Well first off, I have to say that today is June 28, 2012, and that is the 98th anniversary of the Archduke and his wife's killing. So that's pretty sad.

On a lighter note, if anyone watched the prelims for the Olympics today, one of the girl finalists for the medley went to my school. I won't say her name cause then you would know where I live…but that's pretty awesome! And I know her too! :D

So anyways, I decided I'm going to give you a random little fic about something because of the anniversary…I suppose it's a drabble or a one-shot. I don't really know yet. This is probably gonna be a series of random plots and stuff that come to my mind, but I probably won't update it very often until after I'm done with my first story.

Well anyways, he goes nothing! :D

Franz Ferdinand was tired of traveling. He has been to England, and Japan, and Brazil, and Australia, and Angola! And now he was as tired as a bear in hibernation.

They were traveling around the world, and his father, being one of the many Archdukes', they travelled a lot. However, he's never taken this long of a trip before now. He's been meeting so many officials for just a young five year old boy.

But there was still one more stop left on their journey. They were travelling to America!

Franz had learned a lot about the country going across the world in a newfangled Zeppelin. He had figured out that the country was split in two parts, Darwinist's in the North, and Clanker's in the South.

And they were staying the longest in the crazy country. For a whole month, he would be seeing the capital and all the major cities in every state. Though he really didn't understand why.

The royal family was coming from Australia, and they were planning to have lunch the next day with a man named Abraham Lincoln.

"Momma, I'm tired, why can't we go home?" the young archduke asked.

His pregnant mother just sighed, "Franz, you can sleep enough when you're dead. And we are on business. Why don't you go play with your younger brother?"


"Artemis, are you all packed?" his father called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Almost, sir," he replied.

Young Artemis was travelling to America. His father had been asked to have lunch with the president the following week, and he was allowed to take his family.

Mr. Sharp had the highest rank in the Royal Air Service. He was a Marshal, and he was the most liked of the whole Air Force. So when the Admiral declined the offer for personal business, he sent the request to Mr. Daniel Sharp.

Next week…

America was an amazing place in Artemis' opinion. The six-year-old hadn't been out of England, so traveling to America was the best day of his life. And he just found out that they were half Clanker. Which didn't really sit well with him, but he disregarded the thought and proceeded to follow his father into the White House. Which was apparently a big huge mansion, and not technically in a 'state.'

He was looking at the pictures on the walls of the Mansion when his father called him. Mr. Sharp was talking to a family that was dressed sort of posh in his mind. The father and two young boys were wearing dark blue suits with gold buttons and knee length boots, whereas the mother was very pregnant and was wearing a long, fluffy purple dress.

"Artemis, I want to introduce you to the Hapsburg-Lorraine family. They're from Austria. And young Franz is about your age," his father informed him. "Now while we wait for everyone to arrive, I want you two to go run off and play. Just be back in time for lunch," His father warned.

Artemis nodded his head and walked with the boy named Franz over to the pictures again.


Franz Ferdinand didn't understand why the man with a strange accent had him go and play with his strange boy, nor did he understand why his parents had let him. But he didn't really care, at least there was someone to talk to that was near his own age, instead of his three-year-old brother.

"Hey, so what do you like to do?" Artemis asked.

Franz had to think, he'd never been asked that before, "I suppose I like studying, it's the only thing I ever do. What about you?" He responded.

"You like to study? Huh, that seems boring. Well I like to fly! Me da always takes me, and tis the best feeling in the world!"

"Oh, well that seems fun; I wish my father would take me flying. All he does is sit in boring meetings and talk." Franz was wondering where this boy was from, his accent was so different from anything that he's ever heard.

"Your accent is very weird, Franz. Where do you live?" Artemis wondered.

"My accent is weird? I believe yours' is much weirder than mine. And I'm from Graz, Austria. What about you?"

"Oh, I was born in Glasgow, Scotland."

"That's really cool. I wonder, do you thin-" Franz was cut short.

Just then the dinner bell rang. Franz said goodbye to Artemis and headed back to his family.

"Mother, do you think we can make one more stop on our trip when we head back home?" he pleaded.

"Perhaps, where were you planning on going?"

"I want to go to Glasgow!"