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Kisses and Kerosene


So Devious

Act Two

A man's biggest mistake is giving another man an opportunity to make his lover smile.


Sebastian was a demon and a butler. He was also one hell of an instigator. Well, perhaps 'instigator' wasn't the word. He like to call it 'being protective' of his young master, and part of being protective was being proactive. It didn't take a genius to see what Ciel's lover was up to when he would be out all night, but Ciel had never had a romantic relationship before, and so it had never occurred to him that there was really only one thing a handsome young man with no job could be up to that late. Therefore, it was Sebastian's job to gently (but not really) point out his lover's infidelity, and be there to comfort him when the pain set in. After all, what sort of butler would he be if he couldn't pick up the pieces of his master's heart when it inevitably shattered?

Ciel didn't believe him at first, preferring to swim in the delusion that his first relationship was nothing short of perfect. As far as he (and Sebastian) were concerned, he was the hottest thing in England since the London fires, and people like him simply didn't get cheated on, especially not only after a month of being together. So Sebastian was resigned to sit idly by, but not without sneaking in sharply-barbed comments on what was so obviously going on right under the former earl's nose, and avoiding his master's chambers when he caught the faint scent of arousal and all-out sex in the air.

Fortunately for him, however, dearest Johnathan began getting sloppy about covering up his nightly excursions, stumbling in smelling of wine and fine perfume. It had even reached the point where the man was gone much of the day. Sebastian was quite content to wait until Ciel finally caught up, no doubt resulting in a tantrum of epic proportions, so imagine his surprise when he heard the faintest of sniffles from Ciel's bedroom.

The elder demon peeked in silently, and it was then that he found his young master on his bed, his face buried in his tiny hands and nearly silent sobs racking his body.

"Young master? What's the matter?" Sebastian asked, closing the door to the bedroom. Ciel started at the sound of his butler's voice, and he rose his head toward the source. His sapphire blue eyes were bloodshot, tears staining his little round cheeks, and the sight of his master in such a state broke Sebastian's heart. "Young master, you're a mess...what's wrong?"

Instead of responding, Ciel visibly crumbled, his pitiable cries echoing throughout the enormous room. The elder demon closed the distance between them, taking his charge into his arms and sitting next to him on the deep blue duvet when he reached him.

"S-Sebastian...I-I..." Ciel couldn't speak around his sobs, and the elder demon held him closer, shushing him in an attempt to calm him down. "I-I just don't understand! What did I do wrong?"

"Please stop crying, young master. The problem isn't you..." Sebastian said soothingly, rubbing circles against the former earl's back.

"Then why?" Ciel cried, burying his face into his butler's warm chest. The elder demon sighed.

"Young master...men like Johnathan...they can't help themselves in the face of temptation. They're stupid, but most of all...they're weak." Ciel didn't respond, but his sobs died down to small, nearly silent hiccups as he shivered in his butler's arms. "It was only a matter of time, my lord, before he strayed. He's simply incapable of loving you the way you deserve."

The words were harsh, maybe, but Sebastian had no choice. His young charge refused to listen to reason.


"He's incapable of loving you the way I could."

Ciel froze at his butler's words, his head snapping up to gape at his demon butler. Sebastian's crimson eyes bore into his, his face set with a serious frown.

The former earl didn't know what to say, though he desperately wanted to know what was going through the other's head. The elder demon leaned forward, resting his forehead against his master's, sighing miserably.

"I'm sorry, my lord, but I cannot lie. Even if I knew what could be done to could keep him home, to keep him with you and only you, I wouldn't tell you. I hate that man, for no other reason than he has reduced you to this. You're much better off without him, and I only hope that see that soon."

Sebastian's heart skipped a beat when Ciel gave a small, tearful chuckle.

"And I suppose I'd be better off with you?" He asked, and the elder demon smiled.

"Why...yes. I believe you would." Sebastian didn't give Ciel a moment to respond, as he pressed his lips against the younger demon's in a heated kiss.

That was the first time Ciel had ever been made love to, and it mean something.

Those memories only turned Sebastian on more, fanning the flames of his lust for his younger master. His charge had only just barely made it through the door of his bedroom before he was grabbed and roughly shoved against the wall. His small mouth was ravished, Sebastian drinking in the moans and sighs of the former earl as he none-too-gently ground his hardened cock into Ciel's own clothed erection.Ciel broke the kiss, tossing his head back and crying out as his butler roughly rutted against him.

This was what those tender, heartfelt memories wrought: something passionate and primal, fervent and carnal, rough, but full of more love and adoration than the two knew what to do with.

Ciel keened as Sebastian's mouth moved to his neck, his elongated fangs grazing the tender flesh. His tongue lapped at the poor fool's blood that began to dry against Ciel's milky white skin, the smell of the man's fear, mixed with Ciel's own particular scent, sending Sebastian's mind into a fervent haze. He was starting to lose control, Ciel could tell. Obsidian nails sharpened into claws that cut at his flesh, tiny pearls of crimson blood mixing with the mess currently painted across his body.

It was all Ciel could do to pull away from the elder demon. His cock throbbed as he got a good look a Sebastian, blood smeared around his mouth and eyes slitted dangerously. He wanted nothing more than to open himself up to the demon, to lay down and beg to be devoured. With a gentle tug of his butler's arm, the former earl led him to the missive bed, laying down to sink into the plush mattress and pulling his lover on top of him and into a scorching kiss. Sebastian made quick work of the younger demon's clothing, the soiled white blouse ending up in tatters on the floor, short pants quickly yanked from his shapely legs. Sebastian lowered his head, running his tongue along milky white thighs, admiring the yellowing bruises that looked suspiciously like fingerprints the littered the pale flesh. Ciel gasped sharply as Sebastian bit into him before lapping at the crimson pearls of his master's life force.

Sebastian lived for these moments, chances to completely mar and devour his lover's supple young flesh. The way the purple and yellow bruises and scarlet scratches stood out against the creamy white sent his mind reeling, and it was all he could do to keep his composure, to keep the animal inside of him at bay.

"S-sebastian! Please..." Ciel whimpered, his own pupils slitted as crimson eyes shimmered, his expression overflowing with arousal. He was a mess; that bastard's blood smeared around his small mouth from his impassioned kiss, hair mussed, sweat beading at his brow. Composure be damned. Sebastian grabbed Ciel's jaw in a bruising grip before taking his lips in another manic kiss, drinking in his pleasured moans and whimpers. Not breaking their hold, Sebastian stripped off his own clothes, throwing them down to be forgotten in the whirlwind of activity. The animal within clawed at him, and he could no longer hold back.

He grabbed a small amber vial from the bedside table, the scent of jasmine bursting from its opening as soon as he removed the topped. One of the young master's favorites...

"What are you waiting for?" Ciel groaned, his face set in anxiousness, as he reached down and grabbed at the elder demon's heated flesh, stroking his cock in an attempt to spur him on. It worked.

"Be patient, my love..."Sebastian smirked as poured a liberal amount of oil onto his cock, Ciel's wandering hand slicking it over his rod for him.

"But I want it..." the former earl cooed, laying back onto the mattress and spreading his legs wide, knees drawn up to his chest. Sebastian's cock throbbed at the sight of Ciel's rosy, puckered entrance. They often went without stretching, preferring the young earl naturally tight, and this time was no exception. Completely and utterly raw. "Now..."

Sebastian surged forward, watching, amazed, as the bulbous head of his cock pushed through the tight ring of muscle, Ciel's walls caressing his cock as he eased in inch by inch. Ciel keened, tossing his head back as his body was ravished by his butler, his lover. His heartbreak had been worth this, worth the closeness he now shared with Sebastian.

It seemed like eternity before Sebastian was fully sheathed in his master's sex. Ciel's back arched off of the mattress, fingers clenched around the blue duvet, his small chest heaving as his body adjusted to Sebastian's size. "M-move, dammit!" He ground out, trying to move his hips in an attempt to gain some friction.

The elder demon's only response was a dark chuckle before he pulled out, until only the head of his cock remained, before slamming back into his lover's sheath. Ciel cried out as his lover struck that one spot inside of him that unraveled him at the seams. "Sebastian! Fuck...more!"

"Ugh...Ciel...so tight." Sebastian held his charge's thighs in a bruising grip, adding to the collection of marks against Ciel's skin. He pummeled the boy's prostate with slow, hard thrusts, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. The demon's hand reached up, skimming across the coagulating blood still splattered across his little love's chest, before gripping Ciel's throat. It was not enough to kill him, hell, it probably didn't even hurt, but the lack of air made Ciel's head swim, and the lightheadedness only heightened the sensations that washed over him.

"I-I'm...I'm cumming!" he bit out as he began to burst, ribbons of milky white coating his stomach. His muscles clenched tightly around his lover's cock, still drilling into his sweet spot with expert precision. Ciel was amazed that, even in such a short time, Sebastian seemed to know his body better than he did. He could wind him up with just a glance, set his body on fire with just a touch. His body shook with the aftermath of his orgasm, his walls still swallowing his lover whole as the demon sped towards his own completion. With one harsh, final thrust, Sebastian's seed coated Ciel's walls, pulsing deep within him as he emptied himself with a low, dangerous growl.

"I suppose I wouldn't have been so mad had he kept the little whores out of my mansion..." Ciel commented idly. The bath was perfect, as always. The smell of lavender wafted throughout the bathroom, and the warm water soothed Ciel's aching bones. Murder was tiring, he wasn't sure how Sebastian did it. Speaking of...

"Are you satisfied now, young master?" his lover asked, running his hands along Ciel's water-slicked chest. It had only made sense to share a bath with the elder demon. They made the mess together, why not clean up together.

"Quite..."the former earl replied simply, though Sebastian could tell there was something else lying beneath that nonchalant tone.

"But...?" he prodded gently. Ciel sighed and lifted his legs from the rose-colored water. They were long, for his height at least, hairless with no marks save for the ones Sebastian put there.

"But...it makes me wonder what was wrong with me. I feel that, now, I will always question myself, even on things as silly as my looks. I'll always wonder what they had that I didn't, and if , whatever it is, you'll see it and stray from me too..." Small fingers ran down the length of his legs. "I fear he may have broken me..."

"My lord...it is as I told you before," Sebastian's hands reached up to cover Ciel's. "Men like that cannot help themselves. They are lower than dogs, no capacity for love, only for hunger. They're too simple to appreciate what is right in front of them..." the elder demon slowly pried Ciel's legs apart with little resistance before trailing them down the apex of his lover's thighs, caressing his hardening cock beneath the water. "If you truly feel broken...please, allow me to fix you." Lifting his hips just enough, he lowered the former earl onto his own cock. Ciel sighed softly, his muscles still loose from their previous coupling. It was different from their usual lovemaking, slow and easy.

"My lord, I am begging, " Sebastian's voice cut through Ciel's soft sighs and moans and he gently rocked his hips. "Whenever you are feeling less than yourself, whenever you begin to doubt me, doubt us, just remember..." his lips brushed Ciel's pierced ear as he spoke softly. "I worship you, bow before you, pray at your alter..." the younger demon released a sob, his emotions running wild as his butler's words reverberated throughout his being. He felt the pressure in his groin, the precipice into ecstasy coming faster and faster. "You are my master, my everything."

Ciel crashed, his orgasm hitting him in waves and sending vibrations down to his very core and back. His fingers curled into Sebastian's inky-black hair, his back arched off of his lover's chest, and he was left, quite literally, speechless. His lover quickly followed, the younger earl's body milking him dry one more time.

"Sebastian..."Ciel sighed, his head clouded and his body weary. "I love you..." he sighed before slowly drifting off.

"I know, my lord," Sebastian replied to his master, who was now fast asleep. He lifted him from the tainted water and carried him to the bedroom, where he tucked him in before climbing into bed himself.

"Goodnight, dear Ciel."

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