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Warnings: Gore. If blood and guts isn't your thing, please don't read. (And some adult stuff in there, but, I mean, come on.)

Note: There may or may not have been a character named John/Johnathan in Kuroshitsuji. I honestly don't remember, and Netflix is being a bastard and starting all the episodes at the ending sequence so I can't re-watch and find out for sure. Just know he's meant to be a generic OC whom you aren't supposed to like. Pretend he's a Mary Sue getting his just desserts.

Kisses and Kerosene


So Devious

Johnathan had never been a particularly religious man. He only attended church for the Christmas and Easter sermon, and only participated in a particular form of prayer, and never outside of the bedroom.

However, when he opened his eyes to the cold stone of the dungeon walls, its darkness almost suffocating, his mind cried out for God, begging that this all be a dreadful nightmare and not reality. Johnathan struggled against his bonds, cold and rusted steel cutting against his wrist and ankles, and the cold stone of the slab on which he lay chilled his naked flesh to the bond. Above him was a mirror, so dirty, he could just barely make out his own reflection, and he could hear the faint dripping from a leak somewhere in the stonework as it splashed against a puddle of stagnant water, and, along with the spike in adrenaline, he found the sound maddening.

"H-help? Please...is anyone out there?" At his plea, the deafening sound of the large metal door penetrated the silence.

Looking down, past where his feet were bound, Johnathan could make out a small silhouette against the seemingly blinding light; his angel, he hoped. Through the silence, a familiar voice cut through, humming merrily a children's song he recognized from long ago. His little lover, Ciel Phantomhive, leaned casually against the door frame, his elegant white blouse unbuttoned and un-tucked from his short pants, leaving the milky expanse of his chest bare and exposed.

"Ciel! Oh thank God, please, I'm begging you..." John cried, flexing his fingers toward the boy as Ciel sidled up to the slab. Placing his small hands against the stone between the man's feet, Ciel regarded him with only mild curiosity, one delicate eyebrow arched.

"Oh, sweetie...why would I help you after I went through all the trouble of getting you here..."He chided, his tone mildly amused as a small smile graced his plump lips. Johnathan released a nervous chuckle.

"Ha, you did this? Baby, if you wanted to play this game, all you had to do was ask...although the dungeon is a bit much." He breathed another nervous laugh, as though he himself weren't sure that that was the reason he was brought here.

Ciel sighed at the man's stupidity. As he lifted his knee to climb up on the slab, the young man shook his head as he replied, "I'm afraid I've had enough of your games, John..."

Slowly, Ciel crept up the length of John's body, his head bowed and and shielded behind the veil of his navy hair.

"Baby, please-"

"Shut up!" the boy shouted. John felt something cold and thick run along his leg, past his thigh, and press into his flaccid cock. "It takes quite a man to cheat," Ciel spat out the word as though it were poison, "on someone like me." It wasn't until John heard the telltale 'click' that it was clear what the mystery object pressed against him was, and he flew into a panic. "Perhaps therein lies the problem. You're too much of a man."

"Baby, no! I'm so sorry, please don't! I'm begging-" his head jerked to the right when the butt of the pistol connected harshly with his jaw.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?" Ciel asked, his voice eerily calm. He laid down on his side next to the bound man, facing up to the filthy mirror. "Look at us..." he said softly, placing a hand on John's damp, heaving chest. His tone grew dark, "I thought we made such a lovely couple...but you had to be selfish...you had to be greedy."

The boy eased off of the slab and made his way to the far wall, where a collection of different instruments hung. He had never used them before, and was unsure if he parents ever had, but he had a plethora of ideas he wanted to try tonight, and they all played a part.

His first weapon of choice was a basic club, made out of wood that had long since began to rot. Its head was splintered, and jagged edges protruded at odd angles. Not enough to kill, but surely enough to hurt, and that was all Ciel wanted.

For now.

John watched him warily as the boy returned to his place at the foot of the slab, the club resting casually on a small, delicate shoulder.

"You know, in America, they have a delightful little game called baseball." Ciel commented casually, and John briefly wondered if the boy, in his stressed and distraught state, had completely lost his mind. "Sebastian told me all about it." Ciel took a stance, his legs spread shoulder width apart, and he tapped the club against the stone floor like a major league batter. "Its a lot like Cricket. One bloke throws this little white ball, and another takes a swing."

On his word, Ciel swung the club with breakneck speed, hitting the older man'sright foot with enough force to break it at the ankle. John released a blood curdling scream, to which Ciel only chuckled. "You always did make the most awful noises." He said simply, before going to bat on the other foot. The screams finally died down into sobs, and Ciel through his club off to the side.

"Ciel, please! I swear, it won't happen again, baby, please believe me!" John pleaded, choking down the bile that was rise in his throat from the pain. Pitiable man, it was only going to get worse.

Ciel cocked his head to the side, a deceptively charming smile gracing his lips. "Oh, I know you won't love." he replied, "Because you won't be making it out of here alive."

Johnathan struggled against his bonds, screaming out to anyone who would listen. "Tanaka! Sebastian! Someone, please! He's gone crazy!"

Ciel laughed heartily as his ex-lover's pleas. "Come now, Sebastian, don't be rude. The man is speaking to you!"

The tall, foreboding figure of the Phantomhive butler stepped through the door way. Johnathan couldn't help but notice that the raven haired man had forgone his vest and tailcoat, dressed in only his white top, loosened black tie, and black slacks.

"Forgive me, my lord." His voice was as smooth as silk as he approached his master from behind, long, gloveless fingers reaching beneath the boy's shirt the caress his chest, before slowly trailing down to the waist of his shorts. "I found myself entranced by how lovely you look while doling out punishment." John's heartbeat raced as he watched his lover reach up to bury his fingers into inky black locks, and the butler's lips moved to press gentle yet heated kisses along his master's neck. "If I may be so bold, I'm quite turned on by it..."

Ciel released a soft moan before moving his head to press his lips against Sebastian's in a passionate kiss. "Relax, my love," he cooed, "It will only get better. After all," Cold sapphire blues turned their attention back to the bound man. "I'm only getting started."

"Ciel, please!" John pleaded, the sweat from his brow beginning to drip down his face and burn his eyes. Releasing his hold on his butler, Ciel once again climbed on top of the slab.

"Begging for mercy, already?" Reaching into his pocket as he straddled the man's waist, Ciel pulled out the incriminating evidence of his lover's betrayal, a pair of black lacy undergarments. "Why don't you ask one of your fucking whores for mercy!" the boy's voice grew harsh as he shoved the panties into the man's gaping mouth with such ferocity, one would think he were trying to choke him with them (and maybe, perhaps, he was.). "I cried...I actually cried." the boy murmured, his small hands trailing down to Johnathan's throat. "I would think about you, making love to them the way you used to make love to me, and I couldn't help but get a little...choked...up." His hands tightened around the man's windpipe and he chuckled darkly as the man's face changed from red to a dreadful purple before he released him. John spit the panties out of his mouth before coughing harshly, swallowing down more grotesque bile. His breathing came out in labored pants, and Ciel, seemingly satisfied, moved off of his body to sit on the cold stone, his shapely legs hanging, spread, over the edge. The beckoned his butler to his with a coy smirk and a crook of his little finger, and the man was before him, seemingly, in an instant. Ciel bit his plump bottom lip as he took hold of Sebastian's tie, using it to pull him closer. "It's a good thing Sebastian was there to keep me company while you were away," the boy commented as his hand trailed down his butler's front, caressing well-defined muscles before cupping the obvious bulge in his trousers. "Or I would have been practically beside myself. Isn't that right, Sebastian?"

"Yes, my lord. It is my pleasure to help my young master through whatever...hard time he might be facing." Sebastian jerked the young boy's hips forward to meet his, and Ciel groaned at the electric feeling of their erections roughly grazing eachother.

"I don't get it, Ciel! If you had him, why are you so mad at me? This isn't funny anymore, let me go!"

"And where, exactly, are you going to go with two broken ankles?" The boy laughed. This was all a game to him. "And besides, this isn't about me, it's about you. It's about the principle of the matter." Ciel hopped down from the slab and moved past Sebastian, who playfully swatted his young master on the behind. It was such a relief to have such a relaxed, informal relationship with him now, and he supposed he had this man to thank for that.

Ciel simply laughed at the joyful smack to his rear as he moved back toward the far wall, pulling down a small hatchet with a rusted blade. Everything in the room was in poor condition from years of sitting idle, but who cared. Ciel could give a shit less if John caught something dreadful from the rusted metal and stagnant water, it's not as if he would live long enough to actually suffer from it.

"This is why..." John croaked, his chest heaving. "This is why I did it! Because you're fucking crazy!"

Ciel whipped his head back to him before striding back to the slab, "And you are ungrateful!" he replied, his slender fingers gripping the bound man's thumb. He brought the hatchet down of the digit, cutting it clean of before tossing it to the side. He threw down his hatchet before picking up the club. "I gave you everything!" He cried, swing the club against the man's torso, the crack of his ribs sending a lustful shiver down his spine. When had he become such a sadist? Ciel kept swinging, the cries of the bastard bound in his dungeon keeping his causing the blood to burn like fire through the former Earl's veins "I pulled you out of the slums, pulled you out from under your debt!" He cried as he continued to bludgeon his ex lover, "I brought you into my home! Fucked you every night like it was my job, and it still wasn't good enough. I wasn't good enough!"

Ciel brought the club down, hard, against Johnathan's genitals, ignoring just another pained cry. Perhaps it was a side affect of becoming a demon, but his screams bled together into a music finer than any symphony to Ciel's ears.

"C-Ciel, please...stop..."John rasped.

"I won't tell you again." Ciel replied, bringing the club down on the bound man's mouth. The crack of his teeth echoed throughout the brick walls of the dungeon, followed by the boys laughter. He had never heard teeth break before, and it tickled him how much it sounded like breaking porcelain rather than bone. John groaned and coughed, globs of crimson blood pour from between his lips.

The boy tossed the club to the side before dragging his fingers through his hair. "Bastard. Selfish bastard." He chuckled darkly as he picked up the hatchet from where it lay, abandoned, against the frigid stone. He again set to work on Johnathan's fingers, cutting them one by one before dropping them to the floor. "I have half a mind to cut off your entire hand. Who knows where its been." Without hesitation, Ciel brought the hatchet down onto Johnathan's wrist, the dull blade cutting through muscle and tendons. Blood shot forth from the wound, splattering Ciel's face and chest. The boy reached up and gathered some of the crimson life force on one delicate fingertip before bringing it to his mouth. Turning to Sebastian, Ciel made a show of sucking the blood from his index finger, twirling his tongue around the tip. The butler regarded him with a lewd smirk as he rubbed his erection through his black slacks. He considered politely suggesting that the boy hurry up so he can ravish him in private, but the smell of John's fear and Ciel's arousal, the bound man's screams for mercy, it all blended into a heady mixture that was just too much to miss out on.

Ciel moved down to John's mangled feet, broken and bloodied from the splintered wood. "These must be hurting you, dear John. Allow me to remove them for you." With a wild look, the boy worked on hacking at the man's broken ankles. The blade was not sharp enough to cut through the bone, but he would take what he could get. He found himself getting drunk off of the power, and aroused by the smell of blood in the air. Sebastian's crimson gaze, mentally undressing him, only spurned him, making his body thrum with lustful energy that he was dying to release.

Ciel climbed atop the stone slab and moved over Johnathan's throbbing body, purposely pushing his weight on the many cuts and bruises littering the buff torso. Leaning down to rest his chest against John's, Ciel forced his face toward the wall where his demon butler stood, who watched them with shimmering crimson eyes. "Isn't he just so handsome, John? He takes such good care of me, it would have been rude to deny him my body. The body you tossed aside. The body you used." The blade of the hatchet ran along John's chest, cutting deep. "See the look he's giving me?" he whispered into his captives ear "He worships me, bows before me, prays at my alter. I'm his master, his everything." Another slash, across one dusky nipple. The feel of fresh blood bubbling from the wounds onto his chest sending chills down his spine. "And he is mine. I don't know where I would be without him, and in return..." Ciel rose, his chest and stomach smeared with his captive's blood. "I offer him your soul."

A dark chuckle barely permeated John's mind as he slowly felt himself lose consciousness. "How very kind of you my lord, but what about you? Surely you must be famished ..." Ciel silenced him with a kiss, slow and passionate.

"Later." He replied simply, his lips brushing against his lover's as he spoke. His plush little mouth trailed down the demon's neck, nipping gently as he spoke. "For now, please accept my sacrifice..."

In his last moments, Johnathan felt lips pressed against his, and a pulling sensation all over. His vision, edged with black, faded completely. There was no white light, no last words. Only pain, agony, and guilt before he drifted off into eternal rest. After all of this torture, the killing blow was a gentle kiss of death.

With Sebastian's help, Ciel climbed off of the corpse that was his ex lover. Next to the slab, he kept a tin metal bucket, filled with kerosene. The boy doused the body with it, before taking a match from his pocket and handing it to his butler. "If you would do the honors, my love." He requested, with a smile. Sebastian took the match, lit it, and tossed it onto the body, embracing his young master from behind as the fool went up in flames. "A cleansing fire, all for you." Ciel whispered. The elder demon rose to his feet and took his young master's hand before leading him from the dungeon.

"Come, young master." He commanded gently, a lascivious smirk gracing his features. "Now, I hunger for something else entirely."

Ciel followed obediently, closing the steel door behind him.

"Goodbye, dear John."

A/N: Inspired by an Otep song of the same name. I wouldn't recommend it if you're easily uncomfortable. (Personally, I find the song sexy. Her voice, and those drums! Yummy!) I'm considering making this a two shot (Sebastian was just not hands-on enough) but I'm new to this fandom, so I'll see how you guys like this one first. Please review!