Ch. 1: Hong Kong Kids

In Hong Kong, during the Water Lantern Festival, the J-Teens wonder the streets looking for the sword of Lu Dongbin, the Immortal who defeated and banished Shendu centuries ago. The streets are lit up with colorful lanterns of different shapes and sizes, for the people lit them in hopes that the spirits of their ancestors will bring them good luck in the upcoming New Year. At the same time, a parade was going on. As much as the J-Teens love the event, they have a mission to focus on. Chrissie, however, couldn't help but admire the view.

"The lanterns are so beautiful," Chrissie said as she gazed at them.

"No time to take up the sites, Chrissie," Colleen reminded her, "We gotta find Shendu's chi. He's the last demon to be reborn, and we have to find it before the Goblins do."

"So what's everyone in Hong Kong celebratin' yo?" Ice asked.

"The people of Hong Kong are having their annual Water Lantern Festival, or spirit Festival as it's usually called," Hsi Wu explained, "Every year, the people would light the lanterns to guide the spirits of their ancestors in hopes they will grant their descendant good luck in the upcoming year."

"Do you think if I lit up a lantern, my ancestors would grant me luck and take my sis away?" Ice asked in jolly.

"Ice, the spirits grant luck not miracles."

"Guys, my dad's chi is close," Drago said as he sensed it, "There!"

Drago points to a museum across the next street. Outside of the museum entrance is a sign that has a picture of the Eight Immortals saying "Eight Immortals Exhibit Tomorrow at Noon."

"We're on the right track, Guys," Cody said, "Let's go."

Colleen tries to push the doors open, but they are locked.

"No good," she said the museum is locked tight."

"Let's go through the side door and see if we can get through there," Cody said.

They went to the left side of the building and tried to open that door as well, but it's also locked.

"How are we gonna get in now?" Chrissie asked.

"Tch!" Drago said with a smug look.

He touches the door knob and uses his own fire power to melt it, and then he pushes the door open. As the J-Teens went inside, Froggo and the goblins watched them while disguised in Chinese robes and hats. Froggo got out his magic mirror and contacted Tchang Zu.

"The J-Teens are about to get the last demon chi, Tchang Zu," Froggo informed.

"Excellent," the blue demon said, "Once the J-Teens reach the portal, I'll leave it open long enough for you to go through. Just don't mess up."

"Yes, Sir," all four said as they salute.