiting arms. Poetry, rated T for implied homosexuality

A/N: Still can't update From Fiction to Real Life, I just received a job from an instructor at school. I have to write 8 essays about some social issues in our country, and my deadline's in two weeks. I hope this random brainchild can pacify your 8059 craving 'til next time! PS: Damn, I luff what FFN did with the reviewing box! Now there's no escape from leaving a review (notice the obvious hint to leave remarks at the bottom :D)

Disclaimer: Should I put a disclaimer? I didn't mention any names... Pwahahahaha! Plus, if I owned anything, would I post anything in this site? Oh, and the manga will focus on 8059, D18, RL, and G27 pwahahahahaha! (Is Akira Amano selling?)

As darkness meets the breaking dawn,

Silence engulfs the battle-weary pawn.

Swords flashed, the Rain mutters:

"My Storm is home; that's all that matters."

His beloved approached, bombs still in hand;

The light glinting off the blue and red wedding band.

"I'm back," he whispers offhandedly, Hands emptying to embrace his husband tightly.

The Swordsman orders, "Sleep, that's what you need right now."

The Bomber nods, "I know, don't order me around."

They get to their bed without knowing how,

And thus- only then- inner peace they have found.