Hey guys! This is my first Fanfic for TLA: The Legend of Korra (Kinda risky to make another fanfic, since I'm writing so many other large projects, but I LOVE the show, so I can't help it). Basically, it's kind of an outtake on how I imagine the second season to be like, since the actual season two won't be out in a while. Huge Korra/ Mako and Asami/ Iroh shipper! Anyway, in MY version of Season 2, it will focus on the restoration of Republic City against the remaining Equalists. It will also focus on Korra's struggle as she trains to become a fully realized avatar. And I'm not getting rid of the Pro Bending Games. They were pretty epic to me. Asami will also have to deal with her father, and Tenzin will be guiding Team Avatar like he always does. I won't be revealing anything about Zuko's mom or other flashbacks from the other Team Avatar, because I want that to be kept original from the actual writers of The Last Airbender. Trying to make this story as realistic as possible, something that could be seen in the actual season. Hope you enjoy! I'm taking requests too, if you want to add a new OC with a plot suitable for the one I'm going for right now. Not sure whether or not to add OC villains yet though. Hope you enjoy! :D

The feeling was exhilarating. Lin concentrated thoroughly into her bending, and relief washed over her as the rocks around Katara's home began to rise into the air on her command. She remembered the awful feeling of having her bending taken away by Lord Amon, as if someone was reaching into her roughly, pulling against each and every one of her muscles until she shook. It was almost like Amon was plucking her most sensitive veins like a harp inside her body. And when it was over, all she felt was the emptiness from her stripped bending, a painful void cratered into her stomach. Lord Amon was certainly cruel, using bloodbending to terrorize Republic City. But now, Korra, finally being able to unlock her Avatar State, was able to undo Amon's curse, and Lin's revived bending made the ex Chief of Police glad that it wasn't at all permanent. It made her filled with hope.

Tenzin began to ascend up the small step of stairs, smiling down over the young teenage waterbender. "I am so proud of you… Avatar Korra."

Korra smiled back at him, her blue eyes shimmering with victory.

Everyone was looking at the scene with bright smiles, except for Bolin, who appeared rather shocked. His green eyes were wide open, and he was hunched over, mouth dropping. Then a large, familiar grin spread ear to ear across his face, and he began to jump wildly in the air. "You did it, Korra! I knew you'd do it!" He pumped his fists in the air, and he blew loud whistles. "Let's hear it for Korra and her kick butt Avatar state!"

Everyone's smiles faded, their happy expressions replaced with that of annoyance. Then they all chuckled. It was Bolin after all.

"Go Avatar!" Meelo joined in, racing into the scene on an air ball with a toothy grin. He airbended through a loud fart, and his body flew into the air. "Yeah! This calls for a celebration!"

The group exchanged agreeing nods, before turning their heads towards another hysterical laugh. It erupted suddenly out of nowhere, and the attention was easily grabbed by the one who caused such noise. "Did I hear celebration?" Bumi asked, walking up towards the group from the ship. His messy brown hair swayed with the wind, his United Forces Uniform wrinkling slightly on his lean form. He slammed his knuckles against his palm, his mouth widening into a grin. "WAHHHHOOO!"

Tenzin frowned, as he turned to Katara. Katara smiled warmly up at Tenzin, a chuckle rising from her throat. "Your brother really hasn't changed."

Tenzin slammed his palm against his forehead. "I agree. He still sounds like that from the age of 5, when he was constantly having tantrums." His voice was lowered, as he said it in a rather annoying and grudging tone. Then he shook his head and smiled. But if he weren't like that, he wouldn't be Bumi.

Korra ran over to Mako's side, as he pulled her into an affectionate embrace. Asami watched from a few feet away, her eyes shimmering with a hint of sadness. She couldn't help but remember the times when the girl in Mako's arms would be her. A small pain stung her chest, her eyes never leaving the couple. Korra caught Asami's glance, as she pulled away from Mako, walking up to her. The water tribe girl could not help but feel guilty. She had kissed Mako while he was with Asami, but that was all due to her impulsiveness. And Asami had already been through so much… going through her father's betrayal, losing her mother… and now she had lost Mako as well because of her. "Asami…. I'm really sorry if…."

Suddenly, Asami took Korra's hand, placing it in between her gloved ones gently. "It's okay." She gave the couple a reassuring smile. "After everything you two have been through—what we all have been through—you deserve happiness. And you see it in each other." Her tone was warm, loving, and most certainly comforting.

Korra smiled at Asami, and then back at Mako, as they embraced once more. Mako turned to Asami, gently placing his hand over her shoulder, while still keeping his other arm around Korra's waist. "Thank you, Asami."

Asami smiled back at him. "You're welcome."

Ikki and Jinora quickly ran out of Katara's home with Pema walking patiently behind them, as they raced over to Tenzin, grabbing his robes for his attention. "Dad, are we really having a party?"

Tenzin smiled, patting Ikki on the head gently. "If that's what you would like."

Jinora quickly butted in. "Are you kidding? After all this tension, we NEED a party."

Bumi raised a finger. "I like how my niece thinks", he said at Jinora, winking. Pema and Katara glanced at each other, before turning back to the group. "Well, then I guess we better start cooking something up to eat."

"Yay!" Meelo, Jinora, Ikki, Bumi, and Bolin cheered, their voices ringing throughout the pleasant cool air. The rest of the group joined in with giggles, entertained by their enthusiasm.

"Ms. Katara, you are an awesome mom", Bolin informed her. Katara chuckled as she and Pema went back inside.

Bumi placed his hand on his hip, his grin getting even wider. "Add one more guest on the party list", he informed everyone. They all gave him a skeptical look, as Bumi began to laugh. Footsteps sounded through the steady crunching of snow, as a handsome man with gaunt cheekbones and combed back hair appeared from the steepness of the hill, smiling back at them. He wore the same uniform as Bumi, one that ranked him as a general.

"General Iroh!" Bolin exclaimed happily, his eyes squinting as he beamed.

"Hello again, Avatar Korra", Iroh addressed. Korra nodded back at him approvingly. "Hello."

Bumi suddenly slammed his hand against Iroh's back, as Iroh stumbled slightly, eyes widened in shock. Bumi began to laugh. "Ahhh, couldn't leave my comrade hanging…." He began. He winked at Iroh. "Literally."

Iroh smirked, shaking his head. "Thank you again. I didn't know how to get down from that flag without your ship passing by."

Tenzin turned to everyone, gesturing them with his hand. "Come on everyone. Let's go inside, before we all get stuck in this cold."

"The food is ready!" Pema announced. Everyone gathered at the dinner table, taking in the mouth watering aroma from the appetizing meals. Bolin eagerly had his silverware ready, waiting for his platter to arrive in front of him.

The children were laughing and teasing each other, creating a euphonic noise of joy throughout the room, adding a warmer atmosphere. Across the table, Mako and Bumi had somehow challenged each other to an arm wrestle, as they both began to shake with their strength.

"Come on Mako!" Korra cheered on.

"Go big bro!" Bolin chimed in, as the two were watching the game eagerly.

"Grrr…." Mako and Bumi both growled. After a while of struggling, Bumi successfully slammed Mako's fist onto the table, as he shot up, cheering to himself. "WAHOO!"

Mako grumbled, making sure his fingers weren't broken by cracking them together. Then he smirked. "You are a wild man, aren't you?" His sharp eyebrows turned quizzical as Bumi began to cackle again. "Now where in the world do you get that crazy nonsense from?"

Bolin pointed at Bumi coolly, his eyes still on Mako. "I like this guy", he informed his brother. Suddenly, Mako pulled Bolin into a headlock, rubbing his knuckles against Bolin's spiky hair. "Hey cut it out!"

"If you like Bumi, then I should at least give you a reason to hate me", Mako joked. Bolin pulled away from Mako, punching his shoulder in a brotherly manner. "Hah!...Sucker." The two laughed along with Korra, as their meal was served, before Pema and Katara went around the table to serve everyone else. Their heads looked up as the door squeaked open, and Lin and Asami walked into the room, taking their seats.

"Where were you two?" Mako asked the both of them. Asami just looked at Mako rather worriedly, as she took a seat in between Lin and General Iroh. Her green eyes were distant, deep in her own thought, as Lin looked up at Mako. "It's a celebration. I think matters should be discussed later."

Bolin frowned. "But it seems like you told Asami."

"I think it was right for her to know her part", Lin said.

Iroh, who was silently observing the group, turned to Lin. "Does it have to do with helping clean up Republic City?" He wondered. "I've already asked the United Forces to extend their stay. There are still Equalist groups lurking about the city, and Bumi and I are both leading the mission."

Lin quickly joined into the conversation. "And we all should take part in this mission… Especially you Avatar Korra. You've got a lot of people in need of their bending back, and you're the only one who could help them."

Korra nodded. "Of course." Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "But I still don't get it: How did Amon use Bloodbending to stop other's from using their bending?"

"That's not the issue right now", Mako informed Korra gently. "Amon got away. We still have to find him. He's still a threat to Korra knowing that he's still out there." His voice was filled with genuine concern, his posture overprotective when he mentioned Korra's safety. Korra placed her hand on Mako's shoulder. "Don't worry about me, Mako. We'll find him. It's just… there's so many questions that need to be answered."

Asami forced herself to follow along with the conversation, as she reached her hand out to grab the pot of tea. "Oh, I'm so sorry", she said suddenly. Iroh had also started for the tea, their fingers accidentally brushing against each other's.

"The apologies are mine", he said politely. His voice was rather boyish, but the maturity of his words left Asami in awe. Her cheeks began to burn beneath her skin, accidentally glancing at him. Iroh cleared his throat. Did she always look this…. Pretty? Iroh had encountered many beautiful women in his voyages, but she was something different. Her voice was so smooth, warm, and delicate, and her beauty was unique, with her dark locks falling over her shoulders, and her green eyes burning into his gold ones. He quickly turned away, dismissing the ideas of her that flowed through his head. Those weren't professional thoughts for a general in his ranking.

"We do know one person who can help us answer those questions", Lin said suddenly. "Thanks to Asami and Bolin, he's in prison right now."

Korra tilted her head in confusion for a moment, wondering who Lin was talking about. Then her eyes widened, as she turned to Asami. "Hiroshi."

Asami nodded slowly, her eyes dropping to her lap. "My father may know the answers we need." She looked up, eyes transitioning into a look of determination. "That's why I told Lin I would talk to him. He refuses to speak to any other official."

Everyone's eyes widened, as Mako spoke. "What? Asami are you sure?"

Asami nodded. "We might need it. There are still Equalist revolts against Korra. Even with Amon taking off, she's still in grave danger, Mako." Her voice was filled with seriousness and concern, as she stared at Mako intensely. "Don't you agree?"

Mako glanced at Asami with empathy, as he nodded. "Yes. I do. I'll go with you." He said this as if Asami had no choice but to say yes.

Lin turned to Korra. "Also there was unrest by the Mo Ce Sea. An explosion actually. Some Equalist equipment was washed ashore. You should check it out, Korra. There may be important information we can pick up from that."

Korra's eyes widened, and she shivered slightly. After the battle with Amon, and nearly losing her bending, it was hard for her to face another Equalist ordeal. And to think it still wasn't over…

"Okay. I'll go."

Mako's eyes widened with absolute worry, as he turned to Korra. Asami read his expression and sighed. "Mako. You should go with Korra instead." She knew Mako would be happier and more relieved that way. Mako turned to Asami, his expression rather guilty for offering her his help, then instead wanting to protect Korra. But he couldn't help it. It was just his instinct and his undeniable love for the avatar. "Asami are you sure…."

"I'll be fine", she reassured him almost immediately. "It's my father. I handled him before." When Mako still showed a look of concern to Asami, she forced herself to smile. "Mako, I mean it. I'll be fine."

"Alright", Mako said. "Be careful."

She nodded. "I'll be surrounded by security, and he'll be locked up in a cell. I think I'm safe enough."

Iroh was well aware observant. He was always able to analyze his surroundings and understand the severity of situations. And when he looked at the daughter of Hiroshi, he immediately accounted for the glint in her green eyes, and her rather distant expression. She was afraid… tense even. She was just trying hard not to show it. What he couldn't understand was why? There were many reasons frankly. Maybe because of the rather impolite gesture the Firebender made, or it was the fear of facing her father who had simply gone mad. Perhaps it was both.

"If you want, I'll accompany you, Miss Sato", Iroh suddenly informed her. "It would be my honor to." He raised his cup of tea, as if toasting to her, before taking a small sip.

"That's not necessary", Asami informed him.

Lin stared at the two for a moment. Then she spoke. "Actually, I believe it is necessary. Asami, if Mr. Sato does decide to speak, that information can be given to General Iroh directly and efficiently. From there, he can execute immediate procedures to the United Forces."

The redness in Asami's cheeks couldn't help but return. General Iroh? Accompany me? She wondered why she felt nervous and…. Shy. She was rather bold to ask Mako on a date after she had hit him with her moped. Maybe it was because he was higher ranking than her? His standards maybe?

"Anyway, I wanted all of us to enjoy this break now, because we're going to be really busy here on after", Lin informed everyone. "Tenzin and I have agreed that you all aid the council to help restore Republic City."

Korra's eyes dropped for a moment, as she thought to herself for a moment. She remembered when she first arrived to Republic City—A family was being threatened by a group of benders. There was already unrest in Republic City, even before the rise of the Equalist movement. "I'm going to help the best I can", she said with confidence. "Not just to remove the Equalists completely, but to ensure that peace can be maintained between the people here—bender or non bender." She stood up from the table, her hands still on the surface. "Now that I'm a fully realized Avatar, I have to start acting like one and do my duty."

Tenzin raised his finger, alerting her. "You're not fully realized yet, Korra", Tenzin informed her. "You still need training on controlling your avatar state."

Korra sighed wearily, frowning as she blew a strand of her dark brown hair away from her face. "Alright", she said lowly. "Something like that then."

"Alright, that's enough!" Meelo demanded rather cutely. "This is supposed to be a party, remember? Not all Equalist stuff." He banged his fists on the table, demanding everyone's attention.

"Yeah!" Ikki joined in. "For once, think of a day where you're not the Avatar, where we didn't have duties. Let's just have fun!"

Jinora shook her head, frowning at her siblings disapprovingly. "Your duties always stay with you, and it's your responsibilities to not stray from them." Ikki and Meelo scowled at Jinora's wisdom.

"What part of 'It's a party', do you not get?" Ikki asked her sarcastically. Jinora was about to say something, when Pema walked back into the room. "Anyone want more tea?"

"Over here, please", Asami informed her politely. Pema nodded, slowly walking over to her, as Katara cradled Rohan in her arms. Suddenly, Meelo rushed over to Pema, grabbing the kettle from her hands. "I'll do it!" he said urgently. He went over to Asami quickly, some of the tea spilling from its container, as he poured it into her cup. "Here you go, beautiful woman."

Asami couldn't help but giggle. "Thank you, handsome little boy", she cooed. She was quite flattered by the treatment Meelo was giving her. He was so young and innocent, it made her belly want to flop.

"Woohoo!" Meelo cheered, hopping in the air. "She likes me!"

Everyone began to chuckle, as Bolin raised his hand in the air. "Oh oh, me too please!"

Meelo walked over to Bolin, placing the kettle in front of him. "Here you go."

Bolin frowned. "Are you going to pour it for me?" he wondered out loud, as he scratched his head. Meelo gave him a rather deadly stare, leaning his face towards Bolin's. "Are you a beautiful woman?" he asked him.

Bolin shrugged. "Hmm… I might not be a woman, but I am beautiful".

Meelo pulled away, tilting his head in confusion. "Really? I don't see it."


Meelo and the rest began to laugh loudly at Bolin, as Bolin playfully bowed his head down, whining. "You guys!"

Korra snuggled up peacefully under her pure white blanket, her hands folded under her cheek as she slept. The night was long, with the full moon shining in Korra's room through the open window. The white transparent curtain swayed mystically, in sync with the movement of the wind as the spring breeze swept through Air Temple Island. The wind sent chills up Korra's skin, as she pulled the covers up to her shoulders, snuggling her head against her light pillow.

As Korra slept thoroughly, a figure rose from the outside of the window, his silhouette intruding the image of the moon. He climbed into Korra's room, dressed in his Equalist uniform and night vision goggles. Quietly, he stalked over to her bed, until he stood right in front of the Avatar's sleeping form. Trying to keep his silence, he slipped his electrically charged glove onto his hand, before raising it up in the air.


The sound of the glove startled Korra as her eyes opened, reflecting the blue light from the electricity. The light radiated through her light brown skin as she instinctively attacked with a fire swipe, causing the Equalist to fly back, his body slamming against the wall. The flames extinguished in the air, and Korra agilely hopped out of her bed. "Who are you?" she demanded, rather than ask. Suddenly, she saw shadows of more silhouettes from the wall, as she turned around to find more Equalist members flowing in through her window. The Equalist brought back up.

They surrounded her, as she fought them off with a combo of attacks. She attempted to high kick one of them in the face with a fire kick, when he grabbed her ankle roughly. Glaring, Korra swung her other foot at him, turning her whole body up in the air as her heel collided with his face. The Equalist was down in instance.

Another one swung a bola at her, which Korra stopped with a water attack, the molecules slicing the center of the weapon. It flew on either side of her, letting her be. Her hair was flying wildly, having undone her traditional hair loops, as she glanced every direction she could possibly look at. They all had her surrounded, and the night appeared darker than usual. The only light she had was the moon, and even that was dim compared to the haunting glow from the Equalists night vision goggles.

"Get away from me!" she yelled out threateningly, as she fired another blast of flames towards the Equalists. All were knocked out, or it appeared, as Korra raced desperately towards the door. She made it past the frame of the doorway, her feet thumping against the rugged floor of the Air Temple. She turned slightly, and gasped. Blue light flashed in her eyes again, as one of the Equalists who dodged her last attack, charged for her with his electrified kali sticks, swinging it down onto her back. Korra flinched, knowing it would hit her, when suddenly, the light was blocked by a silhouette of another man who had thrown himself over Korra. Was it an Equalist?

"Grahh!" Mako yelled out as the kali stick hit his shoulder, electrocuting his whole body.

Korra gasped, covering her gaped mouth with her hand. Then she placed it down, holding it out to him desperately. "Mako!"

Mako fell onto the floor, his body trembling with weakness, as Korra glared at the Equalist, beads of sweat trailing down her face. "You hurt him!" she accused angrily. She angrily swung her fist forward, a ball of fire igniting from her knuckles, as she shot it towards the Equalist, sending him flying across Korra's room and back out the window. Frightened, the other Equalists followed after their comrade, disappearing out of sight once the curtains billowed over them. Korra raced towards the window, attempting to follow after the culprit who hurt Mako, when she heard his voice whispering weakly.


Korra turned around swiftly, her eyes widened in horror. "Mako…." She quickly ran back over to him. "Mako!" She kneeled by his side, cradling him in her arms. "It's alright," she informed him. She placed her hands over his shoulders, as water began to spread onto his skin, glowing a warm, light blue hue. Finally, it faded, and Mako was able to stand up again. "Thanks for healing me", he said.

"Thanks for saving me", Korra informed him, as he pulled her into an embrace.

Mako began to ask Korra a flurry of questions. "What happened? Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

Korra forced herself to smile. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Doors began to slam open and shut, as Tenzin ran down the hall towards them, followed by Bolin and Asami. "What happened?" he asked them harshly, worry spreading across his face, reflecting onto Bolin's and Asami's.

"Korra was ambushed by a group of Equalists", Mako informed him. The three gasped, as they turned their heads to Korra, waiting for further details. With hesitance, Korra decided to give them the information.

"They snuck up on me while I was sleeping", Korra said. "But I'm fine. Mako saved me."

Asami turned to the window, walking over as she closed it. "That should help solve the problem."

"But what if they mega boom the window back open?" Bolin informed her. Asami sighed. "You're right. Korra, you have to be more cautious." She looked down at her feet. "We all do."

Tenzin glowered. "They managed to break into my temple. My family is here. What if they could get to all of us… to my children… to Pema?" He strode over to Korra, looking down at her. "We have to add more White Lotus sentries around the perimeter."

"That won't matter", Mako informed Tenzin. "They're experts at Guerrilla Warfare. They'll hide well until it's nearly too late for us."

Tenzin nodded, turning back to Korra. He placed his hand on her shoulder. "Korra, for tonight, I'll have the sentries guard your room. It was obvious they were coming after you since they didn't attack anyone else here in the temple. Tomorrow morning, I'll schedule a meeting with the Council to take immediate action upon the remainder of the Equalist revolution. "

Korra nodded, trying to take away the fear that was rising back into her blue eyes.

Asami's thoughts were busied as she slowly strode over to the Sato mobile. She was deeply worried about Korra's well-being. The Equalists surely can't still be thriving even with Amon on the run, can they? And now, she was going to confront her father once more. She remembered the last encounter with Hiroshi, and it was certainly unpleasant—Unless dueling in a mecha tank counted as having father-daughter time. Hiroshi had nearly ended her life, if it hadn't been for Bolin, who claimed how much of an awful father he was. And Asami couldn't contradict otherwise. Afterwards, she fired an electrically charged bola at Hiroshi, ultimately knocking him out. How would she react, seeing him again? More importantly, how would he react seeing her?

Now I see there is no hope in saving you! Those words from Hiroshi after she had rivaled against him rung in Asami's head as she looked up.

Iroh was waiting for her in the backseat, dressed in his usual fiery red uniform, hair combed back neatly. He looked up at her and waved politely, a smile hinting upon his pursed lips. A hired driver was in front of him, taking the wheel. Asami frowned. As if today can't get any worse…. I can't even drive!

She silently got in the Sato mobile next to Iroh, as the driver started the engine, driving slowly, carefully. It bore her the first few seconds they were on the road.

"It's nice to see you again, Ms. Sato", Iroh informed her. "I hope your day is going by smoothly."

Asami turned to the General, sighing. "I wish. The Equalists nearly got to Korra the other night. I'm so worried."

General Iroh nodded. "So I heard. I've already ordered some of my troops to assist the sentries in protecting her… in protecting all of you."

"Well that won't be necessary", Asami told him. "I'm going back to the Sato estate in a few days. I have to take control of Future Industries and restore its reputation now that my father is…." Her voice trailed off.

"So I see", Iroh said, interrupting her so she wouldn't have to say it. "That's impressive for someone your age. You're a non bender representative with the task to help restore Republic city from the Equalist Revolution too, am I right?"

Asami nodded. "Since I was one of the only non benders to side with the benders, it's important for me to be a spokesperson for the Council towards the supporters of the Equalist movement."

"That's a lot of work", Iroh informed her.

Asami sighed. "I know."

"If it's any comfort…" Iroh began. "If you need any assistance, then I'll be happy to help. I could get some of my people to invest in Future Industries. Your company's production is quite impressive."

Asami raised her eyebrow. "Your people?"

Iroh nodded. "Yes. My people from the Fire Nation." When Asami still looked perplexed, he smiled, clearing his throat. "My mother is the Fire Lord."

Asami's eyes widened. "Are you serious?" Her cheeks began to flush red with embarrassment. His name is Iroh… named after The Dragon of the West who was Firelord Zuko's uncle. It's his namesake! Why didn't I realize this before? She couldn't help but recall the time Mako was shocked to find out she was the daughter of Hiroshi, the once most successful business man in Republic City—perhaps even the world. It was similar to this, except she bared Mako's expression this time. "My apologies", she said, trying to regain her polite tone. "I didn't know."

"It's alright", he said, his gold eyes looking into hers.

"Should I be calling you Prince or General?" Asami asked him. Iroh couldn't help but chuckle. "General is fine. I'm not back home, so it isn't necessary. And may I add that I'm here on military affairs more than political." He turned back to Asami. "But you can just call me Iroh, Ms. Sato."

Asami smirked. "Well in that case, you can just call me Asami."

"Asami it is", Iroh declared, followed by a handshake, as they both exchanged smiles at each other.

The car halted to a stop, as the driver turned towards the two. "We're here", he announced.

Asami's eyes widened as she turned to the window. They were on the outskirts of town, parked in front of a large, metal dome with a sign that said 'Republic City Prison.'

She turned to Iroh. "It's time to face my father."

Korra, Mako, and Bolin stood behind Tenzin as they were presented before the Republic City Council. The Council members were elderly in appearance, as they sat behind a large, oval desk, gold in color. One of the chairs was empty, now that Tarrlok was gone with Amon as well.

"So you're saying…" One of the Council elders said. She was a woman wearing hot pink robes and two buns on either side of her head. "Korra was ambushed the previous night in her sleep by these Equalists?"

"Yes", Tenzin said indifferently. "I believe we must start taking procedures in order to stop further Equalist attacks on Republic City… and on Avatar Korra."

Mako cleared his throat as he stepped forward until he was beside Tenzin. He pulled his red scarf over his shoulder as he spoke. "I have a proposal. I say you start adding more security throughout Republic City."

Another council member—a man with a curly mustache and light blue robes, scratched his head. "But we already have security roaming around Republic City day and night", he said. His voice sounded rather dorky, as if he had no clue what he was doing.

"That's the problem", Mako said. "You have them roam around. While security might be patrolling one place, the Equalists may be raiding another."

"Mako, what are you implying?" Korra asked him.

Bolin nodded, shrugging. "Yeah, I'm confused. Well… it's not like I don't always get confused, I get confused all the time, haha, it's like this one time where…." He stopped his sentence as everyone exchanged a look of annoyance towards him. "Sorry, I was rambling", he said, innocently putting his hands up.

Mako waited for his brother to finish before speaking again. "It's all common sense. Look, you need to keep security in places where Equalists would want to try and raid."

Korra's eyes lightened up. "I think I get it." She turned to the Council Elders. "You're having security patrol around places such as alleyways and abandoned buildings."

"In case a speculated hideout is confirmed", the woman said.

Korra shook her head. "Well we can't determine that based on luck if it's found randomly. We need strategy." She slammed her fist against her palm eagerly.

Mako nodded. "With Hiroshi Sato imprisoned, the Equalists will be low on funds and equipment to strive. Therefore, they may be raiding banks, high profiting shops and such. They may also be raiding factories with the equipment they need to continue building weapons. Take account: We only captured Mr. Sato. His workers who are still working under Equalist movement are still out there, aiding the revolt. They would know how to continue producing weapons. If that's the case, then you should also patrol the Sato Estate until these matters are resolved."

Tenzin nodded in approval at Korra and Mako. "I see. You have a good point, Mako."He turned back to the Council Elders who seemed in agreement with them also.

Bolin raised his finger in the air, as if having a revelation. Then he frowned, slouching slightly. "Yeah, I'm still confused."

"Then it's settled", the woman said. "We'll take action based on the procedure this young man has just given us."

Bolin, Korra, and Mako laughed together in accomplishment, exchanging high fives and embraces.

"In the meantime…." One of the Council Elders said. "We should still investigate the location of the Equalist hideout. And many of the Equalist members were well tamed enough by Amon to not speak."

"I think we have that taken care of", Bolin reassured the Council confidently. "Our friend, who so happens to be Mr. Sato's daughter AND one of our most trusted allies, has gone to interrogate Mr. Sato along with General Iroh."

"We're hoping that Asami may have an advantage in the interrogation, being Hiroshi's daughter."

The Council nodded. "Well, let's all hope it turns out well for her… for all of us."

Korra, Mako, Tenzin, and Bolin nodded as they issued their farewells to the Council with the most respect, before heading down the aisle back to the door.

"Hold on a minute, Avatar Korra", the woman stated. Korra turned around. "Yes?"

"I hear you managed to restore Lin Bei Fong's bending…. Is that true?"

Korra nodded proudly, placing a hand on her hip. "Why yes… it is true as a matter of fact."

"Then I believe we should also start procedures to help the people who's bending were stripped by Amon."

Korra just nodded. "Sure," she said indifferently. "We'll discuss the matter soon." She turned around, maintaining her confident posture. But inside, her heart was pounding. Could I really use energybending to heal all those people? I'm still new to the technique. And to properly energybend… it takes a true mind, a true soul, and a true heart. I was able to do it to Lin because of my connection towards her. But… how can I energybend someone who I have no connection to at all? What if I hurt them?

"Korra", Tenzin asked, taking note her distant expression. "Are you alright?"

Korra forced a chuckle, scratching the back of her head. "Who me? Oh, haha, yeah I'm fine!"

Asami released a deep sigh from her chest, as she stood before a vault. Her heart was beating rapidly, and it was hard for her to maintain a cool, calm composure.

"Should we go?" Iroh asked Asami, standing behind her.

Asami turned to Iroh, looking at him almost apologetically. "I think I should do this alone."

Iroh's gold eyes widened slightly, releasing a small noise of displeasure from his throat. "Are you sure?"

Asami nodded. "It might be easier for my dad to speak if it were just his 'little girl' standing in front of him. Too many authorities, especially a General of the United Forces, and he'll be in refusal to speak."

"If that is what you wish", he told her. "Be careful."

Asami was startled as the guards began to open the vault, until a dark room was visible in her eyes. She glanced at Iroh for a moment, a wave of guilt washing over her. He had been very supportive, even eagerly wishing to accompany her to confront her father when he saw that she would be alone. And now, she was throwing him out last minute before the confrontation. Slowly, she walked into the vault, hearing the guards close the door with a loud bang behind her. She flinched at the sudden noise, opening her eyes slowly again, her sight set upon the cell with her father caged inside of it.

Hiroshi's eyes widened. "Asami?"

Get a hold of yourself, Asami she said to herself. "Hello dad", she greeted sadly.

Hiroshi turned to the side, a flustered look on his face. "You shouldn't have come here. I didn't ask for you to visit otherwise."

Asami's eyes were stunned by her father's harsh words. All her life, he would treat her like his little princess, giving her what was best for her, and teaching her the right path. Because of him and her mother, she grew up to be moral, kind, and loving. But then with the sudden death of her mother, it changed him, a desire for revenge filling his loving heart. "It's better to ask for forgiveness… then to ask for permission."

Hiroshi's eyes widened, hearing Asami's cute little joke when she did come to play the spoiled little heiress. "Asami…." He said sadly.

"Dad, I need to know the Equalist hideout", Asami informed him, cutting into the chase rather too soon. "Please… as a chance to redeem yourself-" She stopped, choking on her words.

Hiroshi paused for a moment, staring at Asami. For a moment, Asami saw hope, when his eyes reflected guilt and regret. Then it faded when Hiroshi glowered at her. "How dare you…" He angrily grabbed the cell bars in front of him, as if he wanted to charge for Asami at that moment and start a bull fight. "How DARE you!" he said even louder. "You ungrateful child! If there's anyone who should be redeeming themselves, that's you, Asami. Siding with the people who took your mother away from us!"

"The Agni Kai Triad took mom away", Asami informed him. "Not Korra, not Bolin, not Mako, not any other bender that you're revolting against in the Equalist movement!"

"They're all the same", Hiroshi hissed.

"No…" Asami contradicted. "They're not."

"Go ahead and side with those filthy benders!" Hiroshi bellowed angrily. "Now that I see you… I see you as one of them. You're no longer my daughter."

Asami couldn't help but gasp, tears filling her eyes. She refused to spill them, as her eyebrows formed a sharp V shape, as she glowered at Hiroshi. "No…" she said, her voice shaking with anger and sadness. A pain ached in her chest as she said it. "You're no longer my father."

Asami turned around, racing out the door, her long black hair flying behind her. The door closed behind her, leaving Hiroshi in his prison as Iroh walked up to her once more.

"Asami, what happened?" Iroh asked her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"I…I…." Her voice was shaking, and she was choking on her words again. She took a deep breath. "I couldn't get anything out of him." She was battling her emotions within herself, trying to maintain a cool calm, when inside, her heart was tearing into shreds.

"Is that all?"

Asami turned to Iroh, and he looked at her as if he knew what she felt… as if he understood the conflicted emotions within her. A single tear escaped from her eye, glistening as it slid down her pale cheek.

"I guess I'm just really having Daddy issues", she informed him sadly, relieved that no more than a single tear was shed from her. "I need a whole new way of approaching him now."

"And how are you going to do that?" Iroh questioned curiously.

"I don't know", Asami told him truthfully. "I just know that right now, they way I'm approaching him now… I'm just exposing a monster. I need to expose my dad."

Korra sat on the edge of the Air Temple Island's cliff sides, admiring the view of Yue Bay. The name Yue rang in her head. She remembered stories about her, when she was in love with Katara's older brother, Sokka. Being a member of the council, Sokka named the bay after her. Yue sacrificed her life to restore the moon spirit, and she was driven by her beliefs, having a true mind, heart and soul.

"Korra?" Mako questioned. When she turned around, Mako smiled, sitting beside her as they looked out to the bay together. The water rippled gently beneath them, as Korra rested her head on Mako's shoulder. "Hey", she said casually, but cutely.

"Are you alright?" Mako asked. He smirked. "You know, Tenzin wasn't the only one who noticed you seemed troubled after the Council meeting. What's wrong?"

"It's really kind of dumb", Korra informed him. "Childish."

"Isn't that the reason I fell in love with you?" Mako informed her. "I mean, look at you. You're childish with your impulsiveness, impatience, rebelliousness…"

Korra quickly raised her index finger over his lips, silencing him suddenly. "Alright, I get it!"

Mako laughed, before turning his full attention back to Korra when she sighed wearily. "Mako… do you think I can do it? Give back over one hundred people's bending?"

Mako nodded. "I don't see why not. Korra, you're a really good person deep down… well…really deep down….Actually, deeper than that."

Korra playfully punched Mako's shoulder.

"Hey! I'm trying to heal there", he said to her.

"Oops, sorry", Korra told him, gleefully. She frowned again. "But… there's this certain feeling you get when you energybend. It takes an unbendable spirit, a true mind, a true heart, and a true soul."

Mako raised his eyebrow at Korra. "Weren't you able to heal Lin?"

Korra nodded, taking account of that moment. "Yes, I was. But I was in touch with my spiritual energy at that moment thanks to Aang. I don't know if I could do it again."

Mako gently turned Korra towards him. "Don't say that. You can do it, Korra, I know it."

"But even Tenzin said I was still rusty in airbending and my spiritual energy!"

"Korra, listen", Mako told her soothingly. "Your mind is true: All you think about are your beliefs, wanting to do things on your terms because, well… that's what you believe in. Your soul is true: During a time of need, you managed to airbend, come in contact with your spiritual energy, because you unlocked it on your own terms. And more importantly: Your heart is true. Because of all the love you give to your friends… to me… to everyone. Korra, you're the avatar. You were born with all of those qualities."

Korra was in awe, as she pulled Mako in an embrace. "You really mean it?"

"Of course."

Korra looked up at him, caressing his cheek. "What would I do without you?" she asked him, before pushing her lips against his.

"Well, for starters, you wouldn't be able to raise your arm", he said, pointing at his injured shoulder. "Because I wouldn't be there to be your human shield."